Setting Up Environment For Blackberry Application Development

Once the right tools on your computer have been installed, Blackberry mobile applications can be easily developed. These tools include: a Java Software Development Kit (JDK) and a BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE). You can download these tools at zero cost from the Sun Microsystems and Research In Motion websites. The JDK is packed with the basic tools for compiling Java source code into the bytecode used by the Java interpreter. The JDK also offers the Java Interpreter, used to run a number of development tools in the JDE.

The JDE provides the BlackBerry-specific tools for converting Java bytecode into the special format used by the Java-like interpreter on BlackBerry handhelds. It also provides the debugging and editing tools needed for software development. You must begin by deciding the version of the Blackberry operating system (OS) you want to target. This determines the version of JDE you need to use. This in turn helps in determining the version of the JDK required to be installed.

The basic rule is that you must always use a JDE version equal to or less than the OS version you wish to target. To be on the safe side, you need to use the accurate version of JDE for the final builds of your application even when you are using a different JDE version for interim development. Once you have installed the right JDK, you can download and install the desired JDE from the Blackberry developer site. For this you will need to register for an account on the site. However, you needn’t pay charges for this. You must also ensure that you join RIM’s Blackberry developer program. There are a number of versions of JDE and the JDK. These versions can co-exist on the same machine and present no problems at all if you install them in the right order.

Microsoft Launches Bing Maps Preview for Windows 8.1

Microsft has launched yesterday the public preview of a new Bing Maps app for Windows 8.1 that runs maps into true 3D. The company has rolled out the new version of its maps as promised during its BUILD developer conference earlier this year.

The new app is now available in the Windows Store. However, as of right now, both the default Maps and the new Maps Preview exist in the Windows Store.

map 1

The new version of its app provides high-resolution 3D maps of 70 cities around the world, made up of a grand total of 121 million pixels – to give a “glimpse of what’s to come”.

The new app provides an extremely clear and detailed imagery of bing maps. It also makes Streetside, Microsoft’s version of Street View, available for those who want to take a closer look at a street from ground level. StreetSide imagery comes with road names, and what’s interesting is that the maps rotate when a user moves around the interface.

map 2

The new maps come with a search-box in the interface, with navigation controls placed on the left-hand side.

Why You Should Go For ASP.NET?

ASP.NET refers to Active Server Pages. .Net has been developed by Microsoft and is used to create web pages as well as web technologies. It is important part of Microsoft’s .NET framework vision. As a member the .NET framework, ASP.NET is a valuable tool for both programmers and developers. ASP.NET developers can create dynamic, rich web sites and web apps using languages such as VB and C#. ASP.NET is not only about script languages. It helps you utilize the features of .NET languages such as C#, J#, VB etc. It helps developers in creating compelling apps using the features of Visual Studio, which is a development tool offered by Microsoft. ASP.NET is a server side scripting language. It is created on a common language runtime that can be utilized on any Windows server to host powerful ASP.NEt sites and technologies.

ASP.NET brings down the amount of coding needed to create large apps. It has built-in Windows authentication and per-app configuration which ensures safety and security of your applications. It offers great performance by utilizing benefits of early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services right out of the box. The ASP.NET framework comes with a rich toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio integrated development environment. WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop server controls, and automatic deployment are just some of the features this powerful tool offers.

ASP.NET is very simple and easy to use. It helps to perform common tasks. You can do everything from simple form submission to deployment and site configuration. It is easy to maintain and write ASP.Net pages as the source code and HTML are together. ASP.NET code executes on the server before it is sent to the browser.

As it is language independent you can choose the language that best applies to your app or partition your application across a number of languages.

High Growth Experienced In iPad Apps Development Sector

iPad apps development has led to the growth of a number of applications. The iPad apps store is replete with applications belonging to different categories such as health, entertainment, education, jobs, business, technology etc. It has been reported than more than 20,000 Apple iPad apps are in the process of being created. This was revealed in a report released by Flurry in April. The researcher estimated that there was a significant hike in developer support for iPad since its launch in the month of January. This was great news for the tablet market, which was planned for release from Apple stores in April. Due to this growth there was a rise in the companies offering iPad apps development.

Flurry monitors any new projects started by iPad apps developers within its system. It said that it measured a remarkable spike in developer support for iPad. Apple reported the presence of more than 2,000 iPad applications during the year 2010. Due to increasing growth of iPhone and iPad at a faster rate than that of Android, Android suffered a setback. iPad apps development is a field that has been attracting both iPhone and Android apps developers.

