Small Bluetooth Stickers Assure That You Will Never Lose Anything Again

Now with updated technology of iphone application everything become possible like you will never lose anything stinks and there are some cool gadgets that actually let you use your iphone to recover some important thing you lost.

You can simply use that iphone application on your iphone and that is stickNFind. All you have to do is just put the small bluetooth sticker on to a remote, or any important thing that you worried about, you can also put it to your childs backpack, or pet’s collar.

Then use your iphone to locate the item, when you will come close to the sticker it will start vibrate and showing the exact location of it. Isn’t it great thing. Its very easy to use this application, it has got the virtual leash feature that will let you know when one of your stickers gets too far away from you. Remember while using it that it only works within 100 feet of your iphone.

Benefits and Limitations of iPhone Apps Development


The iPhone has reached the heights of fame post the launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Even users with iPhone 4 have started upgrading their operating system to iOS 6 for their iPhone to be in sync with the technology. The latest iOS, iOS 6 comes loaded with more than two hundred new features which makes it the most famous software upgrade for iPhone. There are many companies emerging in the market who have hired experienced and expert professionals to offer expert iPhone app development services.

The popularity of iPhone has coerced many programmers and developers to create a number of applications. iPhone dominates the smart phone market. More than six million iPhone devices have been sold and its sales figures are going on increasing. iPhone opens up many doors of opportunities to market your application idea to millions of users worldwide. iPhone application development becomes an easy process with the help of Software Development Kit or SDK, which is available for download. Any developer can create and market the applications developed by him or her on the Apple Application Store. SDK comes packed with all the tools required for iPhone apps development. You can hire services of different companies to transform your idea into an application.

iPhone applications are used by iPhone owners for a number of purposes such as performing business tasks, surfing the net, access documents or to have fun by playing games. It goes beyond calling and messaging. Due to the plethora of benefits offered by iPhone, it has become one of the favorite platforms for applications development.

Despite the tools provided for easing iPhone apps development, Apple has laid down certain rules for the development and running of applications. The main rule applied by Apple is that users cannot run two applications simultaneously even if both the applications are imperative. For instance, if you are working with one application and you need some information from other application then you should first close the first application and then only you can access the other application.

In iPhone, you cannot run third party applications in the back ground. This implies that if you are chatting with your friend using an application and at the same time you receive a call then you will be disconnected and will be unable to chat once you pick up the call.

One important thing about iPhone apps development is that if an iPhone app developer has designed an application meant to be run on iOS6 then he has to put in some extra efforts to ensure that the same application works well on all previous versions.

Even though iPhone has its own limitations, these shortcomings have not influenced the sales figures of this smart phone king. With iPhone leading the smart phone market, the number of iPhone applications has reached approximately 700,000 available over the net. It can be concluded that the benefits offered by iPhone surpass the limitations imposed by Apple.

The Need For Android Application Development

Owned by Google and Open handset alliance, Android is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile operating system. A number of smart phone devices are now based on Android operating system which provides brilliant features at competitive price. During the year 2010, android based smart phones had acquired a position in the top highest selling mobile devices at the global level. Google has its own android market in which extra android applications are made available for download to users. They also offer support for third party developed Android apps.

Presently, there are more than two hundred thousand applications provided on the android market to different users. Throughout the world, a number of Android users download the applications from the android market. They download these applications both for their professional and personal needs.

The versatile and reliable features of android operating system have contributed to the popularity of android application development. Following are some of the essential features of Android that can significantly prove the importance of Android Application Development.

  • Android offers supporting connectivity technologies such as GSM/EDGE, CDMA, IDEN, EV-DO, UMTS, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth, and WiMAX.
  • Android can also support additional hardware like GSM based mobile, Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, accelerometer, Camera and compass.
  • Multi tasking is the need of the hour and Android is just what you need for it.
  • C/C++ and Java programming language is availed of for Android Application Development. A well experienced Java programmer can easily grasp and work on concepts related to Android apps.
  • Android provides extensive comprehensive library for 2D/3D graphics for traditional layout creation. This helps in creating attractive graphics.
  • Data storage is done in a structured way with the use of SQLite.
  • Cost effectiveness is ensured in android apps development as android is an open source mobile operating system.
  • Android application developerscan easily understand and make use of Android SDK for building creative Android applications
  • Android also reduces time spent by a developer during the development process. This is made possible by Android by allowing the use of same codes for rapid application development..

