Blockchain for Dummies


If you have read through many articles stating ‘Blockchain Simplified’ and you still don’t understand it, you have reached the right place. This is what we are calling Blockchain for Dummies.

Let’s simplify it

Imagine a top-secret agency message that needs to be communicated from one person to another. Now, to be able to pass this message, someone physically needs to go communicate it from one person to another. How easy is it to get hold of this person and get them to reveal the message? Now let us talk about a more security proof way of doing this. You distribute bits and pieces of this message amongst various persons and send them separately to deliver this message with there being no direct way to be able to link them. In this case, it is almost impossible to be able to get hold of all the persons and reveal the message. This is exactly how a blockchain works.

So technically speaking.

Blockchain, simply put, is a digital warehouse of information in the form of numerous blocks. These blocks are linked to each other to form a chain of information, thus leading to the formation of a blockchain.

Why should I care?

  1. It can be private too

So you believe that the nature of your business or the requirement is very private blockchain just seems like it puts everything in open. Here is some news for you, Blockchain technology can also exist privately. What this means is that if you want to hold your information on non-public locations and still want to use blockchain, you can create a structure where nodes are simply points in the private network and the blockchain acts similarly to a distributed ledger.

  1. It is across industries

Blockchain, since its inception, has been used across industries ranging from insurance to supply chain. This technology is so robust that it can be used in the simplest of business transactions as much as it can be used in complicated dealings and settlements.

  1. The information is distributed

With no single entity holding the entire information, it ensures that the data is accurate and secure. As a result of this, the information also becomes tamperproof which ultimately leads to information security.

Does it suit my business?


If you have any of the following business requirements:

  • Payment processing and money transfers
  • Supply chain
  • Property documentation and real estate
  • Accountancy
  • Recordkeeping
  • Trading
  • Tracking of goods or activities
  • Claim settlements

Having listed that, we would also like to mention that blockchain is a really broad world, a lot of which can still be explored and put to use in various forms.

Watch this space for more on the blockchain

ola uber app

How much does it cost to build an app like OLA or Uber?

ola uber app development cost

The digital transformation has created chances faster and quicker for every business nowadays. In every industry, usage of advanced has become significant to stay ahead in the competition. One of the latest technologies making sense in the business is mobile app technology. The smartphone revolution has made changes in many businesses to serve better than before with the help of mobility. Because of smartphone revolution and usage, mobile app development has arrived and transformed many businesses in the world.

The scope for mobile app development companies has increased annually due to smartphone usages, where 85% of businesses are adopting mobile apps. One of the Enterprises, the traditional services are unresponsive, less customer loyalty more expensive for customers is Taxi booking business. At present, the mobile app came into the taxi booking Industry to reshape the entire traditional business into modern taxi booking mobile apps.

Over the past 3 years, many taxi booking apps came into the cities and reaching more customers. Apps like OLA and Apps like Uber are connected with the customers to build customer loyalty. The Gaint companies such as Uber and OLA have unique design models for mobile apps, that shows they are creative and providing adequate services to stay remain in the competitive world.

Many business people are looking to develop mobile apps for taxi booking services and hunting for expertise mobile app development companies. Taxi booking app development requires an innovative and caring process, where it needs to develop with some expertise in mobile app development companies. To develop a mobile app like OLA and Uber there are still many things to be considered that pushes entire booking operations to customer feedbacks.

There are many peoples are looking to develop a taxi booking app for their Taxi services. Many mobile apps are already placed with cab booking apps like Uber and Ola. As we are getting more inquiries on how much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola?, We made the post to give clarification for our readers with exact cost estimation to develop a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola.

About Uber-

uber app

Uber is an online taxi booking app that works every day to serve customers, allow users to book their taxi from smartphones to reach the desired destination within the. Uber becomes famous because of easy convenience and user-friendly design of the mobile app structure and even rides are less expensive than traditional services.

The uber company came with advanced features to book the cabs in various charges such as UberXL, Uber Premium and Hire Go. They facilitated the functions that allow the customer to engage more within the mobile app. The mobile app developed to book cabs for the user, allow to contact drivers and shows the pin location of the customer via the app.

When the user requests the ride the app enables the near cabs and after confirming the booking, a driver can contact the customer to ask his location and destination.

The Uber app becomes famous and roaring in almost 65 countries and more than 900 cities worldwide and almost every day the Uber covers nearly 19 billion trips worldwide.

The Uber Market share is estimated to increase between 72 to 79 % and the companies increasing the cabs based on the demand in the preferred location.

About OLA

ola appOla is one of the largest online cab booking app established in 2012 by Bhavish Aggarwal started in Mumbai city of India. They created a mobile app technology platform to connect customers and car drivers in one place for customer convenience, quickest and transparent fulfillment.

The main aim of developing the app is to help users to reach their destiny in safe mode by booking cabs in nearby locations in less expensive charges. They implemented unique features which attract users to engage and retain more within the mobile app. They developed the OLA app for both Android and iPhone users

The OlA app was presented high personal experience for the customer while traveling. The app enables users to send feedback on journey experience to improve the business and serve better for customers.

They introduced rewards, discounts and a special offer to attract customers, and to enjoy the services provided by the company. The digital technology of innovation in the mobile app of OLA has created a space for users to book a cab for their convenient time and place.

Ola becomes very famous in India and spread the services across 110+ location and connected more than 1million drivers, many partners cabs and auto-rickshaws.

How Taxi Booking App like Ola and Uber Works?

There are many top mobile app development companies working smart to provide unique features on customer demands. The expertise Mobile app development companies are presenting an important role in providing to this modern technology requests of smartphone users. The Taxi app development process is one such field of innovation that connects drivers and customers, employing on the mobile app platform for their needs.

The peoples can request and can book the cab by using the mobile app developed by companies like Ola and Uber. The app works with the GPS of the user pin location, where app enables registered user to see the nearby cabs based on the preferred prices for sharing, and personal booking.

The Taxi Booking app works on the essential functions such as devices, GPS location, where user present permission to access the location information. While downloading the taxi booking app, the app asks the user to give access to contacts, SMS and payment integrations.

It collects the user data like phone number, location, and email address to sell these data or to use for developing personalized experience. The Taxi booking apps work based on user-accessible information on it and provide the map to pin the location for dropping and pick up.

Once done, customers can locate the nearby taxis within pin locations. The expected one in the region will be called once the request is made. Customers in the waiting time, can observe traffic features, can track the driver’s direction, and get the data about expected arrival time. And The customer makes the call to avail the taxi service from a taxi booking app.

Once the dropping is done at the destination location, customers can pay the driver within the mobile app or can pay physically and even can share the feedback of the driver behavior and taxi-riding experience.

The Basic Features of Taxi Booking Apps

Register or Login: The app development companies are intensive to develop the app that allows users to register through OTP verifications or can register directly from social sign-ups.

GPS location– User can pin the pickup and drop location and it allows to track the taxi directions and movements after cab is booked.

Fare Estimation– The users can book the taxi and it avails the total distance of travel with estimation fare from the pin area.

SMS and Push Notifications– The mobile apps like Ola and uber enables the customer to receive push notifications on special offers and discounts, to send drivers cab details.

