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Complexity made Simple with the Best Technology for Projects
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0 shares2390 views

Complexity made Simple with the Best Technology for Projects

Ashesh Shah - Jun 15, 2017

By helping our clients choose the right technology for their mobile, web applications and other projects, we offer simple solutions for complex problems – easily and readily.…

Web Application Development
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Apple's iMac is a sight to behold

Ashesh Shah - Apr 27, 2010

New Delhi, Feb. 23 -- Apple's latest iMac is a sight to behold. With a 27-inch screen, it's the largest all-in-one PC we've seen. Whether this is…

Web Application Development
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Apple channels Google, Microsoft to attract developers

Ashesh Shah - Apr 24, 2010

I can't help but ask after reading Apple's attack on Adobe's Flash for being "closed and proprietary," while dressing itself up as the openness prom queen because…

Web Application Development
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Google adds remote printing to cloud computing features

Ashesh Shah - Apr 17, 2010

People using Google Chrome will soon be able to use any printer whether or not the computer has the software installed on it. The information is transmitted…

Mobile Application Development
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Smartphone Development Is More Than Just iPhone

Ashesh Shah - Apr 17, 2010

Although it's clear that the iPhone platform is still the place to be for mobile developers, results from a recent Ovum survey indicate that there's a lot…

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Google updates Gmail for iPad, Android and iPhone

Ashesh Shah - Apr 15, 2010

Google has adjusted the appearance of its email service, Gmail, for users who access their accounts via gmail.com on Android, iPhone and iPad devices The minor changes…

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Test Driving Apple's Game Changing iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 06, 2010

Having used the iPad for a couple of days now, it's clear that the product is a game changer. I suggested in a recent column that the…

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The iPad developer's challenge

Ashesh Shah - Mar 20, 2010

iPhone and iPod Touch owners could breathe a sigh of relief when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad. Apple's highly anticipated tablet computer would not, after all, require…

Web Application Development
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Google Nexus One Now Runs on ATandT 3G in U.S., Rogers in Canada

Ashesh Shah - Mar 17, 2010

Google said the Nexus One is now available from Google's Webstore as an unlocked device without a service plan for AT&T's 3G network in the U.S. and…

Web Application Development
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Google vs. Apple: An epic battle

Ashesh Shah - Mar 11, 2010

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Let the smartphone smackdown begin. In the blue corner, wearing black, weighing in at 4.8 ounces, the 31-month champion of the touch screen…

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