Getting Started With PHP Website Development

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a popularly used open source scripting language used for general purpose. Spherically suited for web development, it can be embedded into HTML. Instead of using a number of commands to output HTML (as in case of C or Perl), PHP pages have HTML with embedded Code. The PHP code comes enclosed in a unique start and end processing instructions (“<?php and ?>”). This enables you to jump into and out of “php mode”.

PHP website development involves the use of PHP language. PHP programming is different from client-side JavaScript in the sense that the code is executed on the server. This leads to generation of HTML which is received by the client. Though the client gets the results in script form, he may not know the underlying code. In order to process all HTML files with PHP, one can also configure the web server.

The three main areas where PHP scripts are used are server-side scripting, command line scripting and desktop applications. PHP web Development Company uses PHP in all major operating systems such as Microsoft windows, Linux, many Unix variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Mac OS X, RISC OS etc. Apache and IIS are also supported by PHP. It supports any web server that can use the FastCGI PHP binary, like lighttpd and nginx. PHP may work either as a CGI processor or as a module.

PHP gives you the freedom to select an operating system and a web server. You may also choose from procedural programming or object oriented programming (OOP) or a combination of both.

PHP development is easy even for amateurs as it is very simple but provides a number of sophisticated features to anyone who is dexterous at PHP website development. Even though PHP development is concentrated in server-side scripting, there are many things that can be done with it.

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