Ride History: This feature and functions help the user to show all the previous ride details along with payment and pending transaction history.

Driver Rating: The advanced features of taxi booking app like Ola and uber allow customers to leave reviews on every individual journey.

Payments – The mobile app development for taxi booking comes with payment section to pay the fare for drivers securely by allowing users to add accounts in a faster way.

Drivers profiles: The app development of taxi includes the feature to view the driver’s cab details such as taxi number and driver phone number.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber or OLA?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber or OLA

To develop the app like Ola and Uber, many circumstances to be considered in estimating the exact cost details. And the cost to develop a taxi booking app like Ola and Uber depends on many functions and features as it required the expertise app development company charges the individual fee.

Somehow it is very hard to decide the exact cost to develop the cab booking apps like Ola and Uber. It demands many advanced features and simple structures, based on the company payment standards, the location of the company and mobile app platforms such as Android and iOS.

Hiring the Reliable App Development Company

The above-mentioned features and determination can vary the cost of developing apps like Ola and Uber. Selecting the best mobile app development company provide a solid and reliable mobile app for your taxi service. So before choosing the right mobile app development company for such a famous app development like Ola and Uber, must review the former track works and a project achievement scale rate to know the expertise of the development company.

To Design and develop the app like Ola and Uber it needs the talent and experience, Fusion informatics is one of the top mobile app development company in India, holding almost more than 18+ years of expertise in developing the famous apps like Ola and Uber.

Hire our Mobile app developers to make your business idea into reality. We are innovative that our developed mobile apps are creating a huge sensation in the marketplace. Visit our portfolio to know more about our previous works and projects that we designed and made apps successful in the competitive world.

We established our company in 2000 with an intention to help a customer who is looking to expand their business with mobile apps.

If you are serious about expanding your taxi booking business by developing mobile apps similar to Ola and Uber, Let us know the idea and we make your idea into reality!


The Rise of Virtual Robo-Advisors for Financial Needs


The advanced methodologies are bettering the businesses nowadays, includes huge benefits. One of the hottest technology Artificial Intelligence is making dramatic sense in the business and efficiently delivering the solutions for peoples needs.  It’s creating better suggestions in the investment to live better on the retirement stage. AI can support in the area of financial services for trading, saving and investments of digital assets. The software program developed in the system manages the person’s account and creates the portfolio to control all investment operations and suggest ideas for healthier investments.

The algorithms applied in the application to provide advice and delivering the best results to raise profits. It utilizes the data provided by customers to generate financial portfolios and it controls automatically. They’re growing in prevalence and the technology called Robo-Advisors, the replacement for human advisors in traditional methods.

Robo-Advisors are used to produce potential solutions in the process of complicated investments and deliver financial decision making for better results.

The Intelligence algorithms generate suggestions and advice, automatically performs in many investment tasks without the interference of humans. Recently Robo-advisors are providing full services for major financial organizations such as Betterment, Sigfig and Wealthfront etc

However, the financial Robo-advisors are less expensive compared to human advisors they provide access to customers in financial investment areas.

How Robo-Advisor works?

The smart technology offering investment advice for investors with lower fees and saves a lot of time. It is helping investors by reducing the transaction fee and allowing to trade online and it advises in investment plans and creates automated portfolio management.

The Artificial intelligence algorithms help in certain decisions making on financial investment plans. These tend to low fees and easy to use for all types of attracting investors. It is an automating process of buying and selling the stock through Artificial Intelligence developed in the platform.

They perform as automated platforms for delivering some of the best practices in human investment situations. The algorithms integrated into the platform begin with questioning about the customer interest, goals, timeline and assets and risk sensitivity. Then it analyzes and presents with an accurate portfolio that matches your requirements and preferences.

Once the users create the account and perform investment at a certain plan in the platform the Robo-Advisor continually, monitor your portfolio.  As the individual portfolio assets rise and fall in the market, the Robo-Advisor will analyze the opportunities to exchange the trades or stocks and keeps on proportions that will help you to track and achieve goals.

The Future Robo-Advisors

At present Robo, advisors are supposed to become more intelligent. Tomorrows might even have a smarter. The Robo Advisor will be the game changer for investment firms. The advancement of technology updating the investment services industry with automation operations. The smart Robo-Advisors help investors in funding and exchanging in the trade market with a low fee and saves time filling the form in the application.

In the Future, Robo will advise the investors to create smart wealth management patterns to reduce risk in the operations. The Robo-advisors act based on the questions filled in the beginning and advice according to their portfolio.

The algorithm platform starts work when user sign up and the smart program receives information about investing goals, plans, income, risk tolerance, and previous investments. The program utilizes the account information to select a plan as per your tolerances and capable of your assets over time.

The platform designed for investments can select the stocks based on the portfolio desired by investors and presents financial advice according to their preferences.

The Robo-Advisors designed with Artificial Intelligence in the consideration of knowledge base to accomplish human judgment and behavior in the investment field.

In the Future, many financial firms and wealth management sectors in various banking industries will come up with their own automated Robo-advisors. They build their product with the help of software development companies or tie up with Artificial Intelligence Companies in India. Nowadays, many Robo advisors companies are coming to help financial institutions with unique strategies. These types of initiatives will become a huge demand in future financial years.

Robo-advisor Development

Many companies are looking to control the multiple tasks within one platform to provide better services for the customer, this performance is possible with Robo-advisors to handle the various needs of various customers within the fewer fee structures

To implement the Robo advisor in the firms they must hire the expertise software development companies to produce the outstanding Robo-advisor software program to assist their customers in the financial needs.

Fusion Informatics is one of the best Robo-Advisor companies in India, provides the best platform that allows your customers to operate with the assistance, deposits and regular monitoring. We are in the software development field for 18 years of experience that we have the ability to provide the best Robo-Advisor which able to get the reports, performances, and positions of each individual portfolio account.

We hold the capabilities to develop a system that is integrated with advanced intelligence to deliver a financial plan to stimulate multiple goals, covers insurance scheme planning, home purchases, retirement programs, real-estate purchasing and security needs, and health care schemes for long term coverage.

Our developed applications allow your customer to plan in investment to deliver and corporate assets and can manage the individual security of portfolio account.

Hire our top Robo-advisor development companies in India, our platform includes the distinctive patterns for global customers, and integrate all types of financial tools and our platform can manage all your customer financial history also.

Our experts have the capability to develop seamless software that improves the traditional advisor platform. To reach your business objectives, Fusion Informatics can develop the right Robo-Advisor that has explored the benefits of Artificial Intelligence creates an automated advisor to deliver the right financial advice.

We develop the automated platform that covers a wide range of questionaries’ from the initial stage of user sign up and provide the complete registration process with entities and verification controls such as OTP generation and KYC etc.

To know more about Robo-Advisor automated platform, reach us at


How Much Does it cost to develop a Bike Taxi Booking app like Rapido?


Many major cities are creating silent transformation with advanced technologies by adding a new breed of cab and bike taxi online booking. The companies are coming with new technologies and providing their services to users with online taxi booking features in mobile apps.

The companies are managing the customer by connecting them with mobile app networks on every trip they book. The famous apps like Rapido created a dramatic change in India’s bike taxi booking market.

