Track your actions, their impact and the health of those you support.

Ripple is a performance evaluation application that helps organizations' and researchers to keep a track of health and well-being performance of their clients and staff. The app enables organizations to stay on the top of their cases and most importantly find valuable insights through reports.

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For organizations and researchers, evaluating and assessing health and well-being of clients, keeping their track record, maintaining contact with other professionals, and understanding client's immediate needs; all takes incredible amount of time, energy and resources.

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We successfully designed an application that keeps a track of client's and staff's health and well being. It allows the end-user to evaluate the report on eight different evaluative parameters and sixty four variables. Ripple is a great app to keep individual case notes until they are saved to client's electronic file. The app provides graphical reports that show how a client's well-being and performance has changed over time.

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Health and well-being are very subjective in nature. Designing an app where reports are based upon 8 evaluative parameters and 64 variables, making sure that the reports generated are simple to understand and highlight valuable insights was a big challenge. While designing this application, we also took care that the complex app structure does not hamper its end user experience


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