Guide to Determine the Cost of Developing Web Application in 2021

If you are looking for building a robust web application suitable to your business requirement, then the very first thing that might crop up in your mind is the cost of its development.  However, any web application development occurs in various phases. A web application is similar to any other application software that is stored, regularly maintained, in a remote server site. You have to use web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, to access a web application. And you can access it on any platform – mobile or desktop. You don’t have to download it to use it, a significant feature behind its being a favorite amongst you all! Regarding the estimated cost, you would like to know whether it falls within your budget!

There are various aspects you got to see before concluding the budget part, i.e. knowing the ultimate cost. For instance, the total number of app features, any complexities, the number of similar players, the credibility factor of the web app development company you have chosen, and so on.  To determine how much it’d cost you to develop a web application for your business or your client, you must know the varied types of web applications and the related costs involved therein! And, costs might vary as per the project-size, your company type, i.e, enterprise, SMBs, or Start-Ups, and the price-offerings of the company you are availing of your web-app development service. In short, that’d be your ultimate guide for 2021, too!

Web Applications – Types & Costs

  1. Portal – Web- Application

 If you are going for a web-portal development, on average it takes about three or four weeks of time-span. Normally, these web portals are developed using readymade and customized templates, so, you just don’t need to fret over it. Choose the one you like and go ahead! Customer-engaging interactive elements, widgets, lots of media, additional web pages are something you see inside. The expected cost could be around 5000USD to start from up to 17000USD. Note –The cost would vary according to the project-types and whether you are going for a fixed – pricing model or on an hourly basis. You got to consult a credible, established web-application-development organization to get the complete guide.

2. Static -Web –Application

Have you seen digital curriculums or online portfolios, of your prospective candidates you are going to hire? HTML or CSS are used to create a static web page. The pandemic has triggered the requirement of this type owing to the first-hand information you want to know about a business. Wouldn’t you click the home page and know about business offerings? You should consider the factors like its maintenance aspect, resources detail, etc. that determine the overall cost factor. The larger your project is, the bigger will be the resource. Align this way. Somewhere between 500USD and 10000USD can be expected, however, the cost-calculator of your development company will matter here the most.

3. Dynamic Web Application

A bit complex than the Static one in technical aspects. This type of web app needs to constantly update the databases. Content Management System (CMS) functions along with a dynamic web application that gives you the scope of making changes to your content as a user. Hence, dynamism is required here. Popular web languages used to develop it are ASP and PHP. Backend, programming aspects may be complexed and very much depends upon the server and other related factors. Various factors like the time taken, resources, number of people, maintenance requirements, etc. do determine the costs involved in developing a dynamic web application. You could expect the cost to incur around 2500USD – 5000USD.

4. Content Management Systems (CMS) Web Application

CMS in your web application is mainly used as an interface for smooth accessing, updating activity and users can make changes in websites whenever required. No need for any technical expertise, you just make changes as per your need and time. The cost depends upon the type of CMS software your web application development company will deploy onto your CMS web app. Which of the following CMS you are having now? WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Kentico, Joomla are a few names you can identify with. The cost variation could be the range from 3000USD to 50000USD, depends again upon your CMS software chosen.

5. E-Commerce Web-Application

How do you do Online Shopping? That’s the platform called eCommerce, one of the most common web applications that exist in the form of an online shop or store. You have a new feature here –  an electronic payment system. Indeed a complex form of the web app. The number of features, functionalities, scalability, integrating emails, push-notifications, CMS, etc. are taken into account while determining the costs incurred. You can expect anywhere between 10000USD and 50,000USD though flexibility depends upon the company you are availing of this service from!

6. Enterprise- Level-Web-Application

If you are a big corporate house, an enterprise, you might be willing to invest a good sum, flexi-time for getting your web-applications developed. Whatever, it involves a complex, huge and innovative process. Many phases of development, testing, high-level of research & development, technology know-how, implementation at several stages, all factors that are accountable for determining the development cost.


Determining the cost of web-application development is not an easy task though the estimation can give an ample scope to facilitate decision-making towards planning for one. It depends upon the app-types, project-complexity, elements custom-designs, functionalities, post-development maintenance, support, whether there’s an in-house team, outsourcing, etc. to finally arrive at the cost-part. After all, in 2021, the shift to online platforms is rampant, be it a business transaction, digital payment, or consumer preferences for eCommerce application, it is the best time to determine the cost for your probable web-application development for your future business.

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