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Adobe is tesing Flash for Android

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

Adobe has officially announced the beginning of testing of its multimedia technology in the Flash version for the rapidly increasingly popular mobile platform Google Android. She was…

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Dell's attempt to squeeze between iPhone and iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

If the iPad is too big and an iPod or iPhone is too small, you might be a Dell Mini 5 candidate. According to Engadget, the Android-powered…

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iPhone Application Migration to iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

Now, you can feel a new experience is getting you iPhone and iPod applications on the iPad tablet through development of existing iPod/iPhone apps for the iPad.…

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Can e-readers still compete with the iPad ?

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- When Apple Inc. launched its touch-screen tablet device known as the iPad earlier this month, many began ringing the death knell for so-called…

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For Apple, Lost iPhone Is a Big Deal

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

For anyone who has ever lost a cellphone, remember this: it could be worse. You could be the person who left his phone in a bar in…

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Nokia And Optus To Reward Best Oz Developers

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

Nokia Australia and Optus will offer two special prizes of $5,000 to Aussie developers entering the Calling All Innovators competition. Now in its third year, this competition…

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Jailbreak for iPhone 4.0 beta 1 available now

Ashesh Shah - Apr 16, 2010

iPhone hackers, get ready! You can jailbreak iPhone 4.0 beta 1 now, thanks to the redsn0w 0.9.5 software created by the iPhone Dev Team. For those that…

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Ringing in an app a day

Ashesh Shah - Apr 13, 2010

From repelling mosquitoes to managing your grocery list, developers introduce innovative applications for an ever-expanding mobile base. Did you know that you will soon get to load…

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Microsoft's iPad Strategy

Ashesh Shah - Apr 03, 2010

Apple's iPad represents one of the most powerful attacks on Microsoft's Windows stronghold in history. And Microsoft -- the world's largest software company -- is ignoring it.…

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iPhone 4G What To Expect And What Not To

Ashesh Shah - Apr 01, 2010

The iPhone 3GS has been around for almost a year now. Even though it released in India just last week, it has been selling in the U.S.…