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How much does it cost to develop an m-Learning app like BYJU's?

A subsidiary brand of Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd., Byju’s is an up-and-coming learning company which offers interactive online coaching classes for CAT, Civil Services, GMAT, GRE, and School education from class 4 to 12. Their main focus lies in Mathematics and science, wherein students are explained concepts visually, using modern digital animations and illustrations.

Reportedly, Byju’s have around 8 million users overall and about 4 lakh paid subscribers, with an annual retention rate of about 90 percent. Byju’s has won the much-esteemed Crisil Emerging India award and has also won the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award. Reform in the education field has qualified Byju’s to notice supported by Facebook and Byju’s offers education interactive and addictive with mastering app for iOS and Android devices.

Being a trendsetter, Byju’s has encouraged hundreds of institutional organizers to produce up mobile-centric learning method to the business.

“How much does Cost of mobile app like byju's?” This is a hot topic trending in all social channels to grab the opportunity by business owners and to extend their business in the market. With the extending technology in many industries, the world is progressing to improve education industry into the next level, and many companies are taking this opportunity to leverage an application for students like m-learning app. Where students can download and use to learn and study for their concern subject in the convenient time to study for the different exams by engaging lectures on video formats provided by m- learning apps.

Features attracted to consider Cost of an app development like BYJU'S

Interactive classes

Guidance for competitive exam takers.

Free of costs videos on general knowledge and current affairs.

Suitable subscription offers.

Chat/messaging service to get immediate support.

Usage of morden digial animations & illustrations.

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Features attracted to consider Cost of an app development like BYJU'S

When one decides to develop a learning app like byjus cost varies on different factors, the first every businessman questioning in his mind is how much it costs to develop a Byju’s like an app or How much does it cost to develop an app like an m-Learning app like BYJU's?. The development cost of e-learning app like Byju’s based on the following key factors:

  • App Design - Cost to develop app like Byju’s various on the format of design you choose. It is of immense importance that the app designed in a way that it attracts and maintains its customers while being user-friendly.
  • Advancement - e-learning app like Byjus cost varies on the implementation on Advanced technologies and resources are needed, which usually come at a higher price. The development cost for apps like Byju’s varies based on the different platforms; Android costs relatively higher than the iOS platform because it mainly has more devices to test against.
  • App Size - The Byjus App development cost varies in different sizes of app.The bigger the size the more it costs. Being an e-learning app, it is bound to have videos and extracts of texts which occupy space and lead to an increase in costs.
  • App Features - The app development cost Byju's various on adopting Basic features like user profiles, Barcodes and QR codes, image manipulation, and video services and advanced features like data syncing, push notifications, geolocations etc.
  • App Admin panel-The cost of mobile application like Byju's varies the sections involved in develop process like administration sections of an app i.e. add/block feature, reporting, data controllably.
  • App Developer- The app development like Byju's cost varies on different developers like a good and experienced developer is vital as his location and expertise also influence the development cost.

Creating a fruitful e-learning app, requesting to notify the Cost of a mobile app like Byju's is a promising venture but needs the guidance and support of skilled and experienced professionals. Contact, get in touch with us to know more and avail of great offers.