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Smartwatches Will Kill The Entire Smartphone Market

Ashesh Shah - Jul 06, 2013

Four-person startup Androidly has set out to create a smarter smartwatch. Androidly is a full-fledged smartphone that you wear on your wrist. Most smartwatches out there today…

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Analyst Android phones outsold the iPhone in U.S. last quarter

Ashesh Shah - May 11, 2010

Here's a head-turner for you: The wireless analysts at NPD Group are claiming that in the first three months of 2010, Google's Android OS managed to squeak…

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Samsung to launch a new range of handsets with their own OS

Ashesh Shah - Mar 22, 2010

Samsung, a multinational conglomerate corporation, is all set to launch its proprietary smartphone operating system (OS) ‘BADA’ in the second quarter of this year. Reports suggest that…

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