Solidity for Developing Smart Contracts & Implementing on Blockchain Platforms

You must be wondering what makes the paradigmatic feature of a blockchain platform called smart contracts smart? The answer is Solidity, it is a programming language that writes programs called smart contracts that are run by Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This high-level contract-oriented language is a hodgepodge of the convention from web development, networking, and assembly language.

Thanks to Solidity for making global banking and business possible despite various countries have different currencies and languages. It brings the businesses together and allows them to conduct business in a reliable and secure way. One can create Solidity smart contracts with cutting-edge features effortlessly with the help of Solidity.

Fusion Informatics has skilled and highly experienced developers who can assist you with highly scalable and futuristic solutions using various tools that will optimize your business processes and facilitate your transformation journey. While deploying the contracts, we ensure to use the latest released version of Solidity which helps us to provide maximum value possible to our clients.

Solidity Features

Features of Solidity

  • Statically-typed language
  • Unique contracts and interface
  • Function Modifier to change the behavior.
  • Events to write information.
  • Access Specifies
  • Allows explicit conversion of different data types
  • Built-in Libraries
  • Allows import of other sources files

Advantages of Solidity

The organizations today have found a clearer way of working together with the help of Solidity tools that allows the faster, secure, and reliable business transaction with its advanced features and readable code which can be easily understood by the machines.

  • It possesses the collective layers of inheritance attributes that allow object-oriented programming.
  • It facilitates cross-platform settlements or agreements in a highly secure and reliable manner.
  • It substantially reduces the cost of managing data and addresses various issues related to third-party expenses.
  • Its Application Binary Interface(ABI) allows multiple types of supporting roles to be carried out.
  • As Solidity is designed around Java and C++ syntax, thus, the person possessing the skills in these languages can easily learn and implement solidity. The developers can develop applications that require self-enforcing business logic.
  • The ABI also facilitates various type-safe functions in a single contract.
  • It supports inheritance, libraries, and complex user-defined types.


Solidity Tools
  • Hyperledger Cello
  • Solidity REPL
  • Solgraph
  • Evmdis
  • Doxity

Industry using Solidity platform

Govt & Public Sector
Government and Public Sector

By implementing the complex voting contracts, it allows the automatic and transparent voting system possible. Not just that it manages the voting rights of participants and prevents manipulation.


The Solidity contracts can be used in creating simple and blind auctions wherein participants send a hashed version of their respective bids. Also, by using the cryptographic signatures to make repeated transfers it facilitates micropayment channels.


It allows to sell and purchase the goods remotely by using Solidity contracts as an agreement between two parties.

Solidity Development Services

  • Smart contracts development
  • DApp development
  • Digital token creation
  • Full-stack development
  • Crowdsale contracts
  • Build an exchange platform
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If you are looking forward to deploying the Solidity smart contract, trust only the team of experienced Solidity developers. Head over to Fusion Informatics which has Solidity experts that comprehend your business needs to serve your better.

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