Why You Should Go For PHP Web Development?

The reason why PHP is gaining importance is its flexibility and open source nature. To get sales figures up and survive the onslaught of cut throat competition it is important to have a fully functional website. An attractive and well designed website does half of the marketing job for the business. Even in website development department there is a competition between asp.net and PHP. There are a number of ways to build a website. HTML, Static website, dynamic website, flash website and what not options are provided to businesses for website development. PHP is one of the scripting languages that is used in PHP Programming Long Beach.

PHP development company long beach offers services for PHP programming california. These companies hire PHP website developer long beach to accomplish PHP development projects. PHP is now used by one and all to build websites. This programming language adds a lot of functionality to the site. Being similar to languages such as C and Pearl, PHP is one of the easiest scripting languages to work on.

Many PHP applications utilize Apace web server and MySQL database. The overall stack being technically competent serves as a great solution for getting superior performance. This beats the performance of traditional development stacks and tool sets. PHP websites are customized and PHP website developers long beach can influence it as per the requirements as majority of Content Management Systems including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are made in PHP only.

PHP offers a cost effective way to website development. It is open source and developers can use it without any requirement for a license. The latest version can be downloaded any time at zero cost unless any licensing requirements get introduced in the future. Start ups having budget limitations can avail of this language to cut costs.

Apple to reject apps that use UDIDs, don’t support Retina, iPhone 5 displays as of May 1st

Apple has finally placed a deadline on its rejection of apps that use UDIDs. As of May 1st, Apple will no longer accept new apps that use the Universal Device Identifier. In addition, all apps must be compatible with Apple’s Retina displays and  iPhone applications must support the 4″ iPhone 5 display, or they’re no go.

Here are the notices:

Starting May 1, the App Store will no longer accept new apps or app updates that access UDIDs. Please update your apps and servers to associate users with the Vendor or Advertising identifiers introduced in iOS 6

Starting May 1, new apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be built for iOS devices with Retina display and iPhone apps must also support the 4-inch display on iPhone 5

The ban on apps that don’t support the iPhone 5′s display is an interesting one, as there are still many apps out there on the store that are stuck at the old ‘letterboxed’ resolution of the iPhone 4/4S. For whatever reason, Apple has had a hard time convincing some developers to update their apps to support the iPhone 5′s display. While most marquee apps have been updated, there are still a few on my device that are not updated. Now, if they want to fix any bugs or add any new features, they’ll also have to be iPhone 5-ready.

Back to the issue of UDIDs, though. If you’re unfamiliar with their history and why Apple dislikes them so much, here’s a summary from our 2012 year-end Apple post:

Apple has been warning developers for some time to stop using a device’s Unique Device ID to track it for advertising, upgrade or any other purpose. The use of UDIDs had been very prominent with ad networks, though there are definitely some legitimate non-ad uses of these identifiers. In May of last year, it started banning some apps that were using them in even ‘ok’ ways. At the time, we mentioned that if Apple was banning developers for using them, then it needed to provide a good alternative.

Apple delivered that with the Advertising Identifier with iOS 6. It’s a number that was unique but not tied specifically to a piece of hardware, and one that could be changed when reset. Some advertisers still feel that this is a poor option, but Apple now allows users to limit ad tracking with a toggle in the Settings app.

This makes it harder on developers, but easier on consumers looking to limit how much information they share about their habits. It also likely fulfills a promise that Apple made to a Senate subcommittee that it was going to make privacy issues more transparent for its users in the future. The issues surrounding UDID exposure and tracking came to a head late in the year when a database containing 1 million of these numbers was exposed by the AntiSec hacking group.

The group claimed to have retrieved them from the laptop of an FBI agent but the agency denied the claims. When the hack went down, we provided a custom-made tool that allowed you to check (in a secure page and without retaining any numbers in our records) whether or not your UDID was in the list of compromised records released by AntiSec.

The true origin was revealed when Paul Dehart, CEO of Blue Toad, came forward and said that the UDIDs came from the company’s servers. The company, which makes software for publishers, was obviously one who had been using it to track advertising and other habits.

The UDID is fraught with issues, and Apple has wanted it out for some time. Now, it has a deadline, so start culling it from your iphone apps developers.

The Trend of Using PHP For Website Development

Who does not want a website in this competitive online arena? Every entrepreneur wants to reach every nook and corner of the world and get more customers for business. Website is made using web development tools. Website development is an arduous task that needs research for developing a visitor friendly and brilliant website. To gain maximum revenue you need a powerful website that attracts most number of visitors. You’ll attract more customers with an eye catchy website that loads quickly. For web development PHP website development is considered the best.


What is PHP?

PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext processor. This open source server-side scripting language helps you create dynamic websites. Working by server side scripting, it lets you go off large amount of coding usually used in web development. Website development using HTML coding is known as static websites as they work from a client side. In such websites the code gets executed from browser and the result is returned in HTML.

PHP works from a server side meaning it will execute from the web server while returning the output in browser. It also has HTML embedded functionality.

