Build Private Blockchain Infrastructure for your Organization

Private Blockchain is a distributed ledger of transactions that are recorded and replicated in real-time across the nodes without presenting the data publically. It is the permissioned blockchain that allows only a few entities to control the network and override/delete the commands on the blockchain. As a result, only the participating entities will have their knowledge, and the others will not be able to access it.

It is much faster and cheaper as the time, efforts, and money needed to reach a consensus are relatively low. A private blockchain has the key benefits and features similar to a public blockchain; however, one has to receive an invitation to access the system, which will be validated by a network validator and controlled by the central consortium.

Fusion Informatics offers you a unique opportunity of developing a highly suitable and effective system that meets your business objectives and allows the users to access only with your invitation and operate the way you allowed; thereby enabling a fully controlled transaction system.

Private Blockchain Architecture

Features of Private Blockchain

  • Allows private transactions
  • Governing authority can override the transactions
  • Partially decentralized authority
  • Multi-party consensus
  • Partially immutable
  • Secures sensitive information

Advantages of Private Blockchain Development

The tremendous value private blockchain brings to establish the business processes is commendable. The solutions and applications are fascinating and potentially help to reduce errors and frauds. Not just that, it astounds its users with the following benefits.

  • Private blockchain has few participants, which takes less time for the network to reach a consensus and speed up the process dramatically.
  • It authorizes only a few nodes to manage the data, which helps in augmenting the decision making process and enabling scalability.
  • Due to limited and restricted access, it exerts total control over participants.
  • Very effectively transfers a huge amount of data and files.
  • Possess authentication features that facilitate low-risk transactions.
  • Highly customizable as per business models.

Private Blockchain Services

Managing Private Blockchain
Launching and managing a private blockchain network

We make it possible to launch and manage a private blockchain network with multiple tools that helps to communicate with the network and act as a link between your computer and the rest of the nodes.

Customized Blockchain
Highly customized blockchain and runtime parameters

Fusion Informatics lets you control each aspect of your private blockchain by customizing it as per your needs and configuring the runtime parameters appropriately.

Developing Structure
Developing Structure

Developing identity databases on blocks. Create multiple key values that can help in ease of transaction.

Tracking and Governance

You can track your data at network levels and get the full authority to control its transactions and assets; thereby avoiding the risk of unauthorized access.

Blockchain is seeing tremendous traction within the various industries worldwide, explore the opportunities, and see your business grow exponentially by leveraging our expertise. Our experienced developers provide end-to-end support to your private blockchain development project.

Build the next-gen private blockchain by indulging with us