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Mobile Application Development
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Mobile Application Development Experiencing An Increasing Trend

Ashesh Shah - Aug 17, 2012

With the improvement in mobile technology, more people are using internet via mobile than from their personal computer. Always remaining hooked to their mobiles; people are making…

Web Application Development
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Web Development Company Canada- A Weapon to Safe Guard Your Web Site

Ashesh Shah - Jul 04, 2012

In this IT ruling era, finding a good website development company becomes a little critical, as all companies offer same service. There are few measures to decide…

Mobile Application Development
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The iphone 5 New IOS6 with New Map Service and Incredibly Functionality

Ashesh Shah - Jun 14, 2012

After the recent launch of the new samsung smartphone galaxy S3 and it will not be too long before we see the new iphone 5 uncovered. This…

Mobile Application Development
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Why HTML5 is the upcoming of Web Technology

Ashesh Shah - Dec 10, 2011

There are lots of new different technologies updating everyday in mobile and also on the web. You can ask any good web developer will tell you that…

Mobile Application Development
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Mobile Application Development

Ashesh Shah - Oct 27, 2010

The mobile application development industry in recent years has huge growth and advancements. These growth and advancements have fueled rapid development in the mobile phone market. Smarter…

Web Application Development
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Apple sues HTC over phones using Google software

Ashesh Shah - Mar 06, 2010

San Francisco: Apple Inc sued Taiwan's HTC Corp, which makes touchscreen smartphones using Google software, accusing it of infringing 20 hardware and software patents related to the…

Web Application Development
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iPhone application software development

Ashesh Shah - Feb 27, 2010

iPhone has changed the opinion of mobiles from being communication device alone to manage all sorts of functions that a modern pc works. New iphone has all…

Web Application Development
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The BlackBerry's Approach to Business Users

Ashesh Shah - Feb 27, 2010

The digital age of mobile devices mainly started with pagers and large mobile phones. Personal Digital Assistants were also a popular choice for people that do not…

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Potential of Google's Android Operating System

Ashesh Shah - Feb 23, 2010

The mobile phone market started to get more competitive when manufacturers started to take advantage of the latest micro technologies that were applied to PDAs and mixing…

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Meebo release new application for iPhone

Ashesh Shah - Feb 18, 2010

Meebo release new application for iphone You can stay touch with all those abbreviations using your iphone, when you are away from computer. Meebo has released new…

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