Why PHP?

PHP being an open source platform, lets you develop a customized website. It has more options when it comes to customization. HTML coding can also be utilized in PHP website development. With HTML, PHP website developer India can make use of Ajax, Flash and many other scripts functionalities. This is all is required to make a fully functional website. PHP is an easy to use scripting language and a very convenient platform that PHP website developers use.

Using PHP web development you can build easy to navigate and a fast data loading website. PHP database features can be used on all web hosting providers.

Blackberry Applications Trends In 2013

Blackberry comes armed with functionalities and has user friendly applications. This has made it one of the most popular smart gadgets around the world. To utilize the gadget optimally, users want the most powerful applications loaded on the device. This has increased the demand for Blackberry apps developers and encouraged them to present novel applications regularly. Business men and those in the corporate world prefer to go for Blackberry as it comes powered with innovative apps which allow them live an organized life.

As business men demand for bespoke applications for fulfilling their specific requirements, the demand for blackberry apps development is also on the rise. Blackberry has the maximum share in the mobile apps development market as it offers creative applications. These apps are helpful not just for business men but also for teenagers and professionals. A number of blackberry developers develop a variety of apps for Blackberry users.

Those in business and the corporate world can use applications in areas of finance, business, gaming, learning, sports, travel, education, music and many more according to their wants. By utilizing the applications, they can analyze data, send and receive emails, update their To-Do list, send documents, receive regular updates, check the latest news and take decisions even while being on the go. Blackberry apps development companies use high end technology and come up with novel concepts as well as tools for development.

Coming to business, there are applications that can make some processes easy and smooth while helping you save a lot of time. This is where business apps come into play. Though it is very difficult to choose the right developer for developing apps for Blackberry, one can go through the past records or references of the developer to arrive at a judgment.

Legal Issues Involved in iPhone Application Development

Exploring the legal landscape of apps development is imperative prior to the launch and maintenance of any successful iPhone application. In this blog post, I’d be showcasing the general legal pitfalls involved in iPhone application development australia. I’d also be specifying the measures that iphone application developers can take to shield their intellectual property rights and bring down the risk factors.

Apple’s iPhone SDK Agreement enforces a number of important legal requirements. The first law is that the developers need to comply with all state, federal, and international privacy laws related to data collection, and image or video recording. If any personal information has been collected then it cannot be made public without the consent of the user. Even one cannot record a voice without his or her consent and use it for increasing or earning profits.

If an iPhone developer is using any music or any piece of music in the application then he should have a license or fully own the music. Any content used inside the application should be fully owned by the developer or even if he is not the owner he should have the owner’s permission to use it. If music or content are being used based on a license then it should mention the royalty terms that result from the sales of the application.

An application should not contain any objectionable, offensive or defamatory content or any other content that deems objectionable to Apple. If you use any then it may result in the rejection of your application by Apple. iPhone applications that make use of open source software should meet all the applicable FOSS licensing terms. The SDK agreement states that if you use any FOSS then it should not infect the Software Development Kit in any way.


How iPhone Applications Can Enhance Your Business Value

There is no one who is unaware about iPhone and the applications it offers. It has revolutionized the way people make use of their smart phones. Applications help people optimize their use of smart devices. There is a number of thrilling iPhone applications that can help businesses enhance their efficiency. It can help business men carry on their work even when they are on the go in a cost efficient manner.

With the increasing competition, it is important for iPhone apps developers to remain updated with the latest tools and technologies. iPhone applications can help interlink employees of an organization to help them access information from remote locations. This helps in cutting down costs.

Clients are the key for success in any business. If clients or customers are offered faster services and convenience in placing orders or shopping, then you can ensure that you retain them and also attract new ones. Bespoke iPhone applications help your customers to place orders through speedy and customized iPhone application development. These apps are specifically helpful for restaurant businesses and offer home delivery services.

Businesses can save the cost of investing thousands of dollars in a giant system that receives customers’ orders. iPhone app is the most preferable and economical alternative. Businesses can use this saved amount to invest somewhere else. This helps them achieve greater efficiency without extra cost.

iPhone application development london helps businesses enhance performance, efficiency, client relationships and the quality of your products and services. A number of iPhone application developers offer their services to develop creative and quality iPhone applications. These iPhone apps help you enhance your business value. These applications help businesses in reducing the marketing costs. They are useful to individuals as well as businesses. iPhone applications help in getting some fun and entertainment in busy lives. People use it to access online documents, edit them and send them across various users.

Developing Effective Android Applications

 With the fast paced development of Android, it has become imperative to keep in consideration the performance of an application. The application which is error free can only function well. To ensure that Android developers can test their application before it is launched, Android Software Development Kit or SDK offers a number of tools for debugging the top notch applications. It can easily help recognize performance problems in Android applications.

 Android apps are made for laptops and portable devices including smart phones. However they have limitations when coming to loading and storage. This enforces Android apps developers to develop applications that lay emphasis on reliability and effectiveness. There are many parameters on which the performance of an application is measured. One of most well known measures of apps performance is the battery life. If the application you have developed is not powerful or impactful then battery life of your Android mobile will get shortened easily. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you should optimize the performance of your application to ensure better battery life.

