Machine Learning: A Constructive Combination of AI, Big Data & Algorithms

It is no big surprise that machine learning/ artificial intelligence has increasingly gained more popularity in the past couple of years. In the digital era, data is rapidly expanding and so is the need of analyzing and understanding this huge data for making right decisions. Big Data arrives as the hottest trend in the IT sector at the moment; machine learning is an incredibly powerful tool to make predictions or calculated suggestions based on large amounts of data. Most common example of machine learning is ecommerce websites algorithms to make product suggestions based upon the choices made by you as a customer.

What is machine learning? In simple terms, Machine learning is the practice of educating a computer about finding patterns and making connections to understand huge amounts of data. So in order to finish a given task, the machine does not use any programming software and instead of doing that it looks at the Big Data and algorithms to find out patterns for accomplishing it. Machine learning enables applications to look for patterns in the data, think and make wise decisions in the future.

Why Machine Learning is Relevant Today?

Machine Learning solutions are serving to a variety of sectors for optimizing organizational processes such as:

Automotive & Manufacturing: Identifying and navigating roads and obstructions in real-time for autonomous driving, Predicting failure and recommending maintenance on vehicle components, predicting outcomes and minimizing R&D costs, optimizing manufacturing costs are some of the tasks performed by machine learning.

Health-Care: Machine learning helps in diagnosing known diseases from scans, biopsies, audio, and other data. It is also useful in predicting personalized health outcomes to optimize recommended treatments. Machine learning can evaluate doctor’s performance and provide outcome-improving feedback.

Finance: Machine learning is extremely useful in identifying fraudulent activities using customer transactions and other relevant data as well as it is quite helpful in discovering new trends, risks and benefits for predictive analytics.

Telecom: Machine learning can predict lifetime value and risk of churn for individual customers. It is used to allocate the resources, make radical personalization for individual prospects, and forecast demand trends.

Retail and E-Commerce: Machine learning is used for product recommendation, price and product optimization, demand and supply optimization, making customer support a better experience in terms of precision in delivering solutions.

At fusion informatics, our machine learning services deliver solutions that are focused on enabling personalized and engaging customer experiences as well as optimizing organizational processes.

enterprise mobility

Transform Business with Enterprise Mobility







With the advent of wireless technology and an exponential increase in use of mobile phones and tablets for commercial operations, it has become necessary to grasp the concept of enterprise mobility and optimally use it for one’s business processes. In essence, enterprise mobility refers to the adaptation of mobile devices in everyday workplace functions, especially when it involves in-field and out-of-office activities. Sales representatives, human resource personnel, networking team, marketing managers and end users are some of its important dependents.

However, due to bifurcation of workforce into various teams and silos, managing mobility issues has become more complicated; solutions span too many operational domains. For instance, in organisations with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in practice, data security is a big concern. Employees use the same device for personal as well as professional use which makes it difficult for technical team to track malware and assess risks. Companies, therefore, have to be more cautious about the way their mobility solutions are designed and implemented. No one key fits all.

Thus, through well planned customized enterprise mobility management, organisations can open itself to several benefits – efficient data collection, quicker reporting of events, better promotional data, faster updates, improved visibility to remote operations and projects, increased data driven decisions, higher profits and more. From enhanced employee engagement to amplified productivity, everything a company can aspire for in this technology-backed era is made attainable.

Fusion Informatics helps businesses in gaining profitable outcomes from mobility through a holistic approach focusing on strategy, model and technology.

Data Science-Fusion Informatics

What is Data Science?

With the advent of network driven systems imbibed in our lifestyles, data has become the core of all services. Raw data available in massive multitudes serves as the basis of information which can be converted into knowledge that further provides value to all businesses. This chain is of utmost significance as it is shaping the way we are producing and consuming products and services day in and day out.

Data science is our era’s new fad and can be understood as a systematic process of obtaining insights into terabytes of information gathered over the last few years. It makes use of big data i.e. high volumes of structured and unstructured data for its analytical purposes. And just like any other scientific process, data science also involves identifying a problem, formulating hypotheses and conducting studies to determine the presence of a certain phenomenon.

Applications of this genius baby of computer science and maths are plenty. It has given rise to data intelligence, an analysis of various forms of data in such a way that it can be used by companies to expand their services or investments, or to analyze their own operations or workforce to make better decisions in the future. It can be used in the field of social science to determine what triggers reactions in people and how, in economics to understand how process fluctuate due to monetary reforms, in engineering to identify new methods of creating materials and products, in law to conduct trend analysis and develop frameworks, and so and so forth.

