Make in India Fusion Informatics takes the lead to Shine in the IT Sector


Launched by India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014, the Make in India is an initiative program of the Government of India that encourages companies from around the world to manufacture their products in the country. The program focuses on 25 sectors of the economy such as automobiles, chemicals, IT, Pharma, textiles, ports, aviation, leather, tourism and hospitality, and others.

Amongst the various initiatives, the Make in India program hopes to increase GDP growth as well as tax revenue, while aiming at high quality standards as well as minimizing environmental impact. The program also hopes to attract capital as well as technological investment in the country. The Make in India program also focuses on the IT sector and is good news for many companies that develop software and offer various allied services to organizations, companies, businesses, and government organizations around the world. The fact sheet related to the IT and BPM sector can be found on Make in India website.

For Fusion Informatics, a leading software and mobile applications development company located in India, the Make in India program comes as an excellent opportunity to highlight its skills for foreign clients looking forward to outsource their software development to India.

As a company that offers significant software development services since its humble beginnings in 2000, Fusion Informatics provides innovative innovative solutions in the international market. Not only has the company survived the economic crisis of the past, but has also been instrumental in carving a niche for itself in the international market.

Fusion Informatics has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas such as integrated business solutions, product development, mobile applications development, software applications, internet as well as intranet web applications, and e-commerce as well as m-commerce.

Fusion Informatics has extensive knowledge and expertise in areas such as integrated business solutions, product development, mobile applications development, software applications, Internet Intranet web applications, and e-commerce / m-commerce services.

The expertise and efficiency of Fusion Informatics certainly appeals to foreign investors who are interested in the Make in India program to invest in India and reap the benefits of high quality at low investment costs to the fullest.

We are a team that loves what it does. Fusion Informatics is a positive force to enhance your business ideas. We will be glad to be of any help. Be sure to contact us at for your business related needs.

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