Android Application Development helps businesses meet their unique business needs. For different business domains there are different types of applications. Business oriented applications, document readers, Android mobile competent websites, Android game apps, multimedia applications, Social networking applications, entertainment applications, security applications, GPS tracking, travel applications, Utility apps, etc are some examples to mention a few. Android Application Development companies, who are having good experience, also serve porting of other platform mobile application to Android application.

Benefits of Using Web Development Services

Web development is not only for making a website look exceptional but it also addresses the functional aspect of the website. The web development process should be initiated with the user in mind because a website paves the way for any business to attract customers by introducing the business or the company to them. For many companies, their website is their point of selling and their business solely depends on the website. It is wrong to think that web development is about showing information to customers. Interaction forms the core part of web development.

Web development company offers innovative web applications. Small scale businesses do not hire a number of employees for maintaining their website but they outsource their website development and maintenance to offshore companies. With the developing internet technology, many businesses are not only emphasizing a desktop website but are also looking forward to building mobile website besides web and mobile applications. Website development company canada offers quality web development services. They hire a team of dexterous web developers who also direct their efforts towards marketing of a site. Graphic designers and information system specialists also form a part of this team.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization forms an important part of effective web development because a website is always developed with SEO in consideration. During the development stages of a website, SEO gets initiated. Web development company canada then continues to built upon once the website attains completion.

Simply put a web development company can either make or break your website and so it is very important to be meticulous in selecting website development company canada. If your budget is high then you can select a well established IT company that has years of experience in the industry.

The Increasing Demand For iPhone Application development

iPhone has become the talk of the town with every teenager wanting to own one. The number of benefits it offers and makes our lives easily, iPhone has made a place for itself in everyone’s shopping list. It has become an object of luxury. The popularity is mainly due to the applications it offers. These applications are very useful for business men, teenagers, university going students, homemakers etc. In short, they are helpful for everybody as these applications let you know everything from a restaurant’s address to the latest news in any corner for the world. All this has encouraged the growth of iPhone apps development.

iPhone apps developers utilize different technologies such as Unity 3D engine, iphone4 development, Audio Video foundation framework, Media Player Framework, Core Graphics, Audio Queue Services Programming, Interface Builder, Open AL, Core animation, Core Audio etc. All these are the high end technologies. iPhone  mobile application development has made it very convenient to carry out day to day activities simultaneously. With the help of applications it is possible to listen to music, do mobile banking, visit different social networking websites etc.

iPhone also allows business users to avail of the web space to boost their business growth.

To develop brilliant and unique applications, iPhone applications developers need to be creative and should make use of high end iPhone development technologies. Hence, if an iPhone user wants all applications on his iPhone then he can consult professionals so that he can fully utilize the capabilities of iPhone.

There are many companies coming forth to offer iPhone development services. These companies hire dedicated team of application developers who are not only experienced but are also dexterous. They consider the requirements of the business and expectations of the business men before offering the services. Their solutions are designed in such a way that they match the business needs. This will help the business enhance its growth.

Applications make it possible to carry on daily tasks with perfect ease. These tasks include business transactions as well. Time saving is one of the important benefits the applications offer. iPhone is specifically useful for business men who remain on the go. Business data is required in every part of the world and access to it can help business men take the right decisions at the right time. This is what makes an iPhone indispensible for a business man. Using third party applications, information can be securely shared across a number of computers and devices.

It would be possible to connect to SharePoint servers ensuring that you get all the information right on your iPhone. On your iPhone you can easily view, edit, annotate and share common business documents such as Microsoft office files, PDFs and even Google Docs. Even when on the go business men can complete all their tasks using to-do lists, tracking due dates, capturing whiteboard brainstorms etc, via their applications on iPhone. They can also organize notes, prioritize tasks, create action plans, and map ideas from beginning to ending.

