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Google Brings Free Satnav For UK Android Users

Ashesh Shah - Apr 23, 2010

Google has finally announced the availability of its free turn-by-turn service, also known as Google Maps Navigation for mobiles, for those using Android smartphones in the United…

Mobile Application Development
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Google's Agnilux Play is About the Google Tablet After All

Ashesh Shah - Apr 22, 2010

Yesterday, I published this brief piece about Google's acquisition of a startup called Agnilux. Little is known about the stealth company, whose founders created the A4 chip…

Mobile Application Development
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Apple iAds another marketing strategy

Ashesh Shah - Apr 12, 2010

Soon the iPhone, and presumably the iPad, will carry advertising embedded in their applications. For ABC fans it sounds like a nightmare, and it's great news for…

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Microsoft to launch social networking phone in U.S

Ashesh Shah - Mar 08, 2010

Software giant Microsoft is to launch its own mobile phones in the U.S. later this year as it aims to challenge the growing smartphone dominance of its…

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