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Apple Ships 500,000 iPads, Supply Gets Squeezed

Ashesh Shah - Apr 15, 2010

Apple says it delivered more than a half-million iPads during the tablet PC's first week of general release, and so will be delaying the iPad's international launch.…

Mobile Application Development
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Collateral Damage iPhone OS 4 Developer Agreement Fallout

Ashesh Shah - Apr 15, 2010

There’s been a lot of buzz regarding Apple’s new iPhone Developer Agreement the past couple days. Just before releasing the latest iPhone OS 4 SDK beta, Apple…

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Apple IPad’s Components May Cost $260, ISuppli Says

Ashesh Shah - Apr 08, 2010

April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc.’s iPad tablet computer cost as little as $259.60 to build, according to an analysis by market research firm ISuppli Corp. Materials…

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