Getting Started With PHP Website Development

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a popularly used open source scripting language used for general purpose. Spherically suited for web development, it can be embedded into HTML. Instead of using a number of commands to output HTML (as in case of C or Perl), PHP pages have HTML with embedded Code. The PHP code comes enclosed in a unique start and end processing instructions (“<?php and ?>”). This enables you to jump into and out of “php mode”.

PHP website development involves the use of PHP language. PHP programming is different from client-side JavaScript in the sense that the code is executed on the server. This leads to generation of HTML which is received by the client. Though the client gets the results in script form, he may not know the underlying code. In order to process all HTML files with PHP, one can also configure the web server.

The three main areas where PHP scripts are used are server-side scripting, command line scripting and desktop applications. PHP web Development Company uses PHP in all major operating systems such as Microsoft windows, Linux, many Unix variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Mac OS X, RISC OS etc. Apache and IIS are also supported by PHP. It supports any web server that can use the FastCGI PHP binary, like lighttpd and nginx. PHP may work either as a CGI processor or as a module.

PHP gives you the freedom to select an operating system and a web server. You may also choose from procedural programming or object oriented programming (OOP) or a combination of both.

PHP development is easy even for amateurs as it is very simple but provides a number of sophisticated features to anyone who is dexterous at PHP website development. Even though PHP development is concentrated in server-side scripting, there are many things that can be done with it.

Benefits of Using ASP.NET

ASP.NET website development is next era of web development. It is a web application framework that has been made and marketed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used for building web applications whereas .NET development can be used both for web applications and desktop applications. Using ASP.NET programmers can build dynamic websites, web applications and web services. ASP.Net was found to be more than 10 times faster for the average user than Java’s J2EE technology. This research was done by independent software evaluation companies. Built on Common Language Runtime (CLR), it enables programmers to write ASP.NET code with the use of any supported .NET language. It also allows the programmers to use full featured programming language such as C# (pronounced C-Sharp) or VB.NET so that they can build applications on web easily.

Owing to bandwidth limitations and differences of use of web browser, it is imperative to stick with HTML as the mark-up language. Web pages will not appear wonderful as an independent application running under windows but using some skill and creativity, amazing web applications can be created using ASP.NET. It processes all codes on the server just the way a normal application does. After the code is proceses, the server gives back the resultant HTML to the user. If you install .NET framework on the server, you can use ASP.NET hosting. In case the client supports JavaScript, then the server will utilize it to speed up the browser. It becomes quicker as well as easier. Even when HTML seems to confine ASP.NET, it still can bring true OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to the internet. Whenever there are extremely large applications to be build, OOP or Object Oriented Programming is used. It helps your code structured yet clean.

ASP.NET application development helps you rapidly develop powerful web applications. ASP.Net development offers a number of advantages both for end users and programmers. Following are the benefits of using ASP.NET.

Fast Web Applications:

Caching and compiled code are the two things that make ASP.Net fast. Previously, the code was interpreted into “machine language” whenever a visitor views your web page. With Asp.Net the code gets compiled into “machine language” prior to any visit on the web page. Caching stores the information that can be reused in future for faster access. ASP.Net allows the caching of the data from a database so that your website is faster even after frequent visits to a database.

Crash Shielding and Memory Leak

To ensure that your website never gives an error message to your visitors and is available to them whenever they want, ASP.Net automatically recovers from memory leaks and errors

Many Language Support

Using ASP.Net developers can write their code in more than 25 .Net languages such as c#, JScript.Net and VB.Net. This gives them ease of use of language that they are expert in. This way they can give their best.

Checkout Features Of walmart iPhone Apps

WalMart is the world’ largest retailer store and their stores have spread everywhere all over the world, Now they are testing one iphone app that will let shoppers to scan items using their iphones isn’t it sounds amazing. After that you can pay at a checkout counter, the big advantage of that app is you can save your time and cost.

If the this test go successful for that world’s largest retailer store. On other word you can say walmart is a king of retailers, it has good potential to change the way people buy products and pay making the whole process faster and personal.

Recently walmart has invited employees with Apple Inc iphones to participate in a test at a walmart super center in arkansas, that is near company’s headquarters, as per the survey of it. All of the effort is to make your buying process more quicker, safe to make better your shopping experience at walmart store. After the test walmart said that it may add more self checkout lanes at its walmart stores as they are trying to make costs more lower for its shoppers.

