Top IoT (Internet of Things) Development Companies in India


When it comes to the list of Internet of Things (IoT) development companies, you may not discover a pool of organizations since the innovation itself is developing with new stuff each day. Additionally, I am certain you will locate this one pool of organizations who guarantee they are best in IoT yet trust me they are NOT. To enable you to out finding the correct beads, which you precisely need, here I have accumulated a list of top IoT app development companies India who can assemble impeccable IoT products for your business.

These days, we are living in the trend of internet innovation. IoT application development service has changed the life of people. Additionally, brilliant smart devices have replaced individuals’ mind. So also, to achieve accomplishment in your business-Iot are valuable and we can assist you with achieving it.

List of Top IOT (Internet of Things) App Development Companies-2019

How to Choose Company

Are you planning to integrate IoT into your business?  There are few of IoT companies that give benefits in the most recent trend. Therefore, finding out to hire iot app developers can be an overwhelming task as there are various factors that should be considered ahead of time. So in order to pick IoT Company, We have to first investigate the company’s several factors that need to be given priority like Quality, Reliability and Ability.

Therefore, I have listed some major factors in this blog, which can help you to decide to hire top IoT Companies in India

Here is the recommended list of top IoT app development companies after a deep analysis:

  1. Contus
  2. Fusion Informatics
  3. Softeq
  4. Stanfy
  5. MTOAG
  6. Nextbrain
  7. Appinventiv
  8. Mokriya

Organization Summaries and Info

  1. Contus – A Leading IoT App Development Company

Contus is an IoT app development company and digital transformation organization driven by a SMAC approach, which is headquartered in India with operational wings spread across California, Georgia and UAE.

The organization’s aptitude in IoT goes back to 2012 with automobile being the main business it has served. From that point forward, Contus is into structure IoT applications for brands from healthcare, human safety, energy sector, medicine, and manufacturing and construction sector.

Contus’ IoT counseling incorporates the vital and strategic advice required for a brand or business to use on the innovation to assemble feasible and essentially user-friendly applications on native iOS, Android and cross-platform applications.

Organization size: 250–450 representatives | founded: 2008

  1. Fusion Informatics – Best IoT Development Company in India

Fusion Informatics is an IoT Company in India, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai that works together with profoundly gifted and experienced solution architects, designers and developers over the globe to help build top quality products for the client in innovation services. They are pioneers and best iot app development companies as well as Web Development and have done various enormous and complex projects.

This company and there developers have worked with various people, new businesses and large enterprises with extraordinary thoughts giving the best of breed answers for organizations from different spaces like healthcare, water, education, hospitality, transportation etc. We are gladly helping our customers accomplish their objectives on a worldwide scale, offering our services to the customers from USA, UAE, Europe and Asia Regions.

Organization size: 150–200 employees | founded: 2000

  1. Softeq – Best IoT App Development Firm

Softeq has equipped by 200+ skilled employees and headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, Softeq is an IT organization that stretches out its IT services to IoT application development in Hardware, M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT joining with existing web and mobile framework.

Softeq as a top iot mobile app development companies in India gives a coordinated and comprehensive associated solution consolidating its thoughts in wearable and Big Data. Social incorporation, Big Data Analytics and integrations in ERP and CRM makes Softeq IoT solutions as one of the one-stop answer for IoT needs of any scale.

Organization Size: 51–200 employees | founded: 1997

  1. Stanfy – IoT Development Company

Stanfy is a 10-year-old software development firm in the market; Stanfy has huge experience in creating problematic IoT iOS applications and is additionally into IoT android application development, which has earned it a spot in, regarded online journals and tech magazines like TechCrunch, Forbes and more.

Stanfy centers around giving IoT development services on connected wearables, smart gadgets by means of Bluetooth network and other shrewd apparatuses associated through Wi-Fi. The cloud part which goes about as information storage and verified data store is additionally taken consideration by architects at Stanfy.

Organization Size: 50–100 employees | founded: 2009

  1. MTOAG – IoT App Development Service company

MTOAG is one of the IoT Companies in India into the IT space for over a long time since its beginning. Present at India, UK and Canada, MTOAG holds a range of abilities of 140+ seasoned developers equipped in different programming languages and developing technologies like wearable, IoT, BLE and many more.

MTOAG deals with has selected mastery in acquiring cloud solutions and analytics framework that any IoT based application or business plan model would require for hosting, versatility, information recovery and client examination in IoT application development.

Organization Size: 70–120 employees | founded: 2009

  1. Nextbrain — IoT iPhone and Android App Development Services

Nextbrain is a Bangalore, India based IoT solution provider that settles difficulties in engaging assets for business effectiveness and bringing down operational expense. Nextbrain centers around POS based IoT applications that enables retailers to combine and analyze information from various assets.

Nextbrain stretches out its IoT app development services to 24/7 that centers on guaranteeing that your frameworks are operational constantly or at whatever point required. Security frameworks for monitoring purposes, fleet management, asset management and home automation are different regions, which the organization renders IoT solutions for.

Organization Size: 30–60 Employees | Founded: 2016

  1. Appinventiv – A Leading IoT Game Development

Appinventiv is an IoT Company, with a worldwide spread across USA, France, Germany and India, creates IoT applications for different enterprises through a home-conceptualized approach of correspondence, cost savings and automation.

The organization utilizes WiFi, Bluetooth and 2G/3G/4G as the communications innovations relying upon components like range, information trade necessities, and power and security levels. Appinventiv is additionally into home automation apps and wide region IoT-based services.

Organization Size: 201–500 Employees | founded: 2014

  1. Mokriya

Mokriya is a top iot mobile app development company, which is in to designing and creating outstanding iot software for the world’s greatest brands. We are a worldwide group of UX pros, masterminds, designers, and developers set for construct leap forward applications that will shape the future.

Organization Size: 80–130 employees | founded: 2010


Despite the fact that the above-mentioned organizations are without a doubt exceedingly equipped for dealing with complex projects with responsibility and care.

I trust this data will be useful to locate the best IoT App Development Company in India to contribute to advancing your business of ‘Things’.

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