Businesses are increasingly availing of iPad apps development so that they can provide their clients, using iPad, with creative applications. Applications help a business in marketing products and services. They also help a business in establishing brand identity. iPad applications are useful not only for businesses but also for users. Some of the applications target business users whereas some applications target users who need entertainment. With the iPad device some of the applications are already installed while some of the applications have to be installed from the app store. You can download the apps that are useful to you.


India will be the number one Facebook market in a few months

A media analyst with BTIG named Rich Greenfield, has tweeted that Nathan Eagle, co-founder and CEO of mobile phone developer Jana, says that India is going to be the leading Facebook market in the world in a matter of months.

If this forecast comes true then it will make a very big news. Currently, according to the tweet, India has 114.8 Mn Facebook users, i.e. 32 Mn users short of US. In August this year there were 160 Mn Internet users in India, and these estimates consider the same. This means that 71% of the total Internet users are on Facebook, against 60% in US.

Social media in India

Popular social media forums/websites currently being used around the world include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google plus, Instagram etc. In India, Facebook has the maximum number of users. According to a research, there were about 14 Mn Twitter account holders in India, this number has increased by 42.8% to reach roughly 20 Mn users in India.

With Internet user base in India to reach 243 Mn by June next year, social media user base will grow too, creating a large pool of revenue for companies like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. At the same time, other companies would be looking further ahead to social media marketing in India, to reach a sizable target audience.

And when India will actually become the biggest market for social media companies, it will be interesting to see how these companies would tap this potential.


Fusion Informatics seeks funding for ShutApp

Life has a number of risks. Why not ShutApp some of them!

ShutApp is a unique and a classy app that lets you carry on your business or pleasure without the noise of sounds that make up this technology world.

ShutApp is an app that helps you gain control over your other apps. Notification sounds from other apps often hinder your attention while driving and lead to accidents. While notification sounds may seem too small to put you at risk while driving, our constant need to remain connected and addiction to the social networking apps may urge us to answer calls or reply to messages even while driving.

Using ShutApp you can mute the sounds that disturb your attention and avoid expensive, dangerous and unnecessary accidents. All you need to do is select the apps that you wish to mute notification sounds for and you can carry on your tasks without any disturbances. All the while you will continue receiving your messages.

ShutApp increases your and your family’s safety while driving. Especially with your unique speed based activation. You can set a speed limit on it and when you exceeded that limit, your mobile device automatically turns into silent. 

ShutApp is a revolutionary app created by Fusion Informatics, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. It works on devices powered with Android version 2.3 and later that have an accelerometer. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies, Fusion has emerged as one of the leading mobile development companies. Our team of experienced apps developers deliver top-notch solutions to clients across the globe. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we have delivered customized solutions to the delight of our clients.

Apps are a regular part of our everyday life and you can find apps in almost all categories. The future of mobile apps is bright as we can see that almost all the tasks can be performed using powerful apps.

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Ipad App Development-A Necessary Factor Needed For The Success Of Your Business

iPhones and iPads are the mobile devices created by Apple Inc. Though iPhones are popular among the masses, iPads have gained popularity because of its readability. People are able to browse the internet, check out their mails, read books with ease and play games very easily with the help of iPads. The large screen size has made these activities to be done with ease. With the popularity of ipads, there is a large demand for iPad application development too.

Creating apps for iPad has hence become very important these days. With the help of iPad application design, businesses are able to handle their business tasks with much ease. They are able to understand about the orders, sales done, statistics and even about the minute changes going on in the company with the help of a unique iPad application.

The growth of business thus largely depends upon an application that is exclusively made for a particular business. To get a unique business application, all you need is to contact the best iPad application developer with a good amount of experience in the field. iPad app design that is made for particular business needs can help a lot in the development and success of the business.

In the world of competition, the need for iPad apps design is very high. With the help of applications, you can make your products reach a lot of consumers from all round the globe. Products are introduced with ease without any kind of promotion campaigns, when you have a unique iPad app. Moreover, you can even get yourself entertained when you have a wonderful iPad game app. A talented and experienced ipad app designer can create for you the unique app you have been search of, for your business as well as entertainment needs. To choose the best app designer, you simply need to search through the internet and understand who the best one is.

Why Microsoft ASP.NET Is So Popular

ASP Dot Net programming is used for creating dynamic websites. ASP.Net is a scripting language and also a web application framework. ASP.Net programming is also used for creating templates, database management, frameworks, database access and other activities. As there is some programming software available, we can make a comparative analysis for ASP.NET. Compared to other software, ASP is much appropriate, affordable and secure development platform. One can get different benefits from using it.

ASP Dot Net Programming is preferred for creating a variety of web applications. It may be used for developing .Net desktop software development. This can also help you avail of migration of web and desktop application to .Net and ASP.Net AJAX/Atlas enabled web application. ASP. NET development is useful in bespoke web application development. ASP.NET programming is very useful in implementing recruitment solutions. It offers shopping cart with different payment gateways integration. It also offers Hotel/Restaurant management solutions. This provides SQL server 2000/2005/2008 database solutions.

