The Need For Android Application Development

Owned by Google and Open handset alliance, Android is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile operating system. A number of smart phone devices are now based on Android operating system which provides brilliant features at competitive price. During the year 2010, android based smart phones had acquired a position in the top highest selling mobile devices at the global level. Google has its own android market in which extra android applications are made available for download to users. They also offer support for third party developed Android apps.

Presently, there are more than two hundred thousand applications provided on the android market to different users. Throughout the world, a number of Android users download the applications from the android market. They download these applications both for their professional and personal needs.

The versatile and reliable features of android operating system have contributed to the popularity of android application development. Following are some of the essential features of Android that can significantly prove the importance of Android Application Development.

  • Android offers supporting connectivity technologies such as GSM/EDGE, CDMA, IDEN, EV-DO, UMTS, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, and WiMAX.
  • Android can also support additional hardware like GSM based mobile, Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, accelerometer, Camera and compass.
  • Multi tasking is the need of the hour and Android is just what you need for it.
  • C/C++ and Java programming language is availed of for Android Application Development. A well experienced Java programmer can easily grasp and work on concepts related to Android apps.
  • Android provides extensive comprehensive library for 2D/3D graphics for traditional layout creation. This helps in creating attractive graphics.
  • Data storage is done in a structured way with the use of SQLite.
  • Cost effectiveness is ensured in android apps development as android is an open source mobile operating system.
  • Android application developerscan easily understand and make use of Android SDK for building creative Android applications
  • Android also reduces time spent by a developer during the development process. This is made possible by Android by allowing the use of same codes for rapid application development..

Android Application Development helps businesses meet their unique business needs. For different business domains there are different types of applications. Business oriented applications, document readers, Android mobile competent websites, Android game apps, multimedia applications, Social networking applications, entertainment applications, security applications, GPS tracking, travel applications, Utility apps, etc are some examples to mention a few. Android Application Development companies, who are having good experience, also serve porting of other platform mobile application to Android application.

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