Data science thus plays a vital role in improving the quality and relevancy of daily processes ingrained in our lives. It runs on analytical creativity and looks out for future needs even before they’ve arrived. All big businesses like Netflix, Amazon, Procter & Gamble, etc have understood that data science is not something to be ignored but rather to be embraced and adopted. It’s time we all do too.


Introducing Chatbots and Cognitive Services

Chatbots are the boon of our century – they’re humanoids that use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to aide businesses in building relationships with potential and existing customers. When fed with adequate information, they can carry out human like conversations with people and answer their queries. It acts as a customer service representative, only smarter, quicker and available 24/7. Human drawbacks affecting productivity like mood, energy, motivation, etc are absent in chatbots.

To meet the market demand and build the reputation of any organization, the need for handling customer grievances and queries is more than ever. Equipped with machine learning, chatbots are always on a loop of continuously learning from human inputs, identifying and tracking their behaviour, and improving its response quality. The more it functions, the smarter it gets. Organisation’s magnitude of efficiency and cost cutting increases drastically; profits can be generated even after office hours. There is no end to how beneficial chatbots can prove to be when implemented correctly. From providing customers with adequate answers, saving several man hours and reducing work load on employees, they ace it all with ease.

While chatbots are primarily limited to text based communication, its advanced counterpart – cognitive computing – takes care of more complex features like face recognition, emotion sensing, voice detection and visual tagging. Cognitive services make extensive use of artificial intelligence to understand human responses and act aptly.

Businesses can use these technologies to gather rich data and enhance their understanding of their customer base. With better clarity on what clients need, want, like and dislike, businesses can market their products or services accordingly. Adapting chat bots and cognitive services in one’s business processes is an affirmed path to increased growth and success.


Complexity made Simple with the Best Technology for Projects

By helping our clients choose the right technology for their mobile, web applications and other projects, we offer simple solutions for complex problems – easily and readily.

Today, the world of web and application development is packed to the brim with numerous technology backed solutions. Given such a confusing and complicated scenario, it is a cumbersome task for business owners to opt for the right technology for a given set of project requirements. At Fusion Informatics, we make it easy for our clients to have their apps and other web projects built to perfection – right from the scratch.

Our developers, web programmers and technical leads are fully equipped to face the demands that arise with every new client requirement. They go a long way in facilitating the right decisions and no unnecessary technical debt; thereby, making complexity simpler and less burdensome. Given below are some of the primary reasons for paving the grounds for good design decisions.

  • The selection of right technology ensures better estimates and solutions for projects.
  • By making complexities more manageable, we help our clients enjoy lower development costs and lesser Time to Market.
  • Our developers have to inject less(er) coding efforts, which by extension leads to reduced number of bugs and development errors.
  • Our clients can enjoy higher Return of Investments, which in turn leads to more conversions, higher traffic, better turnover, and more.

Our developers at Fusion Informatics always choose better technology for implementing the right solutions for the problems on hand. They believe in introducing only those tools that take care of the weight lifting in the simplest of ways. This way, our teams achieve a lot more than expected, and with little efforts from their side. At all times, our clients are assured of the high quality of all project deliverables. Our basic frameworks are technology and language bound to deliver optimum results; in other words, our solution bound technologies focus on the problems on hand and meet most client needs to the hilt.

Here are some simple steps that ensure project success for us:

  • We go an extra mile to understand the end goals, pain-points and actual requirements of our clients.
  • Thereafter, we break them all down into simple, logical modules that are based on the business logic of our clients.
  • Once the logical design is ready, we identify the core modules and technology that a solution is dependent on the most.
  • Once the right technology is frozen upon, we look for the best plugins or extensions after estimating the complexity of the technology/solution.

It is no secret that by opting for the right technology, programming language or platform, our developers can handle the real challenges brought forth by development projects. In fact, this is a win-win situation of our clients too. Don’t get left behind. Go ahead and make complexities simpler, only at Fusion Informatics.


Best Customer Support and Services at all Times

Our customer support services assist our clients in all project processes related to planning, installation, training, maintenance, upgrading, troubleshooting, etc.


When our clients interact with us at Fusion Informatics, they look forward to quick and reliable solutions for their app and web based business needs. They also get in touch for technical support after the deployment of the projects assigned to our app developers and web programmers. To meet their ends, we offer benchmarked customer support via main communication and data channels anytime and from anywhere.

