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Microsoft to Unveil New Mobile-Phones Line

Ashesh Shah - Apr 06, 2010

Microsoft Corp. plans to introduce a new line of mobile phones Monday with social-networking capabilities aimed at young consumers, part…

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Five Android Phones Attacking Apple

Ashesh Shah - Mar 30, 2010

NEW YORK -- In an attempt to catch up with the Apple(AAPL) iPhone, Google(GOOG) has been racking up Android phone…

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Android Devices Crave Google’s Attention

Ashesh Shah - Mar 29, 2010

Android’s smartphone army is at least 20 phones strong, plus a ragtag rear guard of e-book readers, tablets and set-top…

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New smartphone allows video conferencing

Ashesh Shah - Mar 29, 2010

Smartphones keep getting smarter and more useful. Now they're turning into mobile TV broadcasting stations. Sprint last week announced the…

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How much of Silverlight is in Windows Phone 7 ?

Ashesh Shah - Mar 25, 2010

And why it doesn't have the multi-tasking "hand grenade" The Silverlight browser plug-in started out back in 2006 as a…

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Skype Mobile for Verizon to Launch March 25

Ashesh Shah - Mar 24, 2010

The Verizon Wireless Skype application will be available starting Thursday, March 25, the two companies announced Tuesday. Skype mobile for…

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Android-Based Motorola i1 Unveiled for Sprint Nextel

Ashesh Shah - Mar 23, 2010

Sprint Nextel on Monday announced the Motorola i1, its first Android smartphone specifically for Nextel's iDEN network. The device will…

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Google launches Buzz app for Android phones

Ashesh Shah - Mar 22, 2010

Google says Buzz is now available from the Android Market for all smartphones running Android 1.6 and above. After a…

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Samsung to launch a new range of handsets with their own OS

Ashesh Shah - Mar 22, 2010

Samsung, a multinational conglomerate corporation, is all set to launch its proprietary smartphone operating system (OS) ‘BADA’ in the second…

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Samsung to have its own operating system

Ashesh Shah - Mar 20, 2010

Samsung Electronics, which is expecting its dual sim phones to contribute 15 per cent of its total handset volumes this…