Home Service Marketplace App - Success Story


Client: Homeserviz


Industry: Marketplace

Challenge Area

Business Challenge Area:

  • Maintaining a huge database of service providers
  • Collaborating service providers and seekers
Business Impact

Business Impact:

  • Increase in sales by 30%
  • Developed network of client and service providers

Client Introduction

Homeserviz is a marketplace bringing normal users and service providers like house maintenance, car maintenance, electricity, plumbing, pest control, and more, undera common platform. It aims at helping those who find it hard to devote time to important maintenance activities. Services can be booked instantly with service providers present in a nearby location, area, or city.Most people suffer from day to day problems of cleaning their homes, as well as washing and ironing of clothes. Taking this into account, the client wanted to build an app connecting normal users with such services, to avoid the hassle of cleaning the homes or clothes by themselves.


  • Storing identity proofs for so many multiple service providers required a huge database storage
  • With too many details to fill, a service form had to be neat with only relevant information to be filled
  • Historically availed services had to be stored so that users can keep a track of the services availed in the past


Before launching an app, we designed a strategy to identify what challenges does the mobile app solve, who is the target audience, what features to include, and so on. Besides this, we carried out comprehensive market research to ensure the app would be competitive in its market or market niche. We then arranged all the requirements needed in the subsequent phases of the app development process. Based on this, we successfully deliver an app, wherein end-users were able to quickly book their appointment online through the app. Alternatively, the app also turned out to be beneficial for service providers, for listing their services and getting highlighted for specific areas.

Key Features
  • Secured user login for both end-users and service providers
  • Locate nearby service providers through Google Map integration
  • Push notifications enabled on availing a service
  • Options for paying now or paying later
  • 2-colored interface (White & Orange) keeping it consistent throughout, allowing the app to appear soothing for eyes
  • Facilitates full proof safety as service providers need to upload their identity proof for registration
Key Features
  • The client was able to build a direct & better relationship with the customer
  • Sales figure spiked by over 30%
  • The platform helped the business in offering better services
  • The brand was able to increase its network of clients and service providers across India.

Increase in sales by 30%


Increase network of clients and service providers across India