Build Digital Presence with SEO and Organic Marketing

Our Organic Digital Marketing strategies are essential for your business to get visibility across various Digital Marketing channels and generate traffic to your website. The most exciting thing about organic digital marketing is you do not have to pay for advertisements to any platforms and it will automatically drive free and real traffic to your website and other platforms. The only thing one needs is a robust digital marketing strategy.

Organic Marketing Capabilities

Digital Audit

To meet your digital goals, we undertake digital audits that give a comprehensive and customized report of your digital presence. Our audits are designed to identify how your brand is responding to marketing activities, undertake traffic analysis, investigate the performance of social media, website analysis, get competitor insights, analyse target audience and identify industry and persona insights.

App Marketing

We ensure your reach at every stage of the marketing funnel, our app marketing strategies are therefore designed to attract the web and smartphone app users, improve retention of existing customers, and decrease the churn rates. So how do we achieve this? We ensure app store optimization, promote the app and its reviews through social media, and perform app content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To enhance the visibility of your website or a web page, we drive the quality and quantity of website traffic of different search results on search engines. We optimize a website by applying on-page and off-page SEO techniques, which includes promotion of directory, blog, article, video, infographics, images, social bookmarking, listing, analyzing target pages & keywords, copy write-up, and many such techniques that can help to rank your business in a search engine

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the latest form of communication where you can effectively engage and influence individuals and give them the power to share their views and suggestions. We harness the power of social media to promote your products and services by launching the channel, curating the content, publishing creative posts, etc. on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Content Marketing

Our primary goal is to increase your brand awareness and drive consistent traffic, leads, and sales for your business by curating the content as per the platform needs. Also, we understand this is possible with an influential content marketing strategy that involves guest blog posts, articles & white paper writing, creating videos, and infographics, and posting blogs on the right platforms.

Influencer Marketing

We recognize that modern-day marketing campaigns demand new ideas like celebrity endorsements, collaborating with an online influencer, etc., we, therefore, identify the appropriate influencer, develop an influencer marketing strategy, identify social media platforms, develop a content strategy, curate creative content, manage campaigns and track the initiative.

Social Media Listening

The Omnichannel digital marketing strategies are impactful if the blend of correct tools and techniques are deployed. Looking at the penetration of social media, we capitalize on listening capabilities on social media to understand conversations, its tone, sentiment, and latest trend to derive brand and customer insights.

Growing an online presence organically is very tricky and requires professional help, as organic content is usually lost in the sea of algorithms and sponsored ads. The experts at Fusion Informatics have deep expertise in developing strategies that help in increasing your organic traffic and ultimately your business.

Organic Marketing is a powerful long terms strategy to generate stable traffic. Engage with us to capitalize on it.

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