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Android's dominance of the smartphone market continues

Ashesh Shah - Aug 08, 2013

Android Now Controls A Breathtaking 80% Of The Smartphone Market According to the latest data from IDC, Android now controls 79.3% of the global smartphone market, up…

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Android Dominates the Tablet Market in 2013 Q2

Ashesh Shah - Jul 31, 2013

Strategy Analytics: Android Dominates the Tablet Market in 2013 Q2 with 67 Percent Share of Global Tablet Shipments. Boston, MA - July 29, 2013 - According to…

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Smartwatches Will Kill The Entire Smartphone Market

Ashesh Shah - Jul 06, 2013

Four-person startup Androidly has set out to create a smarter smartwatch. Androidly is a full-fledged smartphone that you wear on your wrist. Most smartwatches out there today…

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Google Is Working On 10 Mind-Blowing Products Right Now

Ashesh Shah - Jul 04, 2013

Everyone knows Google isn't just a search company. Besides developing the Android smartphone software and Chromebook Pixel laptops, Google has a ton of other projects and services…

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Android phones outsell iPhone

Ashesh Shah - May 12, 2010

Mobile phones running Google's Android operating system have outsold Apple's iPhone in the US for the first time, according to an industry report According to data gathered…

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A Wave of Android Smartphones Outsells Apple

Ashesh Shah - May 11, 2010

Devices that run Google's Android software outsold the iPhone in the first quarter, helping make Verizon Wireless a smartphone powerhouse A storefront in one of the busiest…

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Antitrust probe over Apple Flash stance

Ashesh Shah - May 04, 2010

Apple may face an antitrust inquiry into its recent directive forcing iPhone and iPad app developers to ditch Adobe Flash Player. According to a report in The…

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Android lifts UK market share

Ashesh Shah - May 03, 2010

Google's Android mobile phone platform seems to be taking off in the UK, with sales of mobile phones using the software platform increasing fourfold in the past…

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Will Android eat Apple ?

Ashesh Shah - Apr 29, 2010

Google’s first own-brand phone goes on sale tomorrow. But Matt Warman says the Nexus One is just the beginning. Google’s first foray into mobile phones was an…

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Nokia N8 takes on Google's Android

Ashesh Shah - Apr 29, 2010

Nokia has revealed its first handset to run the open source Symbian 3 operating system (OS), the new flagship N8. Symbian might currently be the world's most…

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