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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector has been growing rapidly in the recent times. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence get a boost in almost every aspect of business today. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has influenced every industry and redefined the great relationship between tech and humans. AI will open up a world of opportunities and disrupt every aspect of business. Although the possibilities are endless, the current need is not to get paranoid, but to understand how the future of AI can be used to empower the growth of your business.

As a leading Top AI Development Companies in Jakarta, Indonesia, our extensive experience in developing AI software can be a differentiator for your business to get extraordinary success with various AI technologies.

Our expertise covers the entire range of AI technologies including NLP implementation, machine-learning development, Image Processing, Voice Recognition, Artificial Neural Networks etc. We design powerful solutions that integrate seamlessly with client business models and enhance their business in a big way. We are a Best AI companies in Jakarta, Indonesia and have helped diverse cross-industry businesses to build highly intelligent AI applications and digital products. Our advanced set of best-in-class AI app development services in Jakarta helps businesses gain high levels of accuracy and customer satisfaction along with sophisticated AI capabilities.

You can take advantage of the AI capabilities provided to build digital solutions and products that are highly scalable, robust and cost-effective to help businesses minimize labor and overall infrastructure costslargely.

As a Top AI companies in Jakarta, Indonesia we have a team of highly qualified and experienced AI application developers assisted in designing & developing AI-supported mobile apps as well as web apps, AI-powered specifications and integrated AI enterprise solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence is the new king on the throne of AI app development. Applications that are infused with AI are getting smarter and smarter than before. There is no better day than today to swim in the sea developing AI applications with us. So being a Best AI company in Jakarta, Indonesia, we provide high-level customer service by implementing an innovative and collaborative project management system to build the most professional, strong and highly scalable web &app solutions with the highest quality standard solutions.

At Fusion Informatics, we backed by a passionate and skilled team of passionate professionals who have excellent understanding and the ability to combine artificial intelligence with cognitive technology to serve your current business applications for the full spectrum of industries including Analysis, Big Data, IT technology and others. Our services designed to help organizations achieve sustainable business growth. Below are the reasons why we counted as Top AI companies in Jakarta, Indonesia where we offer AI solutions that empower business growth by reducing labor and infrastructure costs.

  • We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, ISO 27001: 2013 which was founded in 2000
  • 100% transparency- At Fusion Informatics, we believe in transparency
  • 95% delivery on time- Our pursuit of agile development methodology has resulted in a timely delivery record of accomplishment of 95% on the last 19+ years of our operation
  • Flexible engagement –We offer tailor-made, handcrafted engagement models to meet clients exact requirements with a variety of business needs.
  • 24x7 Support - Our communication channel is open 24/7 that connects you with the right team of experts to ensure the smooth implementation of your project.

We work with our clients to move them to the world of sophisticated analytics. So get ready to improve your skills, use predictive analysis and AI bots, and be better at doing whatever you do with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Hire AI developers in Jakarta, Indonesia to enjoy our services including the development of new custom AI applications, real-time analytics, and enterprise software solutions will boost your firm into the future.

Why Choose Us as Your Best AI Companies in Jakarta, Indonesia

Fusion Informatics as a leading AI app development services in Jakarta, Indonesia show deep expertise in deploying AI solutions that are competent for a variety of business domains that has spread globally. We provide sophisticated, cost-effective and personal solutions that enable business organizations to overcome their technical limitations and gain better control over their work activities.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most transformative technology at that time. With the potential to produce unprecedented efficiency into your daily business operations, Artificial Intelligence development services reconsidered the way companies process with their customers. By expanding human capabilities, this extraordinary technology seeks to create machines that learn and act to provide freedom from worldly tasks and error-prone. AI's breakthrough ability to think, learn and even feel the sentiment of arming business to create a human-like experience.

We provide end-to-end integrated AI applications that cover a variety of industries such as finance, education, healthcare, gaming, and technology. Our services as a Best AI Development Company in Jakarta, Indonesia help understand data disruptions, eliminate redundancy, and help make decisions faster. With a consortium of highly skilled programmers and AI experts, we design and use bespoke AI powered products to solve various real-life problems. From Chatbots and smart robots to strategic games and vision systems, we have helped many companies by providing strong and specially designed solutions.

Our AI solutions in Jakarta, Indonesia focus on expanding human potential. Our services include Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Image Processing and Core-ML which help create competitive business solutions.

Our Products and Services as an AI Development Company in Jakarta, Indonesia

Fusion Informatics is a Top Machine learning companies in Jakarta, Indonesia with a dedicated and professional AI application development team, we offer cutting-edge artificial intelligence services that can be scaled up for better business results. Our AI solutions and services help you get accurate and high-quality AI capabilities.

Digital Virtual Agents   Digital Virtual Agents

Natural language processing   Natural language processing

Robotic Process Automation   Robotic Process Automation

 Deep Learning   Deep Learning

Cognitive Service   Cognitive Service

Technologies We Use As a Top AI App Development Services in Jakarta, Indonesia

Fusion Informatics gives you the opportunity to rediscover your business strategy by integrating AI services, a module library to enable the development of accelerated AI features for your business. Covering all web and mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence will make your business smarter in every corner. Offering value for money through our best AI development service and it is time to step into the world of AI, as we are the most trusted in the List Of Top 10 AI Development Companies in Jakarta, Indonesia, Hire our AI consulting, development and services to enhance your interactions with end users, thereby increasing business performance.


We enable your business to provide a great customer experience and become 'smarter' by implementing AI on your products, business operations, new domains, tool development, and more.

Markets and Industries We Ready To Serve

Artificial intelligence (AI) will change every part of our maintenance by bringing human intelligence into computing. This allows the machine to learn from new experiences and make decisions like humans. As a leading Artificial Intelligence development company in Jakarta, Indonesia, we utilize AI techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks, machine learning, NLP and so on. Our AI professionals provide top AI services in various industries. We help businesses manage tasks, operational costs, etc. The industry we serve with our Artificial Intelligence service

  • Telecommunication
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Games
  • Hitech
  • Energy
  • Health services and more

We like a good challenge. Do not mind the complexity of your AI application ideas, our passionate AI team of experts and developers can solve any problem and turn it into an intelligent & smart product.

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Now you might have thinking that from where to get the Top Artificial Intelligence development company in Jakarta, Indonesia. Well, your answers is Fusion informatics, we have all services related to new technology. If you have questions or need help, you can contact our representatives anytime and they will help you with AI services.

It is time to go ahead and take some of the best new technologies to run your business. There is no time for hard work; this is the era of technology and smart work. So, include some of the latest technology in processing your business and make everything run more smoothly and smarter. Fusion Informatics as a Top AI companies in Jakarta, Indonesia will be your best companion when it comes to capture some great services related to AI software development and services. Technology is advancing day by day and you need to accelerate and run with current technology. So, do not waste time and contact us now at to get the best service that you always expect.