If this apps works successful then walmart can save their millions of dollars as currently they are spending more money on scan items and make payment. Even sometimes shopper complain on twitter and in other forums that it takes long to pay at walmart, where sometimes only a few of the several checkout lanes are open and staffed with cashiers so that creates a little negative point of walmart stores.

So to make the whole process faster walmart is continually testing new and innovative different ways to serve customers and increase shopping experience in their stores. The team of iphone application development includes functions like create a lists and seeing that items in stock for shoppers. In the future they may also try other mobile application development such as blackberry app development, android app development etc.

This is the fourth technology that walmart is going to use for better shopping experience, the handheld scanners, RFID chips, and this time its smartphnes, as per the Weitzel retail industry. We are looking to find some ways to make better experience as an industry.

Call of iPhones in Smart Phone Industry

The iPhone market has now become one of the most dynamic segments in the Smartphone industry. Even after facing cut throat competition from android, blackberry and windows mobile, iPhone has emerged to be a winner. iPhone app store and iPhone SDK played a crucial role in its success as developers got good support


The SDK or Software development kit makes it easy for iphone application developers to avail of a number of features for developing useful and innovative iPhone applications. Developers can create three different types of applications making use of the latest version of SDK, One is for iPod and iPhone touch, other for development of universal applications and the third one for development for iPad applications.

Universal applications are called so because of their ability to run on all iPhone OS devices. iPad application development involves the use of tools that optimize the programs for features of iPad and can work only on that platform. The chief benefit of building universal applications is flexibility and iPhone application developer can work only on one application instead of multiple applications.


Universal applications can easily identify the device they are running on and optimize themselves to function properly on that device. Most of the businesses have been incorporating the use of iPhone as a business tool. The application store offers a number of helpful business applications however; there are a number of iPhone application development companies in the market which can provide customized applications that meet specific user needs.

iPhone development is similar to Max OS X application development. However, the notable difference lies in small screen size and varying features of iPhone like touch screen. Also, the small memory size of iPhone in comparison to a laptop or desktop, should also be considered before embarking any smart phone development project.

Mobile Application Development Experiencing An Increasing Trend

With the improvement in mobile technology, more people are using internet via mobile than from their personal computer. Always remaining hooked to their mobiles; people are making more and more use of mobile applications. The increasing trend of mobile users has fuelled the growth of mobile app development companies who are working tirelessly to enhance the technical features of their products. The growth of mobile application development has made lives easier for people by enabling them to keep track of their schedules, share and store photos, stream audio and video, read online books, send and receives text messages and mails, play games etc. These conveniences are now available to users at their thumbs or fingers.

On a regular basis, companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nokia and Samsung, keep updating hardware devices, platforms and a number of mobile app. A web development company can provide services that help companies make mobile website and mobile app. Many companies go for building a mobile website while mobile web apps do offer the benefits of interactivity, personalization, ability to work without an internet connection etc.

A software development company may suggest you what is better for a business, building a mobile website or making a mobile web application. Making a mobile website also offers a number of advantages like ready availability, compatibility, able to be shared and found, reach to larger audience etc. However, if a business wants to offer personalization then it must ask a web development company to build a mobile apps.

Mobile app development has two way benefits both for the user and any new business. Building mobile applications has now become one of the ways of spreading brand name for new businesses. This increase in demand has urged even a software development company to offer mobile apps development services. Some of the benefits that these applications offer to businesses are building of relationships, loyalty and brand, not ending up in spam folder, increased exposure, get connected with customers on-the-go, strengthen the social networking strategies etc.

Users who use mobile applications can also avail of a number of benefits like getting ease of access, receiving notifications of special events, getting free one-to-one chat, automatic reminder of their next appointment etc. Launching a mobile application might be a matter of a day if the right web development company undertakes the task. However, this task of a single day or may be some hours gives quick reputation to a business aiming at building brand.

Overall, it can be said that having an application and a website has its own benefits respectively. If a business aims at delivering content and establishing a broad mobile presence that can be located on search engines then it must go for mobile website. However, if the business aims at interactive engagement with users then an application is what it may require.

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