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Is it strange that throughout the globe half of the population do not have access to basic banking services such as credit card and savings account? But digital financial services have the potential to bring back those 1.5 billion folks in the financial system.

To make that happen, on the other hand, people require a mechanism which allows depositing and withdrawing their real cash. That’s where mobile cash and agent bank comes into image.

What exactly are agent bank and mobile cash?

Initially, Mobile cash was created to improve financial addition for individuals who were economically excluded before. Actually, when mobile Money was launched practically about ten years ago, the agent Distributed networks have been disrupted in the wonderful world of finance.

An agent distribution network basically supplies last mile fiscal providers to non-banking, rural places through viable digital alternatives. Today, mobile money providers still employ agent distribution systems to increase personal inclusion and give financial services.

In fact, the industry has observed a dramatic upsurge in both – amount of active agents and the worthiness they process.

Though this development had not been a coincidence. It just happened due mainly to two reasons.

  • First, mobile cash acts being an engine for financial inclusion for folks in rural areas where bank & other conventional financial services aren’t available.
  • Secondly, mobile funds offer a growing business opportunity for agent distributing networks.

Foundation of mobile cash

Mobile money has been set up by two corporations – Smart Communications & Globe Telecom. These two firms had been working mobile money transfers in the Philippines. Soon, the thought of Mobile Money has been released in Africa by Vodacom.

Beginning with Kenya, M-Pesa seemed to be directed to revolutionize the mobile banking sector in a community where a lot more than 80% of people did not get access to almost any formal financial products and services.

Today, because of the fast expansion of M-Pesa, it has been proved that mobile money is definitely a worthy business.

Progression of mobile money over period

There is no doubt that Future of finance is digital, there is absolutely no doubt about any of it. And a mobile wallet app is sitting on top of it. Since smartphones penetrated the mobile phone market, mobile funds have seen a massive growth.

While banking sector was resistant concerning the idea of mobile money initially, because they didn’t grasp it. But because the breakthrough of advance technologies and smart phones, trending business models around mobile phone money business started emerging.

Today, telecom providers and banks are choosing agent distribution sites to prospect towards a far more inclusive long term through mobile financial solutions.

In fact, a study by Relationship for Financial Inclusion has proved that it’s 25% less expensive to expand conventional financial & bank services via an agent distribution community than through setting up a brick and mortar bank branches in rural parts.

Furthermore, the Relationship for Financial Addition had sent some 7.2 million mobile money users, 45,000 cellular mobile money agents, and saved $300+ Million in transactions every month through the end of 2017.

Current Market Condition

What started like a money transfer device, today mobile money has evolved right into a bigger service where the telecom operators enable people to not only pay their expenses, but also delivers access to insurance policies, loans, savings, and much more.

Because to mobile money movements & evolution, people in rural locations can now can make deposits, withdraw funds, transfer or create payments immediately through mobile money. According to a written report by GSMA, nowadays the mobile cash services can be purchased in 93 nations via 271 solutions.

In addition, mobile money is also providing a solution for having small change in circulation and motivating entrepreneurship by supplying a new career path as a mobile money agent. The same document also unveiled that mobile money services are available in 85% of the locations where the amount of people having accounts at a normal bank is significantly less than 20%

Because of this, mobile money offers exposed the gates to an array of opportunities to increase formal financial solutions to the people whose place lack the conveniences of traditional banks.

What future contains for mobile cash & agent

Since there is much to understand from actual instances present in the globe, like the situation of China, where in fact the entire economy is certainly cashless and moving efficiently.

But this sort of mass-acceptability and performance can only be performed through collaborations between all field stakeholders.

Looking at the near future, on the other hand, the smartphone penetration will certainly rewrite the course of mobile money organization by enhancing end user experience through rich UX/UI mobile app designs.

Opportunities to increase as mobile money models progress

Generally, mobile money service providers earn money by getting their buyers for three various kinds of activities: Opening a merchant account, CICO (Cash-in-Cash-out) solutions, transferring money to some other person.

A mobile money expert service provider earns income so long as the total earnings from all these activities exceed the full total associated costs. And looking forward, the consistent upsurge in the digital transactions will surely offer mobile money providers access to a lot of whole new revenue streams.

For example, cash transfers are the second major contributor towards the mobile money income, looked after holding a larger revenue guarantee.

To be accurate, money exchanges in the present mobile money market stand for around 20% of full profits, but that margin can go over around 75% due mainly to the large charges set alongside lower costs for the agents.

So, because of this, mobile money companies’ providers can enhance their profitability by improving digital money transfers to their system.

Service Providers will either Need to Partner or Obtain New Abilities

Growing a lucrative, dynamic mobile money business is not any easier. It requires a couple of various sets of diverse and hard-to-attain functions. Simply put, good results of mobile money business demands wide marketing, operations of the agent sales force, financial intimidation, and suitable systems set up.

For instance, mobile money companies can keep your charges down by leveraging existing consumers and agent distribution networks to market growth. Increasing money business deal value by integrating new providers like eCommerce, peer-to-peer payments, or NFC program can also help scale mobile money usage.

Building a mobile wallet solution can be another solution to grow a mobile money business. Like solution could include things like both – a savings account and providing invoice payment services.

Bottom line

It’s up to mobile money providers to scale their business  through identifying and experimenting with new opportunities.

Money providers should go after innovation in finance mobile app development solution to assist agents lessen management problem, lower agent circulation network fees, and diversify their income streams through solutions like eCommerce, mobile wallets, and so on.

Lastly, all inventions must be produced and piloted by using a mobile app development company that has good experience  and competence in building all sorts of financial mobile solutions, because smart ventures can drive positive progress and can help grow your mobile money services to the people all over the world.

Hence, new approaches are definitely required to extend the reach of mobile money and financial inclusions.

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