In our company, especially with respect to client calls and interactions related to the technology field, we place the responsibility of customer support on a carefully selected team backed by executive leadership. We have carefully-assessed customer satisfaction research modules in place to increase our overall customer retention quotient. Be it in relation to automation of processes, client communication channels or other service oriented processes, we always provide automated and/or manual customer support to address each problem in its entirety. By automating our technical support and customer service processes, we are aiming to achieve lower mean time for redressal and repair.

Our customer service cell is certainly a force to reckon with.

  • It offers an updated knowledge base of all relevant and known project issues as well as their resolutions for supporting quick delivery mechanisms.
  • The expert systems and service platforms used by us includes a suite of common support solutions for offering assisted support, proactive support and self-support.
  • Most of our client support services are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We monitor alarms and identify problems in their early stages to resolve issues much before they transform into problems.
  • In certain projects, we integrate our support automation solutions with customer relationship management (CRM) and prevailing network management systems to provide full support.
  • To provide immediate support, our service agents may utilize the information generated or collated from applications or services, for instance, log files, configuration changes, database queries, etc.

Communication Channels for Customer Support

Most technology-based companies offer different channels of communication to their customers for the purpose of providing ready support; and Fusion Informatics is no different. On most occasions, our clients prefer to speak to one of our customer support representatives or experts over the phone. We strive to find the quickest resolution to each customer request/problem related to pre-deployment queries, order taking, troubleshooting etc. over a single call.

Emails are the primary means of offering web-based assistance to our customers for matters that do not need immediate answers. From instant chat services to remote IT support and on-site support, we offer it all. Our Help Desk and live support software offer professionally managed customer services; regardless of whether the issue relates to installation, OS up gradation, Data Migration, Enhancement, configuration assistance, registered products, or just about anything else.

Do get in touch with us, now.


Let’s talk about cloud computing!

Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past decade has heard the term “cloud”. So what is it? And how is it relevant to you?

In simple words, cloud computing refers to storing and accessing your data online. Instead of using hard disk to save your files, photos, videos or documents, you put it all in an online space. This virtual space can either be owned by you or third-party organisations who offer computing services like storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, servers, etc at pay-as-you-use prices. The more components you use, the more you pay, like electricity. Similarly, if it’s provided by third party organisation, you don’t have to invest in its infrastructure or bother about its maintenance. Everything is taken care of by them.

Whether it’s an individual, small company or big organisations, everyone’s using cloud in one or the other way. As individuals and SMEs, whenever we use applications that sync our offline data to an online directory or ones that are purely online-based, we are accessing cloud computing. Emails, picture gallery backup, online movie storing – it’s all cloud!

Cloud computing has become an omnipresent part of our lifestyle without us even realizing it.

But now that you know you can utilize it further to create new apps and services, store, save and recover data, host websites or blogs, and stream audio and video.

Perks of using cloud include:

  • Save costs – Cloud is an affordable way to store and access important data. You don’t have to spend anything on building and maintaining infrastructure or hiring and managing IT professionals to handle the same.
  • Focus – As a commercial entity, you can focus on your company’s true goals instead of getting stuck up trying to manage these technical aspects.
  • Scalable – On cloud, it is super easy to measure usage. Since that system is transparent, you only pay for what you use, nothing more.
  • Security – In terms of privacy and lost files, data stays more secure when it’s on cloud. Cloud services providers have multiple backups of your data which makes its recovery quicker.

Cloud is now, cloud is future. Get on it.


Welcome to the future- say hello to IoT!

Have you heard of smart cities where you can access your home appliances from office? Or of applications that let you control your devices and machines without being in its vicinity?

It’s all working on IoT.

IoT, short for Internet of Things, is the connection of physical devices to internet. It isn’t restricted to just smartphones and tablets but also applies to everyday objects like headphones, cars, kitchen appliances, garages and more. Everything that comes with an on/off switch, be it an instrument or a part of it, can be connected with IoT. By getting all our devices on the same network, we can attain greater control over their functioning and massively increase system efficiency. Efforts, costs and losses, everything is reduced. For instance, suppose that you’re driving to your office for an important meeting and your GPS is connected to your calendar and phone, it will know you’re going to get late by 5 minutes and will send a message to your teammates informing the same. IoT is a powerful means to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

Individuals as well as commercial entities can optimally utilize the technological advent of IoT. Industries that may benefit from it include manufacturing sector, transportation, defence, agriculture, infrastructure, retail, logistics, banks, insurance, food services, healthcare and smart buildings. Thanks to rampant smart phone penetration, lowered technology costs and increasing use of Wi-Fi to connect multiple devices, availing benefits of IoT is no longer farfetched dream.

