The Key to Enterprise App Adoption

As mobility continues to evolve, it has become critical to helping companies use the full range of digital technologies to boost overall operating and financial performance.

Mobile innovation is changing the way that companies are communicating with customers and getting work done.

Still, while the greatest value from mobile is drawn from the apps and data being used, many enterprises continue to struggle with how best to handle mobile app distribution in a way that drives adoption of the key mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps are only effective if they’re being used. That’s why getting them in the used by your dealer network is absolutely important. Organizations with widespread or global networks can generally handle mobile app distribution in one of two ways: publishing to a public app store or publishing to an enterprise app store.

However, despite the overall enthusiasm for mobile apps, widespread adoption and use of apps within the enterprise has yet to occur. A variety of challenges companies experience in building and managing apps also maybe hindering adoption. A few crucial steps for successful mobile application adoption can be:

Focus on the user experience:

Highlight the apps benefits and demonstrate how it enables employees to perform tasks more efficiently. We also recommend incorporating feedback to ensure that the app sufficiently meets employee needs and expectations.

Make speed a top priority:

The reason that top consumer apps are well adopted is because they are simple—you don’t need to be trained professionally to use them. The same holds for the enterprise.

Know your user persona, not just your buyer persona:

Because employee adoption is critical to enterprise app success, user expectations and challenges should inform each stage of development. Offer an intuitive user experience, and enhance workforce productivity.

Safe and secure:

This is the most important aspect that need to be considered when embarking on the perfect mobile strategy due to rising incidents of data intrusion, malware or even hacking of accounts.

Promote services evangelism post-deployment:

Enterprise features can provide immediate value for workers, if they are able to use them. Thus, integrating your Support team into the feature adoption strategy is non-negotiable. It is important to be in touch with enterprise mobile app developers who have the experience delivering enterprise app solutions from the conceptualization stage through deployment.

To unlock the value of data, companies have to find ways to let it be easily accessed as part of this supply chain, flowing easily and usefully through the entire organization, and eventually throughout the organization’s ecosystem of partners as well. It is important to be prepared and agile enough to make changes based on what the analysis is showing.

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