Small Bluetooth Stickers Assure That You Will Never Lose Anything Again

Now with updated technology of iphone application everything become possible like you will never lose anything stinks and there are some cool gadgets that actually let you use your iphone to recover some important thing you lost.

You can simply use that iphone application on your iphone and that is stickNFind. All you have to do is just put the small bluetooth sticker on to a remote, or any important thing that you worried about, you can also put it to your childs backpack, or pet’s collar.

Then use your iphone to locate the item, when you will come close to the sticker it will start vibrate and showing the exact location of it. Isn’t it great thing. Its very easy to use this application, it has got the virtual leash feature that will let you know when one of your stickers gets too far away from you. Remember while using it that it only works within 100 feet of your iphone.

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