Analyzing the tremendous market for this trend, we planned to explain the factors that affect the cost of development app like Rapido. Bike taxi booking apps are becoming more famous nowadays, where it becomes a hot buzz in social community channels and forums sites. Some of the business peoples started searching for reliable mobile app development companies to develop famous apps like Rapido. And there are searching to know the exact cost details to develop an app like Rapido.

The bike taxi-booking app becomes convenient for users than booking a cab; however, the mobile app provides advanced features to experience the new segments in the digital era.

About Rapido


Rapido is one of the largest bike Taxi booking apps available across 16 locations in India. The company came with the intention to help users book a bike taxi for their convenience of living and supporting users to stop waiting in queues for buses. The app was developed and providing the best user experience presenting fastest, efficient, economical, and trusted bike taxi for customers. The organization has a strong intention to reduce traffic congestion on city roads and provides the best journey experience for individuals.

They developed a bike taxi booking app for both Android and iOS platforms. The Rapido app becomes famous and reached 1Million happy customers. Holding more than one Lakh bike drivers and app was progressed to book fast and accurate. Which are easy to travel in traffic, and it is better than booking a cab.

How Does A Rapido Bike Taxi App Work?

Rapido launched Bike taxi-booking mobile app with advanced features that enable the customer to book the bike in a convenience way. The comprehensive bike booking apps are available free of access to taxis within the fingertips.

The top mobile app development companies are creating unique strategies for Bike taxi booking app process for smartphone users. Bike Taxi app development is one such field of innovation that helps drivers and customers, involving on the interactive device of the taxi app for their requirements.

The Bike taxi-booking app allows the user to request the ride and drivers can accept the ride. The app was developed and integrated with complex methods and advanced features that provide access to an interface to book the bike in a nearby location.

Users need to install the Bike taxi app and requires registration with their username and password. The app provides entrance to locate available bike taxis near their areas. The nearest one in the place will announce once the request made. Customers in the meantime can observe traffic features, can track the driver’s direction, and get the message about expected arrival time.

As soon Rapido application opens, it allows the user to fill the details of Name, DOB and Gender. Later app displayed with availability bikes from nearby locations. The GPS feature in the mobile app is active to trace the user’s location.

Once users find the bikes from nearby locations, they can simply click on the tab to book a bike for a ride. This procedure helps the nearest taxi with ride information. Upon receiving, the users informed about taxi place and exacted arrival time

After request receiving from the user, the driver accepts the booking and supposed to inform the arrival time. The app creates the alert of arrival point of user location that bike taxi is ready and notifies that the driver is waiting for a customer. The user can define the experience had with a driver and this rating helps to improve the future prospective passengers. After ride completion app enables the user to rate and review the ride and driver of their feedback.

Rapido App Features:


Profile Creation – The mobile app allows the user to create profiles to maintain an account to get notifications, avail rewards, discounts, and ride history and payment process.

Registration: The user can instantly register in the app utilizing his profile by using the phone number and can register with an existing social account.

Bike Taxi booking: These features allow the user to check the nearby bike in their comfort area and can book later; the app features manage both the selections.

Live tracking– The app allows users to track the bike arrival directions, and notified with details of timing and a way of coming.

Payment Integration– Implementing these features helps the user to pay the charges for concern riding based on the distance they traveled from the origin to dropping point.

Push notifications: It helps to display the information about the trip when the driver accepts the request. In addition, it notifies the bike model, color and average time of arrival.

Ride History: The app enables the customer to get a complete riding history and transcription of previous trips.

Rating the driver-: Shows customers’ reviews about the driver, the bike and the rider protection of other customers.

Admin Panel

The complete admin panel arranged with combined features for better control of taxi reservations, transactions, and performing all CRM activities to receive the passenger’s details, the location of pointing requests and payment transactions. The panel contains a dashboard that includes below-added features

User Access control– With the help of Admin panel, owner or manager can control the access levels to various users from different locations.

Secure Login-The team of management or company can log in securely to admin panel with certain verifications

Custom Dashboard-The admin panel is packed and arranged with the added feature with a customized dashboard to perform high-level functional overview.

Manage Drivers-Admin can manage the driver’s interfaces, payments and locations, and feedbacks by connecting them with the complete network within the mobile app.

Manage Passengers– The features allow Admin to control the customer requests, reviews and booking details etc.

Notifications Management-The panel enables admin to send push notifications, emails, and confirmation activities by managing content to end customers.

Promotions Control-It allows Admin to set up and manage promo codes, discount endeavors and track their execution of activity by analyzing.

Real-Time Tracking-Admin can track the driver on every second to develop the business services and can allocate the more drivers on demand locations.

How Much Does Rapido App development cost?

The Development cost of Rapido depends on various factors, particularly and key features integrated on it. The mobile app development companies consider many things while developing an app like Rapido, and below are the key points to estimate the cost.

  • To develop a mobile app like Rapido the cost varies on the platform you choose such as Android and iOS. The cost may differ due to Android platform charges less compare to the iOS platform, where iPhone app needs lots of testing methods to implement.
  • The cost of Bike taxi booking app development varies on the size of the application, where an app like Rapido built with advanced features and database, needs timeline sessions and charges more.
  • The online bike taxi booking app development cost depends on the type of company choose based on expertise and location. Charges may vary because of market valves, taxes and living costs of location.
  • The Rapido App Development cost depends on advanced features integrated on it such as real-time tracking, payment gateway, and interactive maps.

Bike Taxi Booking Mobile App Development


On-demand apps like Rapido are great demand globally. Considering this trend of this market and hiring the right mobile app development companies will help you to get more business and reaches your app to new heights.

To develop a Bike Taxi App Development it needs a lot of research and expertise to advance the innovations within the mobile app. We are a leading taxi app development company and present custom app development services that will provide a user-friendly, easy interface and advanced features to attract more customer engagement within the app. We provide top-notch services for on-demand bike taxi booking app development for both Android and iOS devices.

An app like Rapido clone script can easily develop with our experts. We provide the best bike taxi-booking app for your business that operates seamlessly in all platforms. We hold 18+years of experience in developing all types of mobile apps, and we successfully developed more than 1500+ apps.

We are one of the top mobile app development company offers the best solutions for your business. We provide custom app services that can be suited to your business objectives. Our customers top-rated us a top mobile app Development Company.

If you are looking to develop your business with a mobile app, the solutions we implement are reliable and customizable, excellently suit your specifications.

Reach us

Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Top Artificial Intelligence Development Companies in India

Top Artificial Intelligence Development Companies - Fusion Informatics

The Artificial Intelligence transformation is rising in all enterprises to enhance customer experience and sales of the companies. AI is a software program developed to advance the process of machines and to make a better decision based on data queries. The system of Artificial Intelligence has a huge impact on the world market such as self-driving cars, Chatbots, and automated robots etc.

Many businesses are adapting AI to solve various sorts of problems and used in an effective way of collecting data. With the help of AI, the business operated faster and more efficiently than peoples perform. The Artificial Intelligence technology can control, customer requests, machine conditions and can collect data to generate reports for analyzing better production. It creates a valve for a company and almost every company in the financial division has already implemented AI technology to save time and reduce investment.

