Smart Contract Audit to ensure Confident and Accurate Agreements

All good things come with a price similarly, smart contracts come with concerns related to security, which can lead to huge losses. The risk of such losses can be mitigated with the help of conducting security audits on Smart Contracts. A smart contract audit involves investigating the code to identify security flaws and vulnerabilities before deploying it publicly. The self-executing mechanism of the smart contract makes it very essential to identify the

vulnerabilities and discard the flaws before launching. Various security challenges like unfamiliar execution environment, new software stack, restricted ability to patch the contracts, attackers, and awful development pace can be mitigated with the help of smart contract audits. By providing fast and relevant feedback on potential dubious source code patterns, the smart contract audit will solve many challenges.

Fusion Informatics provides a complete smart contract audit with the help of a rigorous review, followed by validation to oversee if it performs as intended. Once we ensure all security issues are identified, the team analyzes the impact of the smart contract on the network and undertake gas analysis to optimize your Ethereum transaction cost. Based on the above analysis we provide a comprehensive audit report as an attribute of rigorous audit undertaken and the smart contract is free from any flaw or security issue.

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Features of Smart Contract Audit

  • Conducts Vulnerability Test
  • Analyze complexities and failure preparation
  • Inspects Code currency
  • Identifies unsafe code interactions
  • Ensure security of on-chain data
  • Optimizes code

Advantages of Smart Contract Audit

Recent years have seen the increasing trend of decentralized infrastructures and with the surging security concerns, there is an increasing need to conduct smart contract audits.

  • The efficiently undertaken audit can ensure the smooth running of code and the Smart Contract.
  • The results of Smart Contract Audits ensure ultra-high security and trust.
  • The auditing process augments the transparency of the smart contract.
  • Its tamper-proof architecture detects non-compliance activities.
  • As only hashed data values or encrypted information identified by the auditing process are registered in the ledger, it enhances confidentiality.

Smart Contract Audit Services

ICO Smart Contract
ICO Smart Contract Audit

For the smooth functioning of ICO Smart Contract, it is essential for soft cap, hard cap, and so on to function effectively after the token sale. Fusion Informatics undertakes the audit to ensure the effectiveness of the ICO smart contract as expected.

STO Smart Contract
STO Smart Contract Audit

The compliance norms required in the security tokens can be ensured with the help of the STO Smart contract audit conducted by our experts, who consider the regulations of various jurisdictions before undertaking the audit process.

Decentralized Security Audit
DApp Security Audit

Decentralized Applications (DApps) are more vulnerable to security threats, our end-to-end smart contract security audit identifies and addresses the potential security threats for your DApp to perform efficiently.

Decentralized Exchange Security Audit
Decentralized Exchange Security Audit

We analyze the business logic, data storage, and user privacy to ensure the sustainability of your exchange business by auditing the security of Decentralized Exchanges at all levels.

Digital Wallet Security
Digital Wallet Security Audit

For digital wallets to be free from any vulnerabilities and flaws, the experts at Fusion Informatics audits the security of private keys, data privacy, and the effectiveness of wallet features thoroughly.

Security Consulting
Security Consulting

We provide comprehensive support to address the security concerns of your smart contracts. Our experienced team adheres to security norms to ensure a delightful experience.

Protocol Audit
Protocol Audit

The protocol audit involves multiple steps such as encrypting signature, analyzing business logic, assessment of consensus mechanism, and implementing Tokenomics to ensure complete security of the platform.

The universal need to tackle the smart contract vulnerabilities has made it necessary to undertake the Smart contract audit with the utmost professionalism. Capitalize our platform to ensure the security, optimization of code, and documentation correspondence that will result in a smarter Smart Contract.

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