FLARE 2014, The Annual Cultural Event, Gets IT Support From Fusion Informatics


Flare 2014 is the annual cultural event organized by Pandeet Dindayal Petroleum College. In order to spread the popularity of the event, Fusion Informatics has created a website and mobile app. Being a web and mobile partner, it has created a website for the event which contains detailed information regarding the event. It has information regarding the different events such as cultural events, technical events, and informal events. It also displays the name of all the students who are contributing to the organization of the event.

The detailed Google map to FLARE 2014 can guide any visitor right to their destination. Visitors can also send any message, suggestions, queries or feedback through the Contact Us form and even student across country can registered for the event participation on web. The detailed contact information given on the website can help anyone contact the event organizers easily.

Fusion Informatics has also inserted social media icons in order to spread the popularity of the event through Facebook and Twitter. Those who are new to the event can also easily get information regarding what the event is about. To ensure that the event reaches even the smart phone users, Fusion has created a mobile app. This app contains detailed information regarding the location of the event as well as registration details. Interested students can register for the event through the website as well as the application.  With the use of the app, users can get information at any time and at any place.

Accommodation assistance, during the event, can also be gained on the website through FAQs. The website also has a link to their blog. This blog contains latest information regarding the festival. It is updated regularly to ensure that it has the latest news about the event. The user-friendly website with attractive graphics enhances the value attached to the event.

Social networking, mobile app, and a website- A recipe for success of any event! All these have been clubbed together in order to help the even gain extraordinary success. Fusion, with its increased efforts, has once again proved that it can extend support to any kind of industry segment.

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