Moreover, AI technology helps both customers and companies by providing useful feedback that leads to improve business operations and reshape the process. The impact of Artificial Intelligence in the business can get huge benefits to specific Industries such as Manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare etc.

How Can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Help your Business?

Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science that develops intelligent machines to act like humans. AI technology helps the computer to perform tasks such as reading, thinking and resolving like human brains.

In every business, there are multiple tasks are performed within the system, that is connected to each other inputs and variables.

Analyzing this complex data to obtain the exact value has usually reduced, frustrating our sense to find sufficient solutions in a convenient method. Opening these complex situations such as how individuals are likely to perform and combine can build possibilities.

The AI Development companies create software that helps the business to automate and improve the complex data and drive useful insights for making better decisions for future perspectives. The system, Integrated with Artificial Intelligence act as human brains that observe at data in real-time and adjusts the behavior with supervision.

AI can detect the early problems before occurring in the operations, it has the capacity to analyze any data in the business. By analyzing extensive amounts of business data, AI can help employees work faster and more accurate for their companies, and can determine from to build better decisions going ahead.

The Artificial Intelligence services process is a challenging process needs many skills to implement in the business. By choosing a reliable AI company in India helps your business to operate seamlessly. The best Artificial Intelligence Companies can observe and analyze closer into your operations and suggest features for your business to adapt.

Best Artificial Intelligence(AI) Company in India

We create powerful and intelligent solutions that are infused with high-end Artificial Intelligence development services that not only integrate seamlessly with your business processes but are self-aware of boosting operational efficiency and business growth.

Fusion Informatics has the capability to develop powerful solutions that are powered with Artificial Intelligence Development Services operates your business seamlessly. We are one of the Top AI Development Companies in India, knows the techniques to enhance overall efficiency with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We are one of the leading AI development companies in India providing outstanding services since 2000. We create innovative solutions that allow your business to produce a more enlightened method to the expanding demands. With our expert AI Development solutions, we present you with an intelligent method that can simulate the human thought manner and present you with specific sensible solutions for your business -specific demands. We use the latest tools and technologies to develop Artificial Intelligence that allows businesses to control efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence Development Services in India

Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Machine learning – Being a Top Machine Learning Development Company in India, provide the best services to meet your business objectives. We develop an agile machine learning development method in order to assure appropriate delivery to our customers. Hire our AI Development Companies in India to develop innovative solutions for your business.

Natural language processing – As we are leading AI Development Companies in India, our NLP solutions are developed to gain competitive benefit. The technology employed in the device interact and communicate with the customer in natural languages. We allow your business to perform the monitoring and analyzing of structured data.

Cognitive Service– We present bot services to companies looking for automated operations for customer services and engagement. Our AI Development company in India has the capacity to develop the bots that packed with deep learning technologies.

Predictive analytics– We are leading Artificial Intelligence Development Companies in India, We support your business in creating and expanding predictive analytics solutions that advance business capabilities to obtain better decisions in the prospect.

Chatbot Development– By implementing advanced tools and a deep understanding of your business needs, Fusion Informatics provides the best chatbot development process that creates automated functions across thousands of queries from your customers.

Deep Learning– We are one of the top AI Artifical Intelligence Company in India provides scalable and top-notch solutions to receive useful insights into your produced data. We let you develop deep learning patterns with perfect strategies that allow you to make quick training for system and identify results instantly.

Here are the list of Top 5 AI Companies in India

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is a top artificial intelligence company in India aimed at developing completely high-grade AI services by unifying the essential aspects of intelligence with machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, etc. Started in 2000 and expanded services to the global market.

We are enlisted in the top AI companies India delivers a fully automated process for our clients. We support the various innovative businesses in the system with their most aggressive plans. We are the best AI development companies in India offers cutting edge solutions to solve business problems and our solution determines the complex situations and brings endless possibilities in your business.

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Unicsoft listed top artificial intelligence companies in India, established in 2005 with a mission to provide the best solutions for Artificial Intelligence applications for various businesses. The company delivers unique features for all project and customer management. They are one of the top and best AI companies in India and they provide for the best services that are high quality.


N-iX is one of the best AI company service providers in India deliveries successful products on custom requirements. They hold innovative developers and supports business peoples with AI services in India. They understand the customer requirements that meet their expectations by providing value to the business that brings modern methods for business growth.


SITSL is one of the top ai development company in India, was established in 2015 with an intention to produce strong and result-oriented solutions for customers. Today, we can proudly state that the interests of our industry aimed out to be pretty active. They hold the expert developers received a bright background and performed thousands of projects strongly.


Endive Software is a leading AI Company in India provides web and mobile app development services with innovative strategies for various industries. Endive, become a well-established company of able experts who have expertise in the advanced innovative technologies and are able of producing a state of the design solutions for your every concern particular demand.


A perfect AI Development Partner will deliver a reliable product with huge benefits to your company and your customers. A best AI system that maintains to determine large problems may serve better in your business.

Fusion Informatics is one of the top AI Development Companies in India serving from 18 years of expertise and developed many AI projects for our customers.

We are love to develop artificial intelligence services that are result-oriented and creative. The powerful ideas and products created by our group of experts have the ability to create high-end solutions by applying modern technologies. Fusion Informatics is prominent in the list of AI development companies in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, India helps businesses to improve productivity.

Do want to know more about how AI helps in your business?

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app development companies ahmedabad

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Ahmedabad

app development companies ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is also called Amdavad, it is one of the largest city among cities in India and the state capital of Gujarat. It is one of IT hub formed many IT software companies in India. The largest online news media Forbes listed the city of Ahmedabad as a third fastest growing city in the world. A growing essence of powerful education, software companies, and manufacturing enterprises, Ahmedabad remain to endure one of the significant social and financial cities of western India.

In Ahmedabad, recent years the advanced technology has transformed businesses and providing the best quality of services for customers. It is clear that the city is improving on overall organizational efficiency and providing benefits to the customers. The trend of smartphones and mobile apps usage is increasing rapidly. This influenced business peoples to adopt mobile apps in their business to reach more customers.

As Smartphone, users have grown exceedingly, sales of every section, which produces more attention to mobile app development for consumer betrothal. However, most of the companies are experiencing trying to develop a successful mobile app at an affordable cost in Ahmedabad. So, they are looking for reliable mobile app development companies who can provide both quality and reliable mobile app at a reasonable price.

Benefits of a mobile app for business?

Benefits of a mobile app for business

Choosing the right mobile app development companies in Ahmadabad, possible to come with more advantages that provide more customer engagement and retention.

  • It helps companies to send offers, new products, and promotions
  • Mobile app helps to stand out in the competition
  • It helps to reach a target audience based on the demographics.
  • The business receives customer data helps to develop a strategy to implement for future business.

Choosing the right mobile app development company provides the advanced features that come with the above benefits and possible to spend more time by your customer with a simple structure.

Mobile apps will enhance business productivity, sales, and engagement with our customers. It develops customer loyalty and customer connects with your business for the long-term. As your consumer can communicate their inquiries through the app and you can answer it anytime and anywhere. The business mobile apps help to associate with your employees to track their activities and helps employees to showcase skills.

