Facial Recognition Technology in Attendance


Today, technology has become significant for each and everything for human lives, as it makes things better for living such mobile phones, computers, and tablets making huge convenience. This technology helps business to promote and avail for 24*7 all the time.

The advanced technology has benefits for both customer and business for several reasons. At the attendance point of view, face recognition helping to identify the face of human by using biometrics to map facial dimensions from an image of a person. The technology helps to compare data with a stored database to identify the concerned image.

The face recognition technology is expected to reach all areas to prevent fraud and deceptions methods in the work. One of the reasons why face recognition has significance in every area is due to complicated issues like private areas.

What is face recognition technology?

It is a developed platform available in the applications to identify or verify the human face from a digital image, available in the database. It has control over all the faces in the working department. These advanced features are applied in multiple areas such as Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing and many other industries.

How facial recognition works?

The combined stupendous growth of population in the workplace, it is necessary to identify the belong persons to protect the area from suspicious things in the industries. The technology in the facial recognition program, several facial expressions images are recorded at various angles and directions and then stored in the database. Once the concerned person available in front of the camera for a few seconds, then the face is compared to the stored database images.

Many factors determine the method of face recognition such as pattern, size, posture, occlusion, and lighting. Facial recognition, have two various applications: primary and excellent “. Major face recognition identifies faces or no faces such as drops and animals.

The system identifies the face of the human and compares the image in the stored database. It confirms the facial features for the specific face width of the nose, the wideness of the eyes, pose of the jaw, cheeks and eye separation that makes unique dimension code.

Employing these digital codes, the method then agrees that image with a different image and recognizes how comparable the images are to each other. The image derivation for face recognition involves pre-existing images from multiple databases and video camera signs.

Advantages of Facial Recognition for Attendance

  • The system helps to track the individual employee mistakes on attendance and helps to improve the number of working hours of an employee. The system can calculate each timing of employees and sends the data to the admin.
  • The face recognition technology can determine the precise calculation of employees attendance and absenteeism in every single stage of possible. It can match millions of images stored in the database. As technology helps to save the time of management to collect all the data of employee attendance details.
  • This technology helps to avoid an unknown person of punching instead of belonging employees. The face recognition helps to scan the face and makes the job easy to identify that each and every human walks in the work area.
  • The method of face recognition clock is a wonderful option to reduce the scattering of infections plus disease. Consequently, holding teams healthful. While employees are fit, they go to the job, and are in enhanced conditions, and improve their production.
  • Facial recognition systems are very simple to fix. You can easily connect one of the best benefits of Integrated Biometric facial designs. These are clear towards programming into your firm’s PC operation. Most of the methods would serve with the software that you have by now established.


Face recognition is an essential feature of Image processing owing to its excellence in many areas. An association of people in an industry for the determination of attendance is one such utilization of face recognition. Keeping and monitoring of attendance records play an important function in the investigation of the execution of any business. The idea of developing an appearance control method is to computerize the common way of using attendance. The advanced face recognition technology helps in improving the performance of the employee in attendance of daily activities and analysis with reduced human intervention.

About Fusion Informatics-

Fusion Informatics develops a safe environment platform in offices, houses and public places, etc through implementing face recognition and AI services. Applying Our latest software technologies we provide a secure system that can able to detect the crimes and can report without any errors. We provide highly reliable, scalable, a protected platform that enables to provide a full range of surveillance to control and keep watching an eye on every aspect of the business workplace.

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