Job Portal App - Success Story


Client: Jobsnopper


Industry: Recruitment

Challenge Area

Challenge Area:

Business Impact

Business Impact:

  • Generate more business revenue
  • Expand client base

Client Introduction

JobSnooperis an online job marketplace application that brings contractors and candidates on one common platform by acting as a comprehensive search engine for jobs. It allows searching thousands of job ads in Latin America and Europe.


  • Differentiating between the legit jobs and the hoax ones
  • Making sure that the job applicants are qualified
  • Keeping the privacy of candidates and contractors
  • Listing the candidates, contractors who are truly genuine and trusted


The strategy involved defining the project vision and analyzing the competitors' market. We then analyzedour clients, what they want, and what we can give them. Once the application requirements have been defined, project documentation for its functionality was prepared. This is one of the most critical business analysis tasks. The mechanism of users' interaction with the application was then explained with the underlying logic of its work. After carefully considering all the essential aspects, we managed to develop an application that ensures proper privacy policies before entering any personal data. We have a section where candidates can post their work experience to differentiate between the experienced candidates from the inexperienced.

Key Features
  • Common interface for both contractors and candidates
  • Comprehensive search available to find the most appropriate job/candidate
  • Offering a wide array of unskilled workers that are otherwise difficult to source
  • Listing of a skilled employee whois looking for a job
Key Features
  • The business revenue climbed significantly through an app.
  • The client was able to bring more job seekers & job providers on a single platform.
  • Generated inventory of candidate's profile for placement opportunities.
  • Instant access to a curated list of experienced profiles for the employers.

Increased business revenue significantly through an app


The client was able to bring morejob seekers & job providers on a single platform.