As there are several mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad, so it is tough to choose the best App Development Companies among others. Here, we have provided the list of top 10 Mobile app development company which you can pick the right one. We listed the top 10 mobile app development companies based on their reviews and portfolio.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Ahmedabad

1) Fusion Informatics (top mobile app development company)

As one of the top mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, Fusion Informatics holds more than 200+ app developers, who are excellent that they provide the best IT solutions for enterprises. As experts in the company involved in the app development process that allows the application to serve seamlessly. We recognize the best services that our customers demand quality for, evaluating what our customers require to develop on as well as possibilities for more accurate and design a decisive strategy and offer to approach these sections.

We take satisfaction in our customer supporting the expertise and our former projects made us stand in the list of top mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad.


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2) Hyperlinkinfosystems (best mobile app development company)

They are one of the top mobile apps development companies in Ahmedabad, The company allows customized apps based on the requirements of the customers and the product will be performed with great quality with affordable rates. Their focus on custom designs that they commit and solid increase as the base provides various enhancements in the mobile app development services.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

3) 21Twelve Interactive (app development company)

They are one of the top app development companies headquartered in Ahmedabad. They are holding expert Android app developers and iPhone App developers specialized to develop custom mobile apps. They well knew about market demands, as they implement innovative strategies to build creative apps for customers.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

4) 7Stacks (Mobile Appliation app development company)

It is one of the Top Android App Development Companies in Ahmedabad holding team of experts, who are app developers and software specialists. The main intention of the company is to provide the best mobility services for their customer who are looking to develop a mobile app for their business. They are specialized in developing mobile apps for both Android and iOS.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

5) IndiaNIC Infotech Limited (leading mobile app development company)

They are one of the best mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad, holding an expert team of 250+ experts, software developers, and team leads. They excel in presenting top-notch services for customers. They have a proven record of accomplishment of developing result-oriented mobile apps for various industries.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

6) Hidden Brains (Android app development company)

They are one of the best app development company in Ahmedabad and an award-winning software company provides mobile apps for enterprises. They provide solutions for web and mobile applications. They experienced over 13 years of expertise across more than 30 countries.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

7) Excellent WebWorld (mobile app development company)

They are experts in developing IoT based mobile apps for various businesses. They develop dynamic, responsive applications for customers who are looking for reliable app solutions. Excellent WebWorld is the best choice.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

8) OpenXcell (leading top mobile app development company)

It is a leading mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, India. They develop a mobile app that allows your business to enhance more customers and brings better ROI for their investments. They implement app solutions with cost-effective services that are risk-free and scalable.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

9) Peerbits (best mobile app development company)

It is the best mobile app development company in Ahmedabad, India. Their main intention is to provide innovative mobile app solutions for small to large enterprises. They are specialized in custom mobile app development for all industries. They are excellence in blending advanced technologies that fit for any business as per customer needs.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services

10) WebMob Technologies (Enterprise mobile app development company)

It is custom mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad provides end-to-end solutions for a startup to large enterprises. They hold the skilled developers that are dedicated to developing apps for Android and iOS platforms.


Android App Development Services, iPhone App Development Services, Enterprise mobile apps development services


The above-mentioned are the top 10 mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad, India that is listed based on their rankings, reviews, ratings and portfolio strength. I hope this post will be helpful for the users who want to increase their market with the mobile app for their business and support to determine the best mobile app development companies and mobile app developers in Ahmedabad. As we listed the top mobile apps development companies that can be useful to drive you’re selecting to the unique heights. Mobile Apps has converted great developments in the professional market.

Being a Best Mobile App Development Company in Ahmedabad, India, Fusion Informatics has powerful intention in building innovations in mobile app development, Android app development. We recognize what your business exactly requires your mobile app to help customers and advance features to reach more consumers. Our mobile app development company will present you with an operative and innovative mobile app formation. We figured at the top in the list of mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad, India

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The Best Finance Apps That Can Help You in Daily Life


At present times, the decade has proved that the technology revolution made changes in every business and persons daily lives. Customers like students, professionals, and Housewives choose various mobile apps, as they preferred. Such mobile apps help people to get relevant information or deals with products.

The scope of mobile app development companies has enhanced due to smartphone usage and the Android app market is one of the largest markets available in recent times. More users prefer to use Android due to its expenses, and easily available in the market. This increase made by constant change within the division, which produces a wider variety of applications that perform everyday life simpler and more pleasant.

The Mobile App development companies develop responsive apps that allow access to users to use advanced features and functions for their personal or professional activities. With the great impact of technology, mobile app development companies have expanded their services to provide the best mobile apps for businesses.

Utilization of Apps is trending now, where around 80% of users prefer to buy goods and services from Android phones. Mobile app development companies are updating their knowledge to provide the best user experience within the app. The Android app consisting of the best UI/UX design will be attractive and chance more installation.

There are various apps available in the app stores such as education, commercial, entertainment, and healthcare applications. We have done research on helpful Android apps and enlisted here to help our users.

Finance Mobile Apps

Finance apps are important to today’s business. It acts as a pocket for your wallet, where the technology helps to transfer money from users to others. These types of apps are as a new approach in the commercial business. Payment apps like Google pay, Phone Pay and PayTM is available in the market and helping the user in transactions of money from one location and another location.

The advanced features in the mobile app help to track the transactions made by the businessperson and let you prepare for future issues. The Finance Mobile Apps helps to track and store user bills, account savings, trading is, spending and debt levels and credit scoring etc.

The digital transformation in the financial industries made easy for people’s life by allowing users to send and receive money through mobile apps.

The best and top 10 Finance Android Apps for users listed below


Mint is one of the best Finance Android apps available in the market, that it manages all the finances with a single spot. The advanced features available in the app acts as a manager piece to control and spend the money of users, it also suggests free tips on money managing. It included reminders for the user to remind user bank accounts, credit cards, etc. The app helps users to track the information about the transactions like never before. The option of tracking credit scores and makes you be smart in the finance division.

Features Available
  • Tracking Budget
  • Easy billing
  • Credit Scoring
  • Easy Reminders
  • High-level Security
  • Simple Categorization
  • Payment Integration


Finch is one of the top paid apps for social life. The Finch app developed to help the user to operate tabs and transfer money to friends and even we can track the social spending for restaurants, hotels, films in one comfortable place of living. The app was integrated with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, behavioral psychology, and gamification provides a better user experience in the financial world.

Features Available
  • Simple and secure sign-up
  • Payment Option
  • Split bills
  • Instant Reminders
  • Push Notification
  • Data Intelligence
  • Gamification
  • Behavior psychology
  • Create groups:
  • Track your spending


It is one of the best Android financial apps for personal couples. The app allows couples to track the payment bills, account transactions and get to know expenses spend together. The advanced features in the app allow couples to inspect the couple’s bank account details, pay bills and amount spend in one place. It allows users to set reminders and notified when partner using near it.

Features Available
  • Simple Registration
  • Push Notification
  • Easy Tracking
  • Top-level Security
  • SSL/TLS Certification
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Can add own custom categories


It is one of the free trading Android apps developed to help users to eliminate commissions and saving financially. It is also no-commission trading apps. The app allows users to invest in trade, stocks, and shares and bitcoin without any fee.

