Child Care Management App - Case Study

Little Zak's Academy is into the business of child care and has developed an ever-evolving environment that fosters intentional teaching and spontaneous learning with the help of different activities like swimming, Yoga, French Class, Zakaroos, and many more through its multiple centers based in NSW.


Brand: Little zak's Academy


Industry: Education


Location: NSW, Australia

Core Platform: Web & iOS

Target Audience
Target Audience


Target Market
Target Market

NSW, Australia


Business Challenges
  • Parents were not getting clarity that how their kids are being taken care of.
  • Understanding a child's learning, progress, and other information.
Technical Challenges
  • Complex data structure
  • Specific business rules as it was a kind of daycare school for small kids
  • Asper the rules of Australia maintain the records, of food/neatness/Diapers and processes & escalation matrix.
  • Accessibility of the information for all the parents.

Strategic Approach

The client's requirements were fairly feasible. By developing the customized application they were successfully able to achieve their business objectives.

After understanding the client's requirements, we approached the decision-makers to gather the initial information and how the things operate that helped us in setting the goals and purpose of this project. Secondly, we researched the target audience and defined its scope, which also helped us to access the challenges and problems they are facing. Finally, we were able to create functional specifications and sketch our development journey.

Before the actual project started we collected the following documentation to ensure we are building the right application:

  • RFP
  • SOW
  • Design documents
  • Sample Data/existing process
  • Connection with their existing HR/Employee data for login and roles management
  • Enhancingclient's reach by opening new centers
  • Promoting the academy to the larger audience
  • Address the concerns of parents on a real-time basis
  • Reduce the footsteps in the center
  • Bring transparency in their admissions.
  • Calculating child care subsidy
  • Allow parents to join the waitlist
  • Take a virtual tour and find a center effortlessly
client Logo

Project Development

client Logo

iPad Developers

Frontend Developer

Backend Developers

API Developer

Quality Analyst

Project Manager


Business Analyst

client Logo
  • Centerwise staff/teachers management
  • Inspections
  • Classroom wise activities done with Kids
  • Centerwise, class room wise kids/students enrollment
  • Parent can see all the activities happened/performed with/by their Child
Timeline: 6 Months
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Project Highlights

Application Features

  • Enhanced communication between academy and parents
  • Virtual center tour
  • Subsidy Calculator
  • Comprehensive list of centers
  • Waitlist registration
Application Features
Application Features

Key Highlights

  • The virtual tour powered by AR/VR technology
  • Highly customized and Interactive
  • Subsidy Estimator
  • User-friendly Interface

Key Takeaways and Learnings

Target Audience

Learned the depth of daycare schools process

Target Market

Understood the kind of checks needs to manage the wards' hygiene/nutrition etc.

client Logo

360-degree view about child's progress

Business Impact

  • 360-degree view about child's progress
  • Build strong bonding with parents which leads to increase referral business & revenue
  • Real-time data to track and monitor all activities on day to day basis
  • Parents do not need to worry about their child's progress and they can focus on their work.

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