Food Ordering App - Success Story


Client: Consult a pro


Industry: Healthcare

Challenge Area

Challenge Area:The gap between service providers and foodies

Business Impact

Business Impact:

  • Reduced Customer Acquisition cost by 5 times.
  • Acquired more customers with exciting offers and reward points.
  • Develop a single platform to bring all foodservice providers.
  • Enhanced the competitive environment with reviews and rating system.

Client Introduction

Dine Out is a startup project where one can eat and earn reward points. The client had good contacts with foodservice providers like bakeries/restaurants /hotels. The platform was developed to provide additional benefits to foodies who eat frequently out. Additionally, the client was aiming to sell the food vouchers with the help of the application.


  • Foodservice providers do not have a proper system where customers can view the ongoing offers at a single roof.
  • The customers were finding it difficult to discover a single point of source to identify where they will get food under their budget.
  • Identify what will be an additional benefit of visiting that food joint.
  • Get reviews on foodservice providers.


Fusion Informatics helped the client to define the appropriate business goals with the aim to increase its ROI and reduce the efforts of the foodservice provider. After a comprehensive analysis of the market and customer's general views, we developed the list of features, we had consulted several restaurants, foodies whom we knew and collected their thoughts and validated/suggested changes in the process which the client have initially suggested us. We have defined the development phases in a way that the client can start onboarding food service providers and gradually end users.

Key Features
  • Developed Capability to handle users' feedback/review and rating for the food joint they visited.
  • Provided various statistics and reports to compare what is in demand, trend.
  • Retain data and context seamlessly.
  • Reward points/cashback after eating at that food joints.
  • Promotional offers from the food joints.
  • Subscription-based additional discount with associated food joints.
Key Features
  • The customer acquisition cost was reduced by 5 times for food joints.
  • Customer/users community review/rating better service/quality.
  • Acquired more customers with exciting offers and reward points.
  • Develop a single platform to bring all foodservice providers.

Increase in response time of support by 5 times


Reduction in manpower cost by over 20%


Quality support to Customers clients 24x7