The technology implemented in the app helps the user to invest in the market responsibly, it suggests before buying stocks and bitcoins, and it provides real-time access for market data. The app sends push notification if any major changes happen in the specific stock etc.

Features Available
  • Endless investment options
  • Secure and trusted
  • Disclosure
  • Discovering stocks, and shares
  • Simple Signup
  • Easy integration
  • Invest wisely


Spendee app helps the user to get finances into useful spending. The app allows the user to manage the things from financial sides and let the user define and save from financial threats. Users can connect the app with a secure bank account. It easily categorizes automatically.

Features Available
  • Simple Registration
  • Push Notification
  • Easy Tracking
  • Top-level Security
  • SSL/TLS Certification
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Can add own custom categories


Digit is one of the best Finance Android app available in the market place. It helps to ensure the spending activities and creates alert for inspection of Digit account. It analyses the income and spending patterns and technology automatically digs into the account to check the balance.

Features Available
  • SSL/TLS Certification
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Push Notification
  • Easy Tracking
  • Top-level Security

Amex Pay

It is one of the mobile payment app developed to create purchasing experience quick, safe and comfortable. The app enables the user to send and receive money using register card and or with QR-code payments

Features Available
  • Simple Registration
  • Push Notification
  • Easy Tracking
  • Top-level Security
  • QR-codes
  • Multi-factor Authentication


Venmo helps users to pay for their friends and family account holders by linking a bank account or debit card with the application.

It is similar to Paypal and If anyone wants to pay you, you give them your individual QR code so they can join you as a beneficiary. It is one of the best Android apps enable users to share and like payments across the social feed.

Features Available
  • Endless investment options
  • Secure and trusted
  • Disclosure
  • Discovering stocks, and shares
  • Simple Signup
  • Easy integration


It is one of the top apps available in the app store developed for financial budget planning included for both Android and iOS. The mobile app allows users to connect the app to a bank account. As well it helps to track the spend amount per day by the users.

Features Available
  • Simple Registration
  • Push Notification
  • Easy Tracking
  • Top-level Security
  • SSL/TLS Certification


Wally is one of the best budget-planning apps that allows a user to plan the budget based on the expenses and income generated by your account. It helps to identify how and where expenses have gone with the report. The mobile app presents extra solutions such as due bills, payments, and pending transactions.

Features Available
  • Plan & Organize
  • Planning and Organizing
  • It helps to manage past payments
  • It saves time by automatic payments
  • Can notes, scan, and attach receipts


CountAbout is an online private finance mobile app that can attach to more than 18,000 business systems. CountAbout is available via a browser and sync with mobile platforms, operating iOS or Android. CountAbout benefits complete user privacy and security. As a user-focused site, the app allows greater customization to satisfy specific user demands, advancing personal financial control a breeze.

Features Available
  • Categorize Transactions
  • Adding Account
  • Graphs
  • App Settings
  • Secure Password
  • Banking, Credits, Investments, and Loans

Clarity Money

One of the financial mobile app helping users by providing analysis reports based on the insights deliver. The mobile app integrated with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide a better user experience.

Features Available
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Remove hated monthly subscriptions
  • Plan your resources and control expenses
  • Track spending by level, dealer, and transaction

Conclusion line

Still, there are many applications available in the app store, which are best, but as per the user reviews and features available, we presented the above-mentioned Android apps.

About Us

Fusion Informatics is one of the outstanding app development company providing tremendous app developing solutions for all financial domains. We have 18+ years of experience to develop secure financial mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

If you are looking for the best financial app development companies for both iOS and Android we can help you.

We are proficient in developing fintech intelligent mobile apps capable of fast rendering huge amount of data. We do not matter how much complicated it is we just follow our quality standards to make your project simple. We have the ability to drive your business by handling financial app.

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If you are looking to develop a Mobile app for banking’s, commercial and financial purpose Reach us at

android-iphone app companies dubai

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Doha, Qatar

android-iphone app companies dubai

Top Mobile App Development Companies and Top App Developers in Doha, Qatar

Over the past few decades, Qatar has undergone an extraordinary transformation in indications of business extension and the development of its technology, these advances can connect to the growth of the business through mobile apps.

The effective development of technology allowed Qatar to implement in all business areas to show the visionary era that is stable and reliable. With the recognition of advanced technology, concentrating all its efforts on one sector of the business, Qatar has made tremendous paces in building mobile apps for business.

The Impact of Mobile App Development in Qatar

Most users prefer smartphones for buying products and services there is a huge impact due to the growth of usage of smartphones. Over 80% of users spent their time on mobile apps. Hence, today 90% of business is shifting and adopted mobile app technology for future endeavors. Business peoples can use mobile apps to reach customers directly by interacting for business perspective and helps to build customer loyalty.

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a never-ending process, but these can draw with the help of mobile apps. To stay ahead of the competition in business, mobile apps help you to improve. The Mobile application development in Qatar not only helps companies to grow but also helps customers to experience the convenient process of buying products and services. The user can create profiles, can obtain push notifications, and eligible to receive rewards and easily win the cash prizes by referring the app to their friends, and another user.

Smartphones impacted many mobile app development companies in Qatar, presented their uniqueness for their customers to develop a responsive app for business. To develop an innovative mobile app for business the app development company In Qatar needs expertise and experience. One of the best mobile app development companies in Qatar is Fusion Informatics.

Fusion Informatics is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Qatar, Doha provides the best solutions for customers as per their requirements. We hold the world best mobile app developers, capable to develop the responsive app design that attracts customer to engage more.

We specialized in developing Custom mobile apps that allow your business to reach your objectives. We have innovative ideas to develop an advanced mobile app that controls every internal operation of the business.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Doha, Qatar


Fusion Informatics is an Award-winning mobile app development company in Qatar. Our customer top-rated us as top mobile app development companies in Qatar. We are successful in developing rich elements for mobile apps. Our developers have capable of implementing the best user experience interface and supportive services. As we are one of the top app developers in Qatar, our developers hold in-depth abilities across various platforms and frameworks applied in the mobile app development process.

We contain expertise and involvement in multiple platforms on both iOS and Android devices for different industries such as Health care, Real estate, Manufacturing, etc. We are proficient is Android and iPhone app development services that deliver the best scalable apps to our customers. From the origin to promoting the app we have expertise in developing custom solutions for all domains that user expect.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development –


Android has the largest, utilizing devices in the market among all other devices. Thus, the development of an app for Android users can boost the business and possible to increase sales. Considering the feast of trending era, our Agile Fusion Informatics offers you the best Android app for your business. As we are one of the top Android app development companies in Qatar, helps to provide innovative apps that enable you to leverage the best quality with best user-experience for end users.

More often, our crew deems with the ideas that attempt us to generate desire android app with advanced features as the market demands. Our process of conversion of an idea into a successful mobile app made us stand on the top mobile app development companies in Qatar.

