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Whido is career focused social community app that allows professionals and companies share a day in the life of what they do, to give students, graduates and career changers a visual understanding of what to expect for the areas of work they are interested in. This application is an absolute treat for all those individuals who are deeply interested to gain an in-depth understanding for the areas of work they want to pursue their career into.

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Everyone is supposed to make a right decision in order to build a good career.

But, many of us fail to choose a right career path because either we lack in proper guidance or we are stuck in dead-end jobs that bring no meaning or purpose to our lives. There was no portal as such which can deliver amazing career insights to career enthusiasts.

Bringing career enthusiasts from all walks of life and catering to their needs by keeping relevant information, listing professionals from a wide range of industries e.g. aviation, sport, fitness, medical, healthcare, finance, legal, tech etc to one portal were some of the basic challenges for designing this application.

We managed to deliver an app where career enthusiasts can connect with professionals currently working in their desired industry and get valuable insights about professional life. This app also benefits organizations by enabling them to target their content to specific student and graduate audiences based on their demographics, skills, interests and characteristics. On a scale of 1-10 from 10 being the best user experience, Whido has been rated 8 by more than 10k individuals.

An independent survey report suggests that this app very helpful for


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