Amazon Alexa: The smart person's guide

Amazon Alexa is the leading digital assistant on the market. Find out more about this machine-learning innovation with our Alexa smart person’s guide.
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Data Anlytics

Using Data and Analytics to Drive Digital Transformation

Advanced data analytic are rapidly becoming the “digital microscopes” that allow organization to reveal hidden insights and quickly act on them. We at Fusion Informatics offer data solutions that help in accelerating the digital transformation of an organization.

Digital Transformation is basically the transformation of the way an organization uses its current technology and makes greater use of it to optimize and improve the service to customers. If in today’s era companies do not digitally transform, they will not be able to keep up with their competitors and also will find it difficult to make use of the data they have.

During this digital generation there is so much of data exchange on a daily basis. Every organization now has an abundance of raw data but they need to analyse this data as well. Fusion Informatics provides data analytics services that help one in analysing raw data and using it to drive digital transformation. This would help the organization to make optimal use of the data on hand and customize their services in a way that would give the customers exactly what they are looking for. Companies today have learnt that simply storing data upon receiving it is not enough as they need to analyse this data in order to gain useful insights to make decisions prompting business growth.

Using the data analysis solutions that Fusion Informatics provide have proven very useful. These analytics are used in reducing overhead and production costs and have also been used to make qualitative improvements to the organizations. Data analytics has become the core driving force behind digital transformation and without it the companies that exist today will not be able to survive after another 50 years.


How small businesses can get the most from cloud computing?

Over the years there has been an astronomical growth in the cloud services industry. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than using the more traditional hard drive of a personal computer. Cloud computing has made doing business much easier, especially for small businesses. Small business can thrive if they make the most of cloud computing and use it to their benefit.

The small businesses can expedite their workflow with the help of cloud computing. Thanks to cloud computing communication becomes significantly faster and cuts down on the time it would actually take for employees to conduct the tedious logistics.

If the small businesses make the most of cloud computing then they can increase their flexibility and mobility. One of the current trends in business is to become mobile and the small businesses can adapt that trend to their advantage by using cloud computing. Using cloud computing equips the organization with the ability to access files, data and other information from any physical location, at any given time and on any device. This would ensure that all the employees can continue working if they are not physically present at the office and work would not stop, eventually increasing employee productivity.

One of the major benefits of cloud services provided by a third party provider is that the organization needs to pay for only the amount they use. Small businesses can use cloud computing to lower their costs and increase their profits by saving more. Cloud computing eliminates the need for excessive hardware and when a business is being set up, big or small, it needs hardware regardless of how expensive it may be. Cloud computing ensures that the hardware becomes more efficient and that means not a lot of hardware ends up being required. This essentially means that there is less capital expenditure and also cut downs on electricity costs. Some may argue that even cloud computing services cost money but upon conducting a cost benefit analysis one would find it to be much more cost effective. The ultimate lowering of costs would mean that the small business would be able to make higher net earnings and even save more. At the same time it would be able to put its available resources in other areas that would help to boost the business further.

By using all that cloud computing has to offer, small business would be able to survive the competitive market and would have a higher chance in evening out the playing field with their big rivals, at least in terms of IT infrastructure. At Fusion Informatics, we offer state of the art cloud services that are curated to suit your business type and help your business to optimize its productivity.

pros Cons of AI

The overall impact of Artificial Intelligence

The basic concept of artificial intelligence is that a computer system can be used to perform tasks that would ideally require a human being. It is a way of developing an advanced software that enables a machine to think intelligently. In recent times, Artificial Intelligence has creeped into all walks of life and has made an impact of every little part of our day to day tasks. With Artificial Intelligence taking over, it is bound to create an impact on our lives, both positive and negative.