Our Android app development companies have the ability to improve the Android app in cost-efficient. It can reduce the development costs and provide inexpensive apps for Android customers, encouraging an exceptional ROI

We are leading Android app development company Qatar has the highest creative Android app developers in Qatar. Our company applies excellent methods to perform the best service and support. We continually focused on the customers. We develop your ideas into the Android app, which in aid will improve your marketing to the next level.

iPhone App Development


Fusion Informatics is one of the best iOS app development company in Doha, Qatar. We design the best iPhone apps that allow your firm employees completely with their consumers. Our experts hold expertise in developing high-level mobile apps supports us to place our company in the list of app development companies in Doha, Qatar.

As we are one of the best mobile app development companies having the 150+ experts globally allow your mobile app to stay ahead in the crow competition.  Our enriched skills made us develop creative iPhone app benefits for your markets by dragging customers through iPhone Apps.

We implement a result-oriented design available to serve for every time for users to employ their feeling to obtain your services or goods. Moreover, users spend their average time on iPhone apps to buy products or services; it is a great tactic to satisfy them within an iPhone app, which could increase your possibilities of progress. iPhone is normally simple, adaptable and capable and thus our custom app development company in Qatar brings new success to your business.

Here is the list of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Qatar and Doha

Fusion Informatics          

Fusion Informatics is a leading mobile app development company in Qatar established in 2000 with a motto in providing top-tech technology services for small to large enterprise. We are one of the best app development companies in Qatar and Doha helped our clients passionately in history and have developed 1500+ applications in various fields.

We partner with our customers to deliver a complete range of mobile app development services that includes UX/UI designs, quality assurance, and user interface, etc. Our mission is to transform the modern scenario of the marketing world; travel and exceed in different technologies to produce the best solution to our customers assuring their achievement.

Alfaone Infotech

Alfaone Infotech is a best mobile app development company provides and builds Mobile Applications, Creative Media and Enterprise Solutions that enable businesses to control IT support from a business prospect.

They are one of the top app development companies in Qatar,Doha operates with an expanding list of satisfied customers across the globe in different business divisions by obtaining a deep knowledge of their industries.


Aura is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Qatar specialized in building and evolving mobile applications for various industries. With a team of dedicated app developers, focused on producing suitable and reliable software solutions for all types and sizes.

Krom Group

Krom Group is a leading mobile app development company in Qatar, Doha provides creative and innovative along with  technical competency to produce high quality, powerful, capable and user-friendly products that meet customer requirements. Our resources have broad expertise in emerging applications for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Quantum IT Innovation

Quantum IT Innovation is one of the best app development company in Qatar and Doho holds the proficient team in the development of apps and hold many satisfied clients. They strive for the best B2B services. They consider customer requirements and develop the things needed for end-users. They understand how powerful your business is for you so we present you with the best-customized apps.

Hire our Best and Top Mobile App Development Company in Doha and Qatar

We work for small, medium and large enterprises; we always look to update ourselves to invest our skills in our client’s projects, to sustain strong in the competition. We have a clear vision to serve with the best solutions. Additionally, we also deliver products on time. Our high-class mobile and web apps include a well-planned and comprehensive UI/UX strategy providing varied requirements of professions.

If you are looking for Reliable mobile app development companies in Doha and Qatar, Reach us at   and contact us today

reactnative app development

Top React Native app Development Companies

reactnative app development

React Native app Development Companies | Hire React Native App Developers

React Native is the latest JavaScript open source library utilized to break pages or features into shorter pieces of reusable elements. With the advantage of ReactJS, a mobile app can be designed with a mixture of different elements, which are formed on the top of the other ingredients. ReactJS, created by Facebook in 2015. It is used to develop user interfaces, where it helps to manage website content or data easily to mobile platforms.

As per recent survey reports says React native techniques are growing and used in 60 % of the websites and managing the data on their mobile apps. Companies such as NetFlix, Facebook, and snapchat are developed with React Native app.

React Native App is focused more on UI and it is easy, fast and efficient to learn, the developers who are experts in JS can perform coding on both the platforms such as Android and iPhone. This modern technology the remodeling and rendering ultra-speed performance of their business solutions with the help of React Native App Development.

React Native become more popular nowadays because of extensive coding and outstanding performance in mobile app platforms. Developing an app requires a lot of expertise and creativity, an attractive app depends on good UI. So to develop mobile apps definitely require a lot of investment of time and money so companies prefer to React Native Development than native mobile apps. By choosing React Native, Developers can easily deploy the same code in Android and iOS platforms.

Benefits of applying React Native Development Services

Benefits of applying React Native Development Services

  • It is an open source platform framework can be applied for both Android app development and iOS app development at once
  • The performance of the React Native app functions speed and efficiency and loads your mobile app instantly
  • The react native support developers to save money and time by coding at once for both Android and iOS in a convenient way.
  • It utilizes the same basic UI framework charges as installed iOS and Android app.

There are many Top ReactJS App Development Companies, choosing the right one is a tough job, we made a list of top ReactJS App Development Companies based on their projects, customer reviews, and popularity.

React Native app Development Companies

Fusion Informatics

fusion informatics-logo

Fusion Informatics is one of the best react native app development company operating efficiently and implementing solutions on react native technologies by choosing Reactjs code. We create the best native application platform by adopting the framework. We are intelligent to create and share apps fast with our esteemed clients within the scheduled time. Fusion Informatics emerged native iOS and Android applications using the latest React Native technology.

We advance to an effective adequate Native app with React Native. We don’t ignore the opinions of your own concept to develop an app and we have the extensive expertise to develop the ideas of our customers even though you are a startup, medium or large company.

Services Provided

React Native app development, Native App Development, Hybrid App Development

Singsys –


They are one of the top React Native app development company and concentrated produce high-level applications which operate seamlessly on every phase of the customer. They are capable to develop based on customer demands and business requirement. The Premier software they develop presents a wide range of mobile application solutions. They hold a highly qualified and expert team to develop diverse business needs. The company has a better experience in generating React Native app development.They produced applications for various industries with reacting native development techniques.

Services Provided

React Native App Development, ReactJS Development, Hybrid App Development



It is one of the leading React native development company, provides a one-stop solution for complete react native app project. They offer quality services to their customer across various locations. They hold young and dynamic experts, capable to develop various types of applications. They have a crew which makes it a simple task for the clients and also strive to perform the services with the result.

Services Provided

React Native App Development, ReactJS Development, Hybrid App Development



The team of Cleveroad has well trained and expertise in various fields. They are one of the top-notch React native app development companies and providing outstanding services for their customers with research and analysis. They have vast experience in developing applications for Android and iOS.They believed to create unique in each project. The company has an experienced crew to present you with a seamless existence.

Services Provided

React Native App Development, ReactJS Development, Hybrid App Development

Octal Info Solution:

Octal Info Solution

They are ISO 9001:2015 certified react native app Development Company produced more than 1500+ apps. They hold 150+ professionals holding result-oriented skills and produce effective mobile app solutions for SME, Medium and Large companies in diverse industries. They provide solutions for Real-estate, E-commerce, Education, retail and Automobile. Fusion Informatics produces each and every project with dedication and follows quality standards.

Services Provided

React Native App Development, ReactJS Development, Hybrid App Development


We have listed the above companies based on their recent projects and reviews. If you are serious about your business to develop with React Native app development you can choose the above one. We at Fusion informatics is one of the top React Native Development Company, where developers used all the latest tools and techniques to produce seamless apps for your business.

