The difference between public and private Blockchain


The Blockchain is an algorithm and it is a distributed data structure for controlling digital money without a centralizing between two individual parties and who identifies nothing concerning participants between the transaction process. Basically invented for the crypto-currency Bitcoin, And first developed in 2008 to help as the public transaction record of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The design of the blockchain for bitcoin and performed as a first digital money to determine the double-spending difficulty without the requirement of the trusted many Blockchain development companies have implemented this technology and succeed to grow their business. Now this technology is trending and many IT sector companies are applying secure and safeguard the data and transactions.
Blockchains are the consent-forced. A considerable quantity of computer networks is connected to the each other, and the main aim is to decrease the ability for hackers to prevent harm for added transactions on the web, those added data on the blockchain need the fight to solve a numerical proof. The issues are distributed with all other networks on the computers. The computers, or nodes, combined with this network required to agree on the solution.

What is Public Blockchain?

The public Blockchain is also called as a permissionless Blockchain and free to the public without limitation. It shows that there is no need for any approval for joining in the public Blockchain process. Everyone can install in his system and can inspect the complete records of the Blockchain, transfer, get money, collect data, and also build active deals within the Blockchain. Here are some basic advantages and disadvantages listed.

  • Everyone is eligible to download the code and include in their local devices and can start operating a public node.
  • We can verify transactions in the network and can join in the consent process. This grant anyone to join in this method, that defines which blocks notice attached to the chain.
  • And all are eligible to transact in the interface of the network, but it should be valid as long as they go through.
  • This process is transparent and can access to read transactions using explorer.
  • It is a more secure process if more public peoples are joining.
    • The main advantage of this system is decentralized. And each node is equivalent, stable and restriction free.
  • The public Blockchain has an advantage of completely secure from hackers. And it has converted information into the code, In which stored in different devices that contain a copy of block chains.
  • It has supported many communities globally to distribute information securely and openly.
  • One of the advantages of public Blockchain is no company can control the data and it is not possible to change the rules by the owner of the company and need to get a permit from all the participants.
  • And the data about the history of transactions are converted into code system by the means of agreements held between users.
  • The public Blockchain does perform some disadvantages, although and these are also connected to their decentralized quality.
  • There is no possibility to change the rules at the very opening and there are only fewer chances to make changes to deliver.
  • And the disadvantage of public Blockchain is it is very slow and ineffective
  • Public block chains become a slow transactional activity because of more data processing in order to complete all the transactions.

What is private Blockchain?

The private Blockchains are Blockchains which are operated by an owner of a company. This method is only available for people who got the permission to use the Blockchain by its evidence.

Private Blockchain is a complete contrast of public Blockchain. Because public Blockchain is open to the public in which private Blockchain is not open to all.

  • There is no access to read and write or observe the Blockchain anytime without certain permission.
  • The private Blockchain is managed by the single owner of the company and he can delete the commands on Blockchain if required.
  • Private Blockchain is decentralized and it is also called distributed ledger with cryptography for more securing the data.
  • The private Blockchain is more fast, affordable and effective compared to the public Blockchain.
  • One of the advantages is a private blockchain saves a lot of energy, time and money to reach the agreement here.
  • The data in the private blockchain can showcase as a distributed ledger.
  • The transactions in the private blockchain are fast and easy when compared to the Bitcoin blockchain.


 Public Blockchain
 Private Blockchain
 Anyone can join without permission  Need permission with proof
 Everyone can run the node  Everyone can’t run the node
 Everyone can have access to audit, review  Can’t audit blockchain
 All are eligible to make transactions  Can’t Make transactions
 The process is slow due to more transactions  The transactions are fast and easy
 Can download the code and run on local devices  Can’t download the code


These steps signify good to notice for right selection of Blockchains under different cases. Which required to apply and still, some similar features are can observe, that both blockchains are constant in different stages. Both Public and private are decentralized and contains a copy of the record at each node and gets updated with the agreement. Preferably considering similarities better to carry out the advantages.

As we are Blockchain development company Dubai understands the valves of both Blockchains, and there is always the way to innovative updates will take place to improve for further technological functions as discussed above on pros and cons. However, decision-making is different for every industry to adopt which blockchain to apply and depends on the type of data collected and access person to read, write and observe the blockchain.

Blockchain technology revolution takes place very vastly for all the business and helps to improve growth of productivity, at the same time the technology serves better with blockchain apps. Hire our team to serve and develop the best security apps for your business.

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