Trends Transforming Cloud Computing in Year 2018

Cloud computing accelerates Enterprise Transformation everywhere

Cloud is no longer about cheap servers or storage — it’s now the best way to turn great ideas into amazing software even faster. In 2018, cloud computing will accelerate enterprise transformation as it becomes a must-have business technology.

After gathering, analyzing and prioritizing we have listed The Top 5 Trends in cloud computing that you should be aware of in 2018:

# 1- Internet of things on cloud

Most IoT devices are heavily dependent on cloud solutions, mainly with connected devices working together. IoT based devices such as electronic appliances, cars, digital security systems, and trackers have a cloud-based back end as a means to communicate and store information. Cloud supports these devices, and as we see a rise in IoT devices being manufactured and sold, the cloud usage will continue to increase as a result.

# 2- Bigger cloud storage capacity:

Large scale businesses with tons and tons of data will require more space to store that data. Cloud service providers in 2018 will bring in more data centres online with larger-capacity storage. According to the Cisco survey, the total amount of data held in data centers will stand at 370 EB. Conversely, global storage capacity would reach 600 EB. We should expect these numbers to increase to about 1.1 ZB worth of storage capacity. Businesses with big data will choose increased space options whereas small businesses can have bespoke storage options at lower prices as compared to 2017.

# 3- Penetration of high internet speeds

The amount of data is exponentially growing and therefore consumers are expecting faster and better internet connectivity from their network service providers to load website pages and apps quickly. The year 2018 will witness strong movement from gigabyte LTE speeds to full 5G networks, helping us reach 5G capabilities in record time. Many businesses will make a move by upgrading their SaaS, PaaS, and website platforms to be more responsive.

# 4- Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing cloud computing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have already made an impact on the cloud computing. Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc. have been heavily investing on these techniques for their business growth and transformation. Reports suggest that the investments made my tech-giants will contribute in a huge way for revolutionizing the future of cloud computing.

#5- Cloud Security

Cloud services from managed security service providers will be on demand. The businesses that may not be able to implement completely on security measures can easily rely on cloud service providers offering robust services.

Even after robust security options, year 2017 has witnessed the worst cyber attacks such as WannaCry, CIA Vault 7, etc. Security experts and analysts strongly feel there is a need to pay more attention to cloud security in order to combat cyber attacks.

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