Artificial Intelligence is known to eliminate the need for human beings while conducting certain tasks and this means the term “human error” too becomes irrelevant. One of the major impacts of Artificial Intelligence has been that it avoids errors. It is able to process data and perform tasks in an error free manner. Although this has a flip side to it as well. Artificial Intelligence has eliminated the requirement of human beings in so many tasks that it has left a lot of people jobless, adversely affecting the economy. Some argue that Artificial Intelligence creates more wealth than it destroys but it is worry some because there is a high chance that the wealth created would not be distributed evenly.

Using Artificial Intelligence in processes that require quick decision making can help carry out actions quicker. Along with cognitive technologies, Artificial Intelligence is equipped to make fast decisions without wasting any time. This can prove to be dangerous as well. Human beings are able to take decisions in unique circumstances while taking the correct judgement by reading the situation in depth. Whereas Artificial Intelligence would take decisions on the basis of pre fed algorithms without taking into account what the special scenario is and what it needs.

Artificial Intelligence tends to perform tasks that would ideally be dangerous for a human being to perform and it takes risks on the behalf of humans. Areas like space exploration, medicine etc use Artificial intelligence to scope out possibilities without putting humans in harms way. Although some argue that this gives artificial intelligence the power by taking the control away from humans. It is dehumanizing processes and giving the decision making power to machines that can potentially be life threatening.

Artificial Intelligence has several pros and cons as discussed above but the truth of the matter is despite all argument for or against it, AI continues to grow and venture more and more into our daily lives.

India500WinnerFusion informatics

Fusion Informatics wins the India 500 Most Promising IT company – 2017 award

Recently India50o0 unveiled its Winners list of 2017 and we are happy to announce that Fusion Informatics has been awarded as the “Most Promising IT company 2017”

Apart from being an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Fusion Informatics Limited is also a relationship oriented company that strives to give its clients premium quality service.

We at Fusion Informatics believe in working in close collaboration with our clients and are with them at every step of the way. This not only ensures optimum results but also builds life long relationships. Our commitment to innovation is what makes us stand out and attracts many clients. In addition, our stringent quality standards and multiple testing iterations leave no room for errors and loop holes hence making sure that our clients receive the best of the best.

Receiving this award just makes us want to work harder and innovate further to make our way broader horizons.


AI: Human Intelligence Simulation, processed by machines

The 21st century can somewhat be pegged as the digital era and one of the most rapidly changing trend in the era was that of Artificial intelligence. Put into simple words, Artificial Intelligence is the science and technology of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by a human. The successful application of artificial intelligence depends on the program’s ability to capture and preserve human expertise. Artificial Intelligence has over the years grown by leaps and bounds and is now used for several day to day functions as well in various sectors such as Finance, Automotive, Healthcare etc.

Artificial Intelligence has currently surpassed the Machine Learning stage where a set of algorithms are used by intelligent systems to learn from experience. AI is currently at the Machine Intelligence stage where it uses more advanced set of algorithms as compared to the previous stage and these are used by machines to process and learn from experience.

Due to Artificial Intelligence the human intelligence is simulated so well that we use AI in our day to day lives and have eliminated the need for human interaction when it comes to those particular tasks. A few such examples are:

Virtual Personal Assistants: These are all intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows. The machine processes are queries asked by the user and responds within no time with the appropriate answer

Purchase Prediction: Algorithms are used to detect a pattern in customer purchasing and that information is used in various ways such as sending coupons, discounts and suggest items to the concerned customer.

Online Customer Support: Opposed to what one might think, not all online customer support chats have a live person responding. AI comes handy in these cases where a chat support bot sends much more than automated responses to customer queries. It has the ability to extract information from the website itself and present it to the customer.

Smart Home Devices: These machines study the users pattern and then process that data and act accordingly to perform tasks that help the user save money and conserve energy.

The basic simulation of Human intelligence and the apt way that it is being implemented is one of the reasons why AI is now an integral part of our lives. One cant say what the future holds by the sky is the limit when Artificial Intelligence is concerned as it is growing by leaps and bounds everyday with millions of dollars being put into research to make it better.

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