Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Companies in Chennai

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in Chennai

Sreenivas T
August 9, 2019


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a global reality and one of the most important innovations in the digital world today. Indeed, AI is being utilized by businesses more than ever before. While banks use it to empower their digital power, AI Companies prepare smart chatbots to improve customer service and consumer electronics companies power their gadgets with advanced features through Artificial intelligence Development Services. The Top AI Companies in Chennai carry AI technology for various applications for various industries.


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A successful Artificial Intelligence Development project requires a brilliant team and proactive approach. Choosing the right Best AI Development Company in Chennai to become a partner for a new project may be a challenging task because you might face difficulties such as lack of information about your vendor.

AI software, by leading Machine Learning Companies in Chennai, is a fast growing market in computer science that focuses on creating and providing intelligent problem solving solutions. A.I. software can include speech recognition; problem solving, learning and planning that can help or even replace human involvement in a process.

Therefore, this article highlights the Top Artificial Intelligence Development Companies in Chennai, who use AI to build a better future for us. Are you Ready to dive and see the list of AI and ML development companies and AI app Development Cost in Chennai?

Why Does AI App Development Services Important for Business?

AI App Development Company creates software that helps businesses to automate and enhance complex data and drive useful insights to make better decisions for future perspectives. Systems, Integrated with Artificial Intelligence act as the human brain that observes data in real time and adjusts behavior to supervision.

We really live in an age of artificial intelligence where companies spend billions just to stay relevant in today’s changing environment. If you are not compatible with AI, the consensus is that you will soon be running in this industry.

In recent years, a large number of Machine Learning and Best AI Companies in Chennai have developed. In fact, Chennai has emerged as a giant group of talented and top machine learning developers. They provide world-class AI App Development Services in Chennai for many companies today.

If you are a beginner or SMB business and looking for a Best AI Company in Chennai then this article helps you make a better decision to choose the AI Development Agencies. However, the level of competition in this domain now touches the sky. With the entry of new players into the market, it has become difficult to choose the best artificial intelligence company in Chennai

So are you ready to explore the list of ML and AI Companies?

Here is List of Top 10 AI development companies in Chennai

The Artificial Intelligence service process is a challenging process that requires many skills to be applied in business, so by choosing a reliable Artificial Intelligence Development Company in Chennai to help your business operates smoothly. The AI Company can best observe and analyze more closely into your operations and suggest features for your business to adapt.

Here is a List of Top 5 AI Development Companies in Chennai that have the strength and resources to shape our connected future.

  1. Fusion Informatics

fusion informatics-logoWhen it comes to AI services then we recommend you Fusion Informatics as our first choice being a Top AI Company in Chennai that aims to fully develop high-quality AI services by uniting important aspects of intelligence with machine learning, Chatbot Development, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning, etc. This company has started in 2000 and expanded services to the global market.

They are registered in Chennai’s top AI companies providing fully automated processes for our clients. They support various innovative businesses in the system with their most robust plans. They are the Chatbot App Development Company in Chennai that offers sophisticated chatbot solutions to solve business problems and our solutions determine complex situations and bring endless possibilities to your business.

This company specializes in developing powerful software and engages users. This expertise covers a variety of industries including logistics, finance, retail, e-commerce, travel & hospitality, and many others.

  1. Mad Street Den

Mad Street DenMad Street Den is one of the first AI startups and Top AI Companies in Chennai. Being a Chennai-based company aims to bring AI to customers’ daily lives vertically such as IoT and connected cars, user engagement & analytics, mobile games, social media, etc.

Mad Street Den is the company’s flagship product that serves retailers, especially in fashion, throughout the world. It also makes the shopping experience more meaningful for customers by displaying products that are most relevant to them throughout the site, application and store.

  1. Belatrix

Belatrix-logoBelatrix Software leading AI Chatbot Development Companies in Chennai that provides AI services along with mobile application development services with innovative strategies for various industries. Belatrix as a well-established AI company expertise in advanced innovative technology and are able to produce design solutions for your specific needs.

Belatrix is ​​one of the rapid growing AI solutions and service provider. The company has five offices with 600 professionals worldwide. It provides specialized Machine Learning Services in Chennai and research groups whose engineers build various AI solutions, from predictive models to automated communication and market response systems.

  1. Arya.AI Provide an AI Solutions in Chennai and as a startup that helps other AI startups solve complex problems at a much faster pace. The company serves vertical industries such as Banking, , Logistics, Insurance, Health, Retail, and Oil and Gas.

Through its core products, Vega, Arya helps in building complex systems very quickly and Hire AI Developers in Chennai who helps users automate many things. For example, using a corporate platform, insurance companies can process insurance claims in minutes. In the banking industry, the Aryan platform helps in checking automation. Besides being based in Chennai, the company is also spread in other region as well.

  1. Avaamo

AvaamoAvaamo is a Deep Learning Company in Chennai that specializes in AI conversation interfaces to solve specific, high-impact problems in the company. Avaamo is building fundamental AI technology in a wide area of ​​neural networks, speech synthesis, and deep learning to make conversation computing for companies a reality.

Their AI algorithm combined with the Deep Domain, ML and having multi-turn conversations and carrying out intensive assessment tasks like humans. It provides a cognitive technology based platform that dramatically simplifies the time needed to design and use company bots or virtual assistants for company employees and their customers.

  1. Imagination

ImaginovationFounded in 2011, Imaginovation is a Natural Language Processing Development Company in Chennai and web design and development agency that actively uses all possibilities of artificial intelligence. It helps its clients by empowering their web applications with AI by providing software solutions for recommendation engines, automatic speech and text translation, and effectiveness assessment.

With more than 50 experienced professionals in its team, Imaginovation has completed more than 300 web and mobile projects. Among the company’s most prominent clients are Nestle, MetLife and more.

  1. InData Lab

InData LabInData Labs is a company that provides a complete package of AI-related services: data strategy consulting, Deep Learning, AI consulting, and AI software development. Being a ML & NLP Development Company in Chennai it is well experience in machine learning, NLP and predictive modeling, the company resolves all possible problems, related to AI implementation.

InData Labs analyzes the capabilities and needs of its clients, designs future product concepts, incorporates ML systems into any type of production, and enhances pre-built models.

Key Takeaways

The perfect AI Development Partner will provide reliable products with great benefits for your company and your customers. The best AI system that maintains to determine big problems can function better in your business.

More and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbot Development Companies in Chennai are making their way to the market all the time. You can consider any one of the fantastic companies above.

Are you still confused, which AI, Machine Learning, Chatbot Development Company is right for you? Well, this is a good time to eliminate confusion by sending us an email at and we provide you with the best AI and ML Development Services and Solutions in Chennai.

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