Potential impact of IoT on our lives is immense. Convergence of technology is becoming an intrinsic part of our realities and the best one can do at this hour is to educate self about internet of things and how to inculcate it in one’s lifestyle.


Understanding the Overall Context and Basic Features of a Project

Our app developers and programmers understand the context of each project, evaluate the basics of new projects, and incorporate sustainability into all ongoing ones.


At Fusion Informatics Limited, whether we are nurturing startups or helping established organizations grow beyond their existing horizons, we assess the unique context of every project that comes our way. Right from the scope and setting of a project to its different phases, decision processes, evaluation means, and affects on stakeholders, we do an in-depth analysis to understand the best ways of making it sustainable.

Understanding the Context of a Project

We firmly believe that a clear and thorough understanding of the project’s context is essential for successful application of its sustainability goals. Also, we analyze the context in terms of both opportunities and restraints. While all client projects are different in their scope, applicability, implementation and nature, they have their unique features that have to be studied in the pre-planning stage itself. Even as we leverage the latest technologies and processes to enhance the business returns of our clients, we clear operational hurdles, automate processes and create smart solutions for businesses to work upon at all times. All this is possible as a result of our prior understanding of each project demand.

Assessing the Project Scope

Fusion Informatics has already served 5000+ projects across varied industry verticals. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company of high repute, we are noted for our close collaborations with clients. When we say yes to a project and gear up to work on it, we do not move ahead without gaining an understanding of each stage. We are aware of the importance of satisfying client requirements and strive to perform beyond expectations by complying with stringent quality standards and leaving no space for any pitfalls in project execution. To gain a better understanding of the project scope, we assess all that needs to be included or excluded from the same.

Meaningful Participation of all Project Stakeholders

Our experts give due credence to meaningful participation from all stakeholders who might be affected by the way we handle client projects. We solicit inputs during various project development as well as decision making processes. Our 100 percent involvement, right from the word go, fuels inclusive, continuous and customized project outcomes without any fuss or delay. As different stakeholders are likely to furnish different opinions, we make sure that their inputs are appropriately understood and accommodated at each stage.

And thats not All!

Most project requirements tend to be dynamic and dependent on external factors; therefore, we remain connected with client representatives at all times to minimize ambiguities and fulfill all project needs. Even after deployment, our support teams tackle all technical or usability problems encountered midway in the friendliest of ways.

Are you ready to go digital with Fusion Informatics?



We Work as a Team to Attain Common Goals

Our teamwork shows the co-operation of all members to achieve common aims and make projects reach their successful completion


Are you keen to work in a collaborative environment? Do the virtues of on-time availability and process orientation guide your choice of digital solutions? If the answers to these and other such queries are in the affirmative then you ought to seek the services provided by Fusion Informatics. With 100 percent focus on quality, we provide robust, customized mobile and web apps that adhere to all client specifications presented to our team.

Our experienced and widely trained team is equipped to deliver:

  • Custom-made web applications, tailored mobile apps and application designs to cater to the needs of small and big businesses.
  • Smart digitized solutions for working upon operational hurdles and creating the right platforms for the automation of business processes.
  • Innovative cloud based solutions for helping clients save on infrastructural costs; and helping them with shared cloud applications that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • Affordable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for powering home automation and automation devices as well as paving the grounds for independent operations for the accomplishment of human tasks.
  • Bringing mobility within enterprises in the easiest of ways by streamlining business tasks and stakeholder processes via mobile or cloud.
  • High-end development of smart device features and functionality.
  • Reports on in-depth analysis of day-to-day challenges faced by clients and their organization capabilities.

For instance, our trained and qualified team has successfully completed a food delivery app for Modak. The app enables users to complete their registration either as food delivery service providers or as foodies placing an order for home or office deliveries. In addition, we have put in our best skilled resources to develop a home cleaning app named HomServiz that helps users get access to related service providers in a given location, city or area of residence. These and all other apps designed through the relentless efforts of our team members are an instant hit!

At Fusion Informatics, dedicated teams work together to deliver the best output quality at all times. As far as the perspective of efficiency is concerned, all development projects assigned to the them are streamlined to be on track; communication and coordination processes are corrected in time to maximize efficiency; individual projects are prioritized and garner continual design feedback to attain productive states of work flow; and more.

All in all, with over 145 professions to boast of, we have delivered more than 5,000 projects connected with all kinds of industries globally. Our 1000 plus mobile app development projects have catered to over 35 industries with flair. Connect with our team to make your business growth more organized. We shall understand your requirements and create wireframes to deliver the right product flows without any delay.

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