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Apple Gianduia to Substitute Flash

Ashesh Shah - May 10, 2010

Apple doesn't need Flash, it has Gianduia The war of words between Apple and Adobe over the former's resolve to never to let Flash on its devices…

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Free Android phones coming to Adobe employees

Ashesh Shah - May 03, 2010

This will come as little surprise to anyone who followed technology news this week, but let there be no doubt about the preferred smartphone platform at Adobe:…

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Android 2.2 coming with Flash as standard

Ashesh Shah - Apr 28, 2010

Google's next update to its Android platform will come with some special sauce, in the shape of integrated Flash support. In an interview with the New York…

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Adobe scraps Flash plans for iPad and iPhone

Ashesh Shah - Apr 24, 2010

Adobe, which acquired Macromedia in 2005, the creator and developer of Flash technology, will no longer provide software to support Apple’s iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices.…

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Apple rep says iPhone OS is open, Flash is closed and proprietary

Ashesh Shah - Apr 23, 2010

The war of words between Adobe and Apple over the latter company's apparent campaign to dethrone Flash as a standard web development technology continues to escalate. Besides…

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Adobe Gives Up on Flash for iPhone, iPad

Ashesh Shah - Apr 22, 2010

Adobe will no longer pursue its plans to bring Flash to Apple’s iPhone and the iPad. Adobe on Tuesday evening said it is ceasing investment in a…

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Adobe is tesing Flash for Android

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

Adobe has officially announced the beginning of testing of its multimedia technology in the Flash version for the rapidly increasingly popular mobile platform Google Android. She was…

Mobile Application Development
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Flash 10.1 Player delay for Android tablets

Ashesh Shah - Apr 20, 2010

Mobile support for WebOS and BlackBerry smartphones also face extra delay Adobe has announced that its Flash 10.1 player will not arrive for Android, WebOS and BlackBerry…

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