Best Customer Support and Services at all Times

Our customer support services assist our clients in all project processes related to planning, installation, training, maintenance, upgrading, troubleshooting, etc.


When our clients interact with us at Fusion Informatics, they look forward to quick and reliable solutions for their app and web based business needs. They also get in touch for technical support after the deployment of the projects assigned to our app developers and web programmers. To meet their ends, we offer benchmarked customer support via main communication and data channels anytime and from anywhere.

In our company, especially with respect to client calls and interactions related to the technology field, we place the responsibility of customer support on a carefully selected team backed by executive leadership. We have carefully-assessed customer satisfaction research modules in place to increase our overall customer retention quotient. Be it in relation to automation of processes, client communication channels or other service oriented processes, we always provide automated and/or manual customer support to address each problem in its entirety. By automating our technical support and customer service processes, we are aiming to achieve lower mean time for redressal and repair.

Our customer service cell is certainly a force to reckon with.

  • It offers an updated knowledge base of all relevant and known project issues as well as their resolutions for supporting quick delivery mechanisms.
  • The expert systems and service platforms used by us includes a suite of common support solutions for offering assisted support, proactive support and self-support.
  • Most of our client support services are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We monitor alarms and identify problems in their early stages to resolve issues much before they transform into problems.
  • In certain projects, we integrate our support automation solutions with customer relationship management (CRM) and prevailing network management systems to provide full support.
  • To provide immediate support, our service agents may utilize the information generated or collated from applications or services, for instance, log files, configuration changes, database queries, etc.

Communication Channels for Customer Support

Most technology-based companies offer different channels of communication to their customers for the purpose of providing ready support; and Fusion Informatics is no different. On most occasions, our clients prefer to speak to one of our customer support representatives or experts over the phone. We strive to find the quickest resolution to each customer request/problem related to pre-deployment queries, order taking, troubleshooting etc. over a single call.

Emails are the primary means of offering web-based assistance to our customers for matters that do not need immediate answers. From instant chat services to remote IT support and on-site support, we offer it all. Our Help Desk and live support software offer professionally managed customer services; regardless of whether the issue relates to installation, OS up gradation, Data Migration, Enhancement, configuration assistance, registered products, or just about anything else.

Do get in touch with us, now.

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