Five Mobile Apps That Everyone in the Iphone App Industry Should Be Using

In today’s world, the iPhone has become the main smart phone of choice in the business and the corporate world. Despite strong competition from Android and other rivals, iPhone continues to maintain an edge over these and maintain its technical and aesthetic superiority in the market.

No wonder, among all mobile apps, iPhone apps have become a hot pursuit for avid iPhone users. Hence the iPhone app industry is constantly geared up to satisfy the demand of various iPhone app enthusiasts around the world. Let us discuss five mobile apps that everyone in the iPhone apps industry should be using. These tools will help you build the next top app for your audience.

1.BlitFeedback (

As a testing related app, this tool is a bug as well as feedback reporting service for iOS and Android. BlitFeedback provides the user with a drop-in SDK, which allows them to provide feedback while using your app. Through this tool, users can create as well as send voice memos, screen shots, and screen video recordings. They can also create live screencast sessions, so that you can follow them in real time. The best part of this app is that reports can be automatically forwarded to Jira, Bugzilla, GitHub, Bitbucket, Pivotal, or email.

2. (

This analytics related tool is an app performance monitoring framework, that aims to help you find the biggest performing issues that your users are facing. This tool is capable of providing a drop-in SDK/ that will auto-instrument your app. It will them sent data back to their servers for you to analyze. You are provided with code-level diagnostics, so that you can filter by app version, handset type, iOS version, carrier, as well as location. The SDK can also monitor for low frame rate, slow spinners, network lag, and network terminations.

3. Objective-Clean (

Objective-Clean is a Mac app that helps you set the rules to define the formatting of your code, including use of whitespace and line breaks. It then applies them to your Xcode project using a build script. Any code that does not confirm to the rules gets highlighted with a configurable warning or an error. It is also possible to create your own rules or download the rules that have been voted most popular by other developers.

4. Linkedin App


This is quite a popular app for your iPhone that provides on the go access to your professional developer network with LinkedIn. You can easily connect with your developer network, find more members, keep up-to-date with your groups, and even share with your network from anywhere.

5. Skala Color Design (

The Skala Color Design is a feature-rich OS X color picker that gives you hue as well as opacity sliders so that you can quickly target rough values. You can fine tune them with 4x the precision. Once you have made your choice and picked the colour, you can then copy it to the clipboard in one of the several formats : Hex, CSS, RGBA, CSS, HSLA, UIColor, NSColor, and many more. Skala Color Designer is capable of automatically recognizing colours copied to the clipboard and presents them as a swatch, which can be applied with a single click.

Surely, today is the age of the mobile app. For everyone in the iPhone App industry, the iPhone app has the right potential to take your business forward. Why not install these apps mentioned above to succeed in your own iPhone app industry.

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