Survey Management App - Success Story


Client: Equilibre


Industry: Public Sector-Civic

Challenge Area

Challenge Area: Data Validation and authenticity

Business Impact

Business Impact:

  • Reduce operational cost by 15%
  • Increase productivity by 35%

Client Introduction

Performing a survey is a hectic and tedious task. It is very time consuming to do a survey and once it is completed the post-survey job is very difficult. Piles of papers make things confusing. This is where Equilibre comes into the picture. Equilibre is a one-stop solution to all the problems related to Surveys. The application enables the user to instantly start the survey by logging in and upload pictures taken for the survey and answer questions quickly which saves time. And depending on the availability of the internet, the data is then synchronized to the application. Not just that, it helps in creating questionnaires for users to display to the audience. Also, the reports of the survey give users the clarity of the survey mentioned and other such details.


  • To verify if the data uploaded is genuine or not.
  • To understand the purpose of a survey fora particular location.
  • To make sure the questions and predefined options are enough to get a proper result.


Our strategy involved gathering important business requirements, understanding the purpose and functional requirements of the app, followed by developing a roadmap of establishing the viability of the app idea. As a result, we developed Equilibreas a one-stop solution to resolve all the problems related to Surveys. The app helps users to instantly start the survey by logging in and uploading pictures taken for the survey and answering questions quickly to save time.

Key Features
  • Easy to use while surveying, fewer complications.
  • A set of questionnaire makes it easy to get done with the survey.
  • Works online as well as offline.
  • The survey questions and options can be changed by the admin.
  • Survey reports are generated based on the survey.
  • Geo-fencing can be performed.
Key Features
  • Faster results & better reach
  • Reduced paper works and usage of papers

Reduce operational cost by 15%


Increase productivity by 35%