Augmenting the Future: Exploring how AR apps will change the way we live.

Augmented reality, AR from here on, is a technology that allows phones to mix real-world environs with what’s being shown on screen using the device’s camera. Essentially, it is a software application which combines digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment. It is basically a technology that is based on computer/mobile vision recognition systems to amplify videos, graphics and sound based data on to objects around us. A fitting example of #AR and its increasing-by-the day trend would be the ever-famous Pokémon Go.

The growth of AR is a promising concept and the possibility of it impacting all our lives is huge. As of today, the real world is seemingly glad about the outburst of AR apps from android and iPhone. Though the popularity of AR gaming apps is currently leading the contest, educational, e-commerce and manufacturing among other AR applications are not far behind.

Below are four ways this fascinating technological advancement will change our lives-

  1. While Behind the wheel

AR since its inception in the world, has been closely tied to and used for the growth of navigation. This means that this field of navigation will definitely be worked on in the near future.

With due course of time, AR will dominate the way we navigate our way through the world; perhaps both indoors and outdoors. In future, AR will most likely give us a view of the street we are driving on-not just in front of the vehicles but, in any direction the drives man-oeuvres. It won’t be surprising if AR tells keeps a watch of pedestrians and other vehicles for us. AR when connected to your car’s sensors, will be able to keep a tab on your fuel tank, your braking distance and speed and perhaps even allow us to see clearly while drive in the dark.

  1. The ability to try on/experience items before purchase

Brands like converse and Ikea are already making the most of this technological phenomenon. With AR you can try and see for yourself, how your potential purchase will look on your or in your surroundings.

For instance, you can try different furniture for your house or work space even before you buy it. Just look at your empty living room wearing smart glasses or through your device and arrange the virtual furniture where you please. You can choose the right furniture that matches your room’s size and design. Similarly, in the case of converse and other apparel brands, you place your desired purchase on your foot and see how it looks.

AR will be a boon to online shopping. As of now, Amazon allows you to try on watches on your wrists.

What a treat and benefit it would be to see and make sure that products bought online will suit your purpose-in looks, size and space.

  1. Children will learn smarter

Back in the day, learning was not as interesting and easy as it is today. Students were expected to imagine things and then remember the same. A good example will be of studying chemistry. We knew how an atom looked like but did not necessarily know how a nucleus or electron looked like. But today, classes are becoming smart. Schools are using visuals to teach students; students can view how everything thought to them looks like. Students todays, can view videos of electrons moving around the nucleus.

In the near future, kids will see an atom in front of them, they could go around the atom and view how electrons are moving in the 3d space! All thanks to AR.

  1. Entertainment and gaming

AR as we all know has maintained a strong hold in the gaming and entertainment industry and does not seem to be one that will diminish anytime soon. Pokémon Go took the world by storm and showed us what mass consumption and craze looked like! It was one of the first apps to make use of AR and successfully carved its name in the wall of fame of the Gaming sector. But with the rapidly moving advancements, AR will without a doubt revolutionize the entertainment industry.

AR headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap, and the Meta 2 are turning our surroundings into digital interfaces. Magic Leap on its part has shown us how gaming in AR would appear, turning your surroundings into an interactive, gaming scene. Virtual reality games have proven to be a great success, but they set a barrier between the player and reality. AR gaming on the other hand allows you to experience and create a reality, making the game-play feel much more natural.

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