You can optimize the performance of your android application by avoiding other things that are not required for your application. Many amateur Android developers usually do not consider these things related to the application and in the end they have an application that is not so good. You should not create something only because you have to create something. Your application idea should be something unique and meaningful. Whenever Android application development is done just to build an application then the end result is disastrous and may not be able to impact any users.

Android apps developers should bear in mind that when they are using C / C++ it is a good idea to use some setter or getter methods as directly using the fields may invite some restrictions on accessing the application. However, when it comes to Android it is not good to call virtual methods within the class. Instead you should ensure that you use the virtual method calls to the public and not the class.

Nike looks to unleash potential of fitness platform with new developer APIs

Nike’s FuelBand and Nike+ running accessories are already among the most popular fitness trackers on the market, but the company is keenly aware the platform holds plenty of room for potential. To that end, today it’s released a set of APIs that grant select third-party developers access to your workout metrics; type of activity, exercise duration, calories burned, and earned NikeFuel will all be available to app makers. Developers will also be made aware of the specific Nike+ device you’re using / wearing, and if said hardware offers GPS functionality they’ll receive that information as well.

These APIs come ahead of Nike’s recently-announced Accelerator program, an initiative it hopes will uncover the brightest minds planning to use your fitness data in promising and unexpected ways. Applications for the program, which runs for three months starting in March, are being accepted until February 3rd. Those chosen to take part will be rewarded with the powerful new APIs. Nike’s platform has already seen integration in popular apps like Path, but it seems we’ve only seen the beginning of what’s possible when that data is placed in the right hands.

iphone application development


Optimum Utilization of Android Application Development

complete android app development solution at best price.Since inception, Android app development has seen only rising heights. Currently the market for Android apps development is expanding at a steady rate and the applications developed are winning laurels from its users spread across the world. Android based applications can be operated very easily.

Android is an open source framework that is utilized to build mobile applications. It is the most dominating operating system in the mobile apps development market. Android apps development has opened up a world of opportunities for android apps developers as well as for businesses and marketers. The engaging games provided by the platform keep users hooked to it. Applications that are useful for business consumers also get wide popularity as soon as they are launched on the market. The android applications can be developed for various types of businesses.

Android offers an enormous collection of libraries which can be utilized to extend the functionalities of an application. Android Software Development Kit (SDK) helps developers in the process of creating exceptional and interactive applications that may improve the utilization of the device. With the help of Android OS, developers can feel free to transform their dream ideas into reality. This results in the creation of innovative applications.

For an application to be exceptional it should be both robust and scalable. There are a number of companies that offer expert android apps development services. These companies hire professional developers who are experienced in working across various industry verticals. They are well equipped with the development tools and have profound knowledge on the framework. If you want your android application development to yield benefits and business profits, then you should hire a technically sound and skilled Android apps developer. Using android apps development, you can take your business to the next level by contributing to its growth and popularity.

Meet Microsoft, the world’s best kept R&D secret

As far as 99.9 percent of the world population is concerned, Microsoft is a stodgy, old-guard technology company. Its bottom line is fully leveraged against PC operating systems and business software—hardly the building blocks of a future-thinking portfolio, right?

But scratch that cold, conservative, pedestrian surface, and you’ll find a Microsoft that’s a veritable hotbed of cutting-edge innovation. Indeed, the company doesn’t just loosen its purse strings when it comes to research and development. No, it practically throws money at really big thinkers to build a more wondrous, fantastical future. In 2011 alone, Microsoft’s R&D budget reached a record high of $9.6 billion (yes, with a “B”). That’s a lot of Benjamins, and they’re being spent on some decidedly awesome projects.

Let’s take at some of the more interesting examples.

Blending touch and touchscreens

Carnegie Mellon
OmniTouch let’s your fingers do the dialing… practically on your own fingers.

Several Microsoft Research projects have revolved into transforming everyday objects into fully interactive computing surfaces. If these initiatives bear fruit, you may one day conduct your morning Facebook check on the back of a cereal box rather than on your phone.

First up is LightSpace, which uses a plethora of cameras and projectors to create interactive displays on everyday objects. The system needs to be calibrated to the room it’s installed in, but once it is, users can interact with projected menus and screens using their hands, or even move a projected display from one object to another. Don’t feel like trying to crowd your team around a projection on a small desk? Drag it over to the wall, instead. You can see a basic version of LightSpace in action in this intriguing demo video.

The OmniTouch project—a joint project between Microsoft Research and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University—mounts a rig containing small pico projector and a Kinect-like 3D scanner on the user’s shoulder. The projector displays graphical images onto virtually any surface, while the 3D scanner’s depth-sensing capabilities transform the projection into an interactive, multi-touch-enabled input—and, thanks to some technical trickery, there’s no special calibration or training required. Check out the video below for a demonstration as well as a more technical explanation.


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