ASP.Net development or programming has a huge scope in helping you create web applications and solutions. It offers crystal reporting 2008 services. Offering a wide use in the development of business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) application development it has become a developer’s preferred choice. With the emergence of ecommerce business, the traditional way of performing the business has become obsolete. It has immense use in the business world. Ecommerce solutions including auctions,  classified, E tender, dating, job portals, social network and entertainment are facilitated by this dynamic and technological programming. This application also offers a number of task solutions. Thus, ASP.Net can be stated as the most reliable, secure, safe platform that can be used to create dynamic websites and apps. ASP.NET web development helps in creating dynamic solutions.

Tips For PHP Website Development

PHP is preferred the most by PHP developers across the world. This scripting language has gained popularity due to its flexibility that it offers to its users or developers. Developers usually prefer to use PHP language to develop websites. There are a number of websites on the web and most of them are developed using PHP website development techniques.

For effective use of this flexible and open source platform, consider following guidelines:

Make Use of Its Core Function: It is generally advised that before beginning a new project you should thoroughly check the PHP manual. This lets you know if the function or the web application that you aim to develop preexists or not. Due to the wide use of PHP there is a high probability that a function already exists. You should check the manual before beginning the process of PHP development.

Refining the data prior to feeding it into the database:

To minimize the possibilities of any errors during the process of PHP programming, it is important to refine the data before you feed it into the database. As a PHP website developer you should emphasize on how to utilize this platform to create an impeccable product. There is no reason to wonder about the popularity PHP has gained. This platform and solutions it offers to PHP developer helps them create their dream applications with minimal errors.

Do not over remark the code:

A good developer does maintain proper documentation for codes and also comments on these codes. This is a good practice. However, a developer should be wary that he doesn’t over comment his or her codes. He should remark only on complex codes so that they can be referred in the future. If your code is simple then there is no need for commenting.

Watch For Error Reporting:

Always keep reporting and display error features on when you are engaged in developing web applications using PHP. This will help you effectively keep a check on run time error and immediately rectify the errors as and when they happen. It will also help you recognize the source of the error and eliminates the need for checking everything manually before the completion of the project. For every project to be successful, the product quality should be hundred percent so you cannot take errors for granted.

For accomplishing a successful PHP web development project and creating an impeccable website that meets your unique requirements you should hire a professional web development company. An experienced company can understand your business requirements and creates a powerful website that attracts more number of users or visitors. A website should be functional and easy to navigate.

If you are an amateur developer and are looking forward to guidance in this field then you join the PHP community to get guidance from experienced PHP developers. This community can also help developers with average experience. Advanced developers can avail of this community to know about the latest tools and technologies.

iOS 7 Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Leading up to last week’s Apple event and the unveiling of the iPhone 5s, the Internet may have led you to believe that “Android is better.” The reality for startups, however, is more nuanced. When it comes to the first choice developers have for starting in mobile, Apple still leads the competition, as mobile expert Steve Cheney asserts these advancements place iOS roughly 18-24 months ahead of Android. (If you haven’t read this post from early August 2012 by Cheney, please do – he called much of this months ago.)

And while the runaway growth of Android has decreased the time hot iOS apps are released on Android — Instagram released Android right before their Series B, but more recently Snapchat already had an Android client by the time of their Series A — for small technology startups iOS remains the platform of choice upon which to build new mobile experiences.

The advancements in mobile hardware and corresponding OS improvements often present new opportunities for software developers to exploit, such as Instagram using software to improve image resolution leading up to the iPhone 4, or more recently, helping Frontback rise in popularity now that the front-facing camera has improved in the iPhone 5.

We’ve all read about the new iPhone 5s by now, but what about its specific hardware improvements and how they could create new opportunities for iOS developers? From my informal conversations, startup developers are not moving to Android anytime soon, despite what you may have read, and the intermingling of these advancements in iOS 7 could make for an even more innovative future for mobile computing.

Let’s start with the most important mobile sensor: the camera. On the iPhone 5s, an improved camera helps folks take better photos in low lit areas with a wider aperture and features like True Tone that don’t even appear on some DSLRs. These continuous improvements to pictures, including video capture and playback, keep most Android handsets in the rearview mirror (though some objects in the mirror may be closer than they seem). The new camera also keeps Apple on a path of devouring more of the point-and-shoot market dollars.

