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Mobile phone’s 40th anniversary: from ‘bricks’ to clicks

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2013

Mobile phone technology has come a long way since the first mobile phone call was made 40 years ago – but there is a lot more innovation…

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The mobile war is over and the app has won: 80% of mobile time spent in apps

Ashesh Shah - Apr 10, 2013

Only 20 percent of American consumers’ time on mobile devices is spent on the web. A massive majority, 80 percent, is spent in apps: games, news, productivity,…

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Global IT Spend Will Rise 4.1% To $3.8 Trillion In 2013, ‘A Calm Ocean With Turbulent Currents’, With Mobile Driving Growth

Ashesh Shah - Apr 02, 2013

Gartner has just released its annual projections on worldwide IT spend over the next two years, covering sales in hardware, software, enterprise and telecoms. The overall trends…

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3 examples of why the iPhone needs background processing

Ashesh Shah - Mar 24, 2010

PALM DESERT, Calif.--Apple is leaving behind clever mobile-app developers--and it's evident at the DemoSpring conference. Three interesting and potentially useful mobile apps were introduced here Tuesday on…

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