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Apple Gianduia to Substitute Flash

Ashesh Shah - May 10, 2010

Apple doesn't need Flash, it has Gianduia The war of words between Apple and Adobe over the former's resolve to never to let Flash on its devices…

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Apple Buys a Start-Up for Its Voice Technology

Ashesh Shah - Apr 30, 2010

Apple continued its migration into Google’s turf on Wednesday with the acquisition of Siri, a mobile application that allows users to perform Web searches by voice command…

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Pro, con iPad opinions run the gamut

Ashesh Shah - Apr 12, 2010

Defining the iPad is a work in progress. Toward that end, readers made strong arguments for and against the iPad in response to a post one day…

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Apple iAds another marketing strategy

Ashesh Shah - Apr 12, 2010

Soon the iPhone, and presumably the iPad, will carry advertising embedded in their applications. For ABC fans it sounds like a nightmare, and it's great news for…

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A first pass at iPhone OS 4.0

Ashesh Shah - Apr 09, 2010

The continued evolution of the iPhone operating system has been rather like completing a puzzle. In its original form, the puzzle lacked important pieces like multimedia messaging…

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Apple iPad Sets Tablet Bar for Nokia, HP, Microsoft

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2010

Apple's iPad sold 300,000 units by the end of its first day of general release, perhaps proving the viability of the consumer tablet market but also setting…

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Will iPad command & conquer ?

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2010

So it's here. Apple's uber-hyped tablet, the iPad, finally hit store shelves on Saturday, and eager fans immediately snapped up an estimated 7,00,000 pieces on day one,…

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IPhone update might address multitasking complaint

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2010

SEATTLE – Topping the wish list for the iPhone and the iPad: broader ability to run more than one program at a time. On Thursday, Apple Inc.…

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HP preps its would-be iPad killer, the Slate

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2010

Remember the HP Slate, the upcoming Windows 7-powered tablet that we first saw during Microsoft's CES keynote back in January? Well, we just got more details on…

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The Answers to Your Questions About the iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2010

Since my review of the new Apple iPad tablet last week, I have been bombarded with questions. This is natural. The iPad is a real computer that…

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