Machine Learning a Catalyst for Enterprise Productivity

What is that one thing that every enterprise strives to achieve?

It’s “Productivity”.

With the advancements in the technology, it’s quite evident that automation and artificial intelligence will continue to affect enterprise’ growth in a big way. Machine learning which fall under the umbrella of artificial intelligence (AI), has advanced rapidly over the decade and has become more accessible for enterprises to adopt. It won’t be wrong to say that machine learning will dramatically change the way enterprises do business.

The fascinating part about Machine learning is the fact that machines can learn features freely, precisely and in most of the cases large quantities of data can be introduced to ML Model which can prompt them to take independent decisions.

As computer machines are increasingly becoming smarter and capable of self learning, reasoning and determining the best course of action in real time, enterprises are poised to gain sustainable competitive advantage but researchers consider that Machine learning is still at nascent stage and its adoption among SME’s will take a little more time than expected.

So the million dollar question that keeps ticking in our mind is “In near future, will the evolution of Machine Learning replace human intervention in enterprises for decision making”? The answer to this question is quite tricky. Many experts believe that business decisions are not merely about evaluating options and choosing one but these decisions also require ethics and consideration of other intangibles that humans are accounted for. A balance can be created between humans and machines (AI) where humans can instruct computer to evaluate options and suggest for best possible outcomes for making a decision. This type of cooperation can take any enterprise to the next level of productivity.

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