In terms of what developers can do with the next iterations of the iPhone camera, I’m waiting for depth-sensing cameras, which can determine distances between objects, and potentially even better software to recognize objects themselves. As the first five years of the iPhone have demonstrated, there is no greater communication currency than images on our mobile devices, and camera-related apps remain some of the most popular apps on all of iOS. It is early innings for digital imaging, and when it comes to mobile and the rate of pictures captured and shared, the scale is accelerating.

When it comes to location tracking, the M7 coprocessor presents groundbreaking opportunities. To date, most quantified-self endeavors involve an external piece of hardware that captures data from wrists and sends that data to our phones or computers via USB uploads, Wi-Fi data transfers, or other methods. Now with the new M7, the iPhone comes with a separate “coprocessor” that doesn’t draw energy and power from the main chip while capturing more fine-grained, precise data about a user’s movements by triangulating position from the following sensors: accelerometer, gryoscope, and compass. iOS apps like Moves or Highlight before it convinced an early-adopter set to give up precious battery life in order to get valuable location data, but people remain concerned about battery limits, which may be a few years away from the fundamental shift in battery tech (from ions to electrons) many are waiting for.

Now with the M7, iOS developers can write apps that can read the data written to the M7 and build new mobile experiences on top of that. Furthermore, the M7 can inform the OS itself to be more intelligent about the location and, in turn, make the OS and other apps behave more contextually. It will be interesting to see how the fidelity of M7 stacks up against the potential (for instance, in a popular app like Strava), and what the effect of all of this could be on the fitness wearables moving forward. Moreover, now that everyone expects Apple to ship a smartwatch at some point, many wonder if the M7 could also be placed inside a watch (and other wearables) to communicate relevant data to another nearby interface.

Speaking of processors, Apple’s new 64-bit A7. This processor is two times faster than what has been put inside a mobile phone to date, delivering a 2x on CPU as well as a 2x on GPU and leveling the processing requirements of Mac apps with iPhone. So, there’s faster computing power, but also more power for resource-intensive applications, especially the graphical demands of games, the category which happens to dominate the iOS App Store successes. While resource-intensive apps may place an extra strain on the battery, the effects of the A7 may be slower to trickle out as most apps will be written to 32-bit specifications. Reading the documentation leads me to believe much of the advancement helps Apple build more of a beachhead into mobile gaming and a future where games are played on many screens.

Touch ID Fingerprint reimagines what “touch” means. This is the most mainstream, sci-fi advancement in the iPhone hardware and software. In talking with iOS developers over the last week, they’re very excited about the possibility of Fingerprint helping to unlock more downloads, where users don’t get hung up on remembering and entering yet another password. Beyond this, I expect Fingerprint to help with oauth and in-app logins. I also expect the protocol to be opened up to other apps to help tie biometric identity to each iTunes account, which should grease the wheels for easier in-app purchases (which also require iTunes passwords, and net Apple 30 percent tolls) and potentially regular app-commerce on the whole.

iBeacon creates new local, private sharing opportunities. Much has been written about the effect of iBeacon on NFC, so I won’t go into that here, other than to say that iBeacon’s ability to allow devices and their applications to be positioned indoors could unleash a new wave of entirely new consumer experiences. iBeacon enables iOS users to share information over short distances by harnessing a low-energy state of Bluetooth without the need for cellular data or Wi-Fi networks. This creates new possibilities indoors, where signal strength varies for users. This means iOS users could, for example, initiate, split, or receive payments among friends or stores through iBeacon, or share documents and images.

Users could receive information indoors related to retail experiences based on their micro-location, receive better indoor navigation, and even “check in and out.” Imagine that, mobile check-ins may come back in style because they could be passive without destroying battery life. From a commercial point of view, with companies like Euclid successfully providing real-world analytics to retailers by using Wi-Fi signals to identify unique IDs, Beacon creates another level of quantitative data for retailers (such as the type Estimote focuses on), and could be one of the first steps for other connected devices to begin to pry open a market for the Internet of Things.

In catching up on all the technical documentation, news, and analysis from this week, it became apparent to me that most of the headlines covered all the specs but missed the forest for the trees.

With iOS 7, the trees present a world of iOS interconnectedness beyond just iPhones. When all the new advancements of iOS are taken under consideration together, Apple’s mobile future hints at a world where all iOS devices and their apps freely and efficiently communicate with one another on an intra-OS level that are not yet possible across a fragmented Android handset and OS landscape.

So when it comes to early-stage technology startups, iOS 7 again pushes the boundaries of what type of applications developers can build and put into the wild, where devices become more aware of context, where users can touch more than type, where new location-based opportunities and data emerge, and where other mobile devices (like watches) could effortlessly communicate with our mobile computers. The future of these new mobile experiences is exciting, and I can’t wait to see what developers cook up.

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