Artificial Intelligence is up and coming in the marketing world…

In today’s day, no one goes untouched by the power of #Artificial Intelligence. We may not see it, but this phenomenon is a part of our everyday lives. Be it Siri or Alexa’s conversational helping hands or Netflix’s hyper-sensitive recommendation engine, #AI is here to stay and of course grow! In the business world – especially in the marketing and advertising spheres – for any organization seeking to gain a foothold or maintain a lead, tapping into the power of AI is beyond the point of theory.

AI revolves around #data-driven approaches to marketing and is being used to integrate data from different sources.

In the world of business, for any growing company who wants to hit the top, making the most of AI can be extremely beneficial, especially for the marketing and advertising industry.

A.I. has helped uncover and highlight key creative elements with proven success, which have been derived from data. Be it creative content like graphics, video, music, and text or the frameworks in which the creative is pulled together — website design, email content, ad copy, image recognition, etc. Making it’s way into the vast and growing field of recommendation engines, it is also a good way for marketers to source content they can be assured consumers would like to know more about.

These days as a part of analyzing customer patterns, all kinds of information are collected and stored in order to develop automated systems and customer profiles to target certain markets. This forces us to keep in mind that in the days to come, computers will have more to say than us!

Though artificial intelligence it would be rather easy to analyze customer behaviour and profiles even more closely, thus being able to essentially meet the voice of the customers who they are observing online.

Additionally, consumers will find themselves handing-over their purchase decisions more frequently to robots (AI) that already have a record of their ideas, previous searches, and preferences and likes. AI can do this conveniently by understanding more about the related meaning of certain searches and patterns. It’s also able to read through the more comprehensive and complex relationships between different data set, for example, incorporating a user’s search history into the results page.

Artificial Intelligence is influencing every level of the digital marketing world and understanding it and how it works will be useful for a marketer to help shape his marketing strategy.

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