IoT A Giant Leap For Mankind

The internet landscape is growing at an exponential rate. It is not just limited to desktops, laptops, mobile tablets and smartphones anymore. There are now a multitude of devices that are connected to internet. IoT finds applications in several fields, which includes manufacturing, transport, biotechnology, home living and every aspect of our daily lives. We have witnessed it disrupting traditional industries, transforming businesses and most importantly changing the way we consume internet. Infact, according to a report from the Business Insider, which predicts that by 2020, there will be 34 billion devices connected to the Internet

Now, to give you a glimpse of how applications of IoT will make a difference in our lives, we have listed down few areas where IoT is eagerly awaited and technology companies like us are gearing ourselves up to surprise you with smart devices.

Smart Homes

Imagine a home where appliances can be controlled and managed through one tap of your smartphone or even through your voice command. All this is possible with IoT based smart home solutions.

Smart home solutions will bring a radical change in our lifestyle. It will certainly revolutionise the concept of residential and commercial properties and will substantially bring down the cost of living in the shape of efficient management of utility services within the apartments and enhance the safety and security quotient.

Smart Wearables

Wearing smart watches and fitness bands are the hottest trends in today’s day and age which is why technological giants are investing heavily on these devices.

These Smart wearable devices comes with high quality, small sized energy efficient sensors and pre-installed softwares which can keep a count of all your day to day activities. The data collected is further processed to carry out valuable insights. These devices broadly cover health, fitness, communication and entertainment requirements.

Smart Businesses

Another sector for the utility of Internet of Things is led by private and government organisations and that’s where savings and efficiencies will be made.

For businesses, IoT is a way to to improve customer satisfaction, quality and reduce operational costs while optimising time, staff and assets. Its is predicted that internet of things will certainly become a game changer in the technological environment, for businesses.

Smart Agriculture

With a rapid increase in world’s population, demand for supply of food has drastically gone up which is a point of major concern for the governments across the globe. This is the place where IoT will play a vital role to resolve global food crises.

Smart farming is one of the fastest growing areas in IoT where farmers use meaningful insights from the captured data which ultimately helps them to yield better ROI. Sensing soil fertility and determining inputs for better production is one among the work that IoT can do for farmers.

The future of IoT is highly captivating and is not limited to few areas only, but there is much more to it. It won’t be wrong to say that it a giant step towards mankind. There are several other areas which will get benefitted through IoT in a huge way. We shall cover those in our upcoming blogs.

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