Hire our React Native Development Company, we are one of the leading React native development company, our developers excel in React Native and extensions that it supports them to develop apps with React.js. It also helps to save their time writing code twice for two platforms. We are experts with React native technology has been implemented for years, and we remain to effort on React Native developments so we can distribute high-level apps to the customers. The team at Fusion Informatics suggest React Native for the hybrid app and we consider that it creates the procedure favorable.

Reach us .If you are looking for reliable React Native Development Company


Impact of Mobile App Technology in Education Industry


The advanced technology playing a vital role in students’ lives, by providing online platforms, eBooks and using the internet can interact with professionals and can obtain useful information from the organization’s websites. Students can enroll for exams, and can even get a job by performing interview through the internet. One of the trending technologies such as mobile app influencing students to utilize for the personal and professional purpose to understand lessons from app resources and to solve real problems.

The advanced technology such as mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud technology playing an immense role in education and striving to provide better learning methods. The technologies, helping students to win carrier, they benefit by getting a personalized experience with self-learning’s, and educators can focus on each and every individual student and the entire system can become more effective with these interfaces.

We can customize the complete system to provide the best education for each individual and can bring stress, fewer education activities are possible with the Modern Technology methods.

Every mobile app development becomes extremely famous for students that many apps like byju’s have brought many transformations in the student’s carriers and with the help of smartphone students can get access data directly.

Nowadays, mobile apps have become an important element of business and customers, many online institutions and organizations implementing mobile apps for their students for admission, fee payments, download certifications, and can find relevant information about institutions.

The mobile apps have brought significant change in the education industry, led to implementing advanced learning methods to make students understand easily and effectively. There are books and quizzes available on a mobile app that encourage the learners in an innovative manner and help them learn everything from various resources.

There are billions of apps are available in the app store, but picking the right mobile apps for students can transform the way of learning methods. The mobile app development companies have been building educational apps with creative to enhance the students’ perspective. This education mobile app helps students train visible methods with dynamic animations, attractive pages make students engage in apps.

What is Mobile App? How does it help?

The Mobile app development is a process, which implemented and developed a program or software to operate on mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Windows, etc. Generally, mobile applications installed from App stores on their smartphones. At present, there are millions of apps available in the marketplace; this app are managed by mobile app owner through the admin panel.

Many apps can download free from the store which contains Ads and some apps are paid came with its profit has a spat. Mobile apps help many businesses to reach more customers in the field of the competitive world. At present, mobile apps become more important for every business because of more smartphone usage by users.

Mobile apps intended to develop for productivity and automation assistance such as to send push notifications, reminders, and calendar and create community and later its expansion has taken place in all industries such as games, manufacturing, etc. Companies can develop a mobile app for their business operations to make available all the time for users. The users can utilize mobile apps to track location, order products, and services with the help of internet.

How Education apps will benefit Students?

Education mobile apps changed the classroom atmosphere that allows students to obtain better results in education and it strengthens the skills to execute classroom related assignments and other information with activities. For any problems and doubts, the mobile app allows students to search without any interruption and time delay with fingertips. It even helps students to boost confidence at the best level. There are many benefits can obtain from Education apps for students below are a few

EBooks and online study material

Educational mobile apps came with benefits for students, as it saves a lot of money for buying study material from shops and libraries, These Educational mobile apps allow the user to read the study material from a smartphone with simple clicks and can locate various study materials with more research.


In the traditional education system, it is very difficult to inspect that every student is engaging in learning. Mobile app helps students in this regards that provides various material resources from the storage and even can interact with app pleasantly.

Online resources

The power of the digital education system is tremendous growth of devices that filled with books and notes. The wealth of this platform connects its reputation among education seekers. The ability of this platform delivers it a preference to students who cannot allow the excess of full-time education in schools or colleges.

24*7 Available

With the help of mobile apps students and parents, get access to study material online, which helps to change the education system the way students can learn anytime and anywhere. Mobile apps are always available for students can learn at a convenient time zone.

Instant updates

Mobile apps not only meant for learning, but also used to stay the latest updates from campus occasions, exam timetables, and job notifications and some other latest information regarding education. These Education mobile apps help students to receive instant updates on their smartphones.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The personalized experience in education is one of the best advantages when comes to Artificial Intelligence in an education system, as it contains advanced elements like neural networks, natural language processing, and machine learning helps to improve self-learning experience. It helps to track each individual student performance and can be managed a large set of data and insights effectively controlled by regular schools.

It has the ability to locate the prefer the content of the relevant course in the application based on the behavior. Here, Artificial Intelligence can really see into that individual and place if some ideas taken from the program or not. This, eventually, can support teachers to obtain possible better informative elements or use improved designs of learning so that learners can improve in those fields.

However, through the application of AI, pupils would sense more at expertise when it evolves to building errors that are necessary for them in class to learn great. Moreover, within the application of Artificial Intelligence, students would also receive the constant reminders that they need in order to develop.

The Role of Blockchain Technology in Education


Blockchain technology is now moving beyond the division of investment in other enterprises, including education, where knowledge is important. Blockchain technology has now started to perform an important role in the Education sector and it is affecting and remodeling many of our present activities. The Blockchain is highly secured and can make multiple transactions without the involvement of mediators. The education sector consists of several divisions that are applied in various areas.

Based on the report of a survey conducted in various schools, the report proves that the connection of the “Blockchain” with education is in a starting condition while allowing a series of proposals to support the growth of this technology.

The Blockchain is one of the secure technologies, but already businesses are experiencing its benefits. Education is a multifaceted sector where different systems need to adjust to serve students for the careers of the future. This will eventually give users the best chance of managing their education route and a prosperous expectation career.

Internet of Things

IoT is one of advanced technology that connected with things to transform information or data, in the workplace or education place. It is a multiple function technology helps to perform progressively becoming a great platform for the education industry.

IoT(Internet of Things) is developing every business, and the training and education areas fall well within the range of this innovative technology. The increase of combined devices joined with enhanced, cost-effective technology programs and confirmation of common models has only developed the accelerated increase of IoT-enabled utilization and capacities in the training enterprise.

Teachers constantly look to locate various methods to train their students that create interest to learn more and allow to engage more with projects, relevant group discussions, and training methods. Similarly, many systems widely utilized modern versions of education ways like the conventional whiteboard.

Education is clear that the business needs endless revisions. IoT provides the possibility to modify the learning method from tedious to interest.


From the above points, it is clear that mobile apps are important for education and raising the progress in the era of developments. We can accurately state that mobile app learning has shifted an essential component of learning and education in greater training, other phases of obtaining information Modern technologies such as Mobile apps are in evaluation for all the industries, and it has reached tremendous speed in creating better opportunities and gaining popularity. The spread of this technology includes the Education sector also and helping online institutions.

Fusion Informatics is one of the leading Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai building apps for education sectors. If you are looking to develop Best mobile apps for your education institutes, we are happy to help you in receiving the best mobile apps for your business.

We have valid experience in developing creative and user-friendly apps for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things in the Education. Hire our App development company that allows your business to get more sales and productivity.

Welcome to Fusion Informatics
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