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How much does it cost to develop an e-Learning app like BYJU's?

About - Mobile Learning or m-Learning App like Byjus

What is Byju's

BYJU’s lets you learn from the best Indian teachers through interesting video lessons. Based on the concept of e-learning / m-learning, this application provides a simple and unique video class module even for the most complicated subjects. The way to study is very simple because students quickly fall in love with these online education apps like Byjus. This application covers grades 4 to 12 and provides various courses such

as GMAT, ICSE, CAT, IAS, GRE, JEE, NEET, Bank Exams, etc. These days the field of education is highly transformed by friendly change driven by smart phone technology. Byju's great success with it online education app development in India has disrupted the online education process, making us consider the power of most innovative and more progressive m-learning solutions in real life.

The main factors that promote e-Learning applications or online education


  • Effective and Flexible Education Solutions
  • Low cost
  • Easy accessibility
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase Learning Ability
  • Increase Effectiveness With Animation Solutions
  • Access 24 × 7, an individual can have access to content anytime and from anywhere.

What is the Cost of mobile app like byju's? This is a hot topic trending in all social channels to grab the opportunity by business owners and to extend their business in the market. With the extending technology in many industries, the world is progressing to improve education industry into the next level,

and many companies are taking this opportunity to leverage an application for students like mobile learning app. Where students can download and use to learn and study for their concern subject in the convenient time to study for the different exams by engaging lectures on video formats provided by m-learning apps.

Key Features and Benefits of Creating an m-Learning App like Byju’s

Having the support of a superior mobile application development team or you can hire e-learning app developers in India in the Educational Application Development arena is very important. Once you have the right educational mobile app development company with managers, mobile app designers, developers, and skilled testers, you are happy because it is the first milestone towards developing brilliant and successful mobile applications.

Educational-Cost Applications and Features to Look For in 2019

    Advanced Features

  • Geolocation
  • Data synchronization
  • In-app camera
  • Parent Connect
  • Push notifications

    Basic Features

  • News Feed / Activity Feed
  • Bar Code / Qr Code
  • Image Manipulation
  • Rating / Review
  • User profile

    External Features

  • Reading OTP
  • In-app Calls or Messages
  • Connect to Third Party APIs
  • Secure Data Travel

Advanced Features to Be Applied In Online Education Applications

Efficient Content Management: CMS is a very important part of the e-Learning application that allows the admin to generate, update, and manage application content fast and easily.

Data Analysis: You can request this feature to your partners and technology developers. Through this feature, you can understand how your e-learning is really used among users.

Secure Login: Secure login, such as Google login API used in the application to provide a secure login.

New Quiz / Course Notifications: Your users will get notifications when you add new courses or announce new quizzes.

Online Transactions: This application provided with online transactions that are very safe and secure for in-app purchases such as paying for online test series fees or for buying reading material.

Readable Materials: Easy reading material for students is available according to the latest subjects and courses currently running at school.

How doese-learning like Byju’s Work?

It is easy to use BYJU'S. Download through the app store, enter using e-mail and cellphone number and that's all. This application is ready to present learning content. Students asked to choose the class or course they want to learn and then the application provides appropriate video content. The online education app Like Byju's let their users to subscribe to certain courses for certain classes. There are many Online Educational Applications made for all types of age groups. BYJU’S is one of the leading Education apps known as the best class communication and interactive learning models. Education through this application is easy and everyone can access the application easily anywhere, anytime on his or her device. Creating Byju's Clone Script and Cost to develop Byju’s like app requires a lot of guidance and assistance from experts in various technologies needed to build this kind of application.

Features attracted to consider Cost of an app development like Byjus

Interactive classes

Guidance for competitive exam takes.

Free of costs videos on general knowledge and current affairs.

Suitable subscription offers.

Chat/messaging service to get immediate support.

Use of modern digital animation & illustration.

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Factors that Decide the App development cost like Byjus:

When one decides to develop a learning app like byjus cost varies on different factors, the first every businessman questioning in his mind is how much it costs to develop a Byju’s like app or How much does it cost to develop m-Learning app like BYJU's?.

The development cost of e-learning app like Byju’s based on the following key factors:

  • App Design - Cost to develop app like Byju’s for android and iOS various on the format of design you choose. It is of immense importance that the app designed in a way that it attracts and maintains its customers while being user-friendly.
  • App Size - The Byju's App development cost varies in different sizes of app. The bigger the size the more it costs. Being an e-learning app, it is bound to have videos and extracts of texts, which occupy space and lead to an increase in costs.
  • Development – The e-learning app like byjus costvaries on the implementation on Advanced technologies and resources are needed, which usually come at a higher price. The Cost to make e-learning App like Byju’s varies based on the different platforms; Android costs almost more than the iOS platform because it mainly has more devices to test against.
  • App Features - The development cost of byju's like app various on adopting Basic features like user profiles, Barcodes and QR codes, image manipulation, and video services and advanced features like data syncing, push notifications, geolocations etc.
  • App Admin panel - The cost of mobile app like byju's varies the sections involved in develop process like administration sections of an app i.e. add/block feature, reporting, data controllably.
  • App Developer - The Cost to build e-learning App like Byju’s varies on different developers like a good and experienced developer is vital as his location and expertise also influence the development cost.

How Much Does it Cost to build an e-Learning App like Byju’s?

The average cost for developing an Educational app depending on the platform you are building the application. Estimated costs dependent on the minimum time and effort needed to build the application technically. The cost of developing Byju's like app for iOS/Android an application depends greatly on the following factors.

1. Native Apps   2. Hybrid Apps   3. Database Integrated Apps

Team Required for Basic Applications

  • Project Managers: Equipped with good managerial skills and intelligence, after all these attributes are important to recognize the best in the mobile application industry landscape. Your project manager must find the most productive, effective solutions for achieving business goals and insights.
  • Developers: Android App Developers, IOS App Developers, Back-end App Developers, Database Managers, Cloud Computing Experts
  • Designer: UX / UI designer, Graphic Designer
  • Examiners: A skilled and skilled team of QA experts helps provide a smooth and rich experience for users.

Team Required for Advanced Applications and Web applications

  • Project manager
  • Team leader
  • 4-5 Programmers
  • 2 Back End Developers
  • 2 UI / UX Designers
  • 2-3 Quality Analysis
  • 1 System administrator

Looking to hire Online Education App Developer for Byjus clone App?

Finally, the cost of E-Learning app development depends on its size & complexity. In addition, the developer location and the number of hours used in making the application play an important role in deciding on application development costs.

Now according to the segments to be developed, the actual costs of online education mobile app development companies in India, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Noida and Gurgaondescribed below:

  • Technical documentation (45 hours - $ 1000 to $ 2000)
  • UI / UX Design (60 Hours - $ 1500 to $ 3000)
  • Development of Front-end and Back-end (450 Hours - $ 10,000 to $ 20,000)
  • Testing (90 Hours - $ 2000 to $ 4000)

Based on various zones, here we have outlined the costs of developing a superior m-learning care application.

  • US-based developers: $ 120 to $ 250 per hour
  • Developers based in Eastern Europe: $ 100 to $ 180 per hour
  • Developers based in India: $ 25 to $ 50 per hour

Based on the features and functions described above, a basic replica or Byju's Clone app can be created for around $ 25,000 if submitted to an Indian app development company. If you want to work on both iOS and Android platforms, the overall cost of ideal applications like Byjus will reach some where between $ 30000 to $ 35000. However, the final cost may vary slightly from the amount mentioned, depending on the number of additional premium features that you expect to build by the developer. Investment will be very valuable because we can see the amount of success Byjus has achieved.
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