Client: Budding In


Industry: Recruitment

Challenge Area

Challenge Area: Difficulty in Remote Monitoring

Business Impact

Business Impact:
High Productivity , Reduced Mischief and cost

Client Introduction

Budding In is a venture of BUDD COMM PVT. LTD, a pioneering platform for job aspirants, recruiters and colleges by offering them unprecedented visibility coupled with a visual narrative of candidates. Budding In is a digital platform to empower recruitment, candidate visibility and provides various insights to capture employee productivity too.


  • Monitor the behavior of candidates appearing for the interview in its recruitment agency,
  • Developing a virtual tool that would help the client in conducting interviews online.
  • Assessing the student's behavior in examination by analyzing their voice tone, actions/emotions, oral communication, moods, face & eye movements.
  • Monitoring employees' s/workers productivity during the working hours,
  • Capturing the mood, attitude, aggression, etc. of the candidates using video and audio analytics.



The initial analysis helped us understand that the requirements were feasible with the help of video streaming and applying deep learning and machine learning algorithm on each event. We conducted the discovery workshop to understand their existing nature of business, challenges, goals, and infrastructure what they have and how we can overcome the issue.

Further, we did infrastructure analysis to see the adoption of the technology within the organization and their staff and students before we develop this solution, apart from that we did a survey and research on the behavior of students, staff, and candidates to observe, analysis and define KPI parameters to segregate into different segments and plot on the dashboard for the management to understand easily.

Key Features

We have provided the following key video analytics.

  • Mood/Emotions
  • Mood swinging (variation of moods at certain frequencies)
  • Focused/Unfocused (how the employee's concentration towards computer, racks, or work they are doing, during this we also evaluate how frequently they taking, losing focus/concentration from work and see here and there)
  • Dizziness during work hours
  • Yawning
  • Anger/aggression through facial expression
  • Confidence level
  • Communication
Key Features

  • A dramatic change in productivity.
  • The app helped to reduced cases of mischief from workers and students.
  • In the case of the recruitment segment, it reduced the cost of the recruitment process and was able to find the best candidate across India in a faster way.

Increase in response time of support by 5 times


Reduction in manpower cost by over